The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Finals

With the buff of the Black Star Character Summon Card, Frenzied Sword abandoned over eighty percent of his defenses and concentrated on attacking.

He brandished his closed-ranged mechanical weapon without any restraint and blasted craters on the surface of the arena.

Captain Viking was reduced to a pathetic state and could only attempt to avoid all the attacks. He had activated the Berserk Character Summon Card with the intention of fighting Frenzied Sword head on, but he was completely unable to damage the enemy at all. Every time he damaged the enemy, his opponents health would be recovered the very next second.

As such, Captain Viking could only adjust his strategy and stall for time.

There was a time limit to the Character Summon Card, and although Frenzied Swords recovery was ferocious, his damage was not increased. As such, Captain Viking tried his best to stall for as much time as possible. The longer this battle lasted, the easier things would be for his teammates.

Captain Viking activated a special skill, and the axe in his hands turned blue and transparent as though it had turned into an axe made from ice. His physical damage would be converted to ice damage so that Frenzied Swords speed would be lowered.

Frenzied Sword ignored all the incoming attacks and charged forward relentlessly. The mobility of a Mechanical Pugilist was far higher than an ordinary Pugilist, and even if his speed was restricted, Captain Viking would not be able to escape from him.


He swapped out for a gigantic alloy axe and waved it around crazily.

Dang dang dang!

The alloy axe with Mechanical Force surrounding it clashed with the ice-like axe over and over again. Red sparks and blue frost could be seen flying in all directions, and a formless energy wave would be sent out every time their weapons met.

They were both Grade B Supers, so the special effects of the battle were pretty good.

Captain Viking could only try his best to last as long as possible, and his health fell to forty percent very quickly. On the contrary, Frenzied Sword was still at his peak, and every attack of his would still be at his peak.


Right at this moment, the ground under Captain Vikings feet suddenly cracked open, and an underground spider shot out from the ground. A large electrical wave was released, which gathered beneath Captain Vikings feet. Captain Viking felt his legs go numb, and he entered a temporarily movement restricted status.

In the midst of the chaotic battle, Frenzied Sword had secretly released some mechanical spiders and released a control ability to restrict the enemys mobility.

A Mechanical Pugilist had many tricks up their sleeves and was like the combination between a weapon master and hidden weapon master. The number of control skills that a Mechanical Pugilist had far exceeded an ordinary Pugilist.

Seizing the opportunity, Frenzied Sword switched out to his spear and attacked.

Captain Viking could only raise his axe to block the incoming attack.


The spear clashed with the axe, and sparks flew in all directions. Captain Viking could feel a powerful force coming from the axe with powerful vibrations included within the spear. The other party had obviously used a skill to complement his weapons specialty. His axe was knocked aside, and he was left wide open.

The next moment, the mechanical spear suddenly changed shapes and broke up into four spider legs. The spider legs then penetrated Captain Vikings back and fixed him on the spot. It looked as though his spear had transformed into claws to hold the enemy in place.

At the same time, the spearhead transformed into a barrel, and an ion cannon charged up while aiming at the immobile Captain Viking.


A brilliant blue ion cannon shot out from the barrel and penetrated Captain Vikings chest.

Frenzied Sword made use of this opportunity and unleashed a brilliant combo to wipe out Captain Vikings remaining health.

Because of the Black Star Character Summon Card, he was able to abandon all defenses and focus on attacking. Without having to bother about his health, his attacks were intensified by many folds, and he dared to take much more risks.

"This combo is truly amazing. The Mechanical Pugilist Class is truly impressive."

"I feel like training a Mechanical Pugilist smurf."

"Stop dreaming. A professional Mechanical Pugilist is completely different from a Mechanical Pugilist like you. A noob like you shouldnt have such dreams."

The next player then entered the battlefield and mimicked Captain Viking to stall for time. However, it was completely useless, and Frenzied Sword got rid of three people in a row.

With the Black Star Character Summon Card, his endurance was stunning, and he always had the initiative in his hands.

The Chinese players watched with excitement as they witnessed Frenzied Sword using the effects of the Black Star Character Summon Card. Suddenly, a strange question popped up in the heads of many of the players.

"Umm, Black Star is a Mechanic, right?"

"Thats right. This [Indestructible Body] is far more powerful than the [Advanced Strengthened Life] from the previous version. It looks more like the core skills of a Pugilist instead"

"I understand now! A Mechanic without Endurance doesnt have a soul!"

"I understand now. So, it turns out that being a tank is the best way to play the Mechanic Class."

The Chinese spectators began joking.

However, Frenzied Sword seemed to use Black Stars abilities every season, and they personally witnessed how the Black Star Character Summon Card became more and more perverse, from the Machinery Affinity boost in the first season to the [Advanced Strengthened Life] in the second season. Now, it was the [Indestructible Body]. Every season represented a huge improvement.

Perhaps this was considered them watching as Black Star rose to prominence.

Many players could not help but feel this way and had a sense of satisfaction as witnesses of a powerhouse rising to power.

The remaining battles were completely one-sided, and the other Tomahawk players didnt bother wasting any other trump cards. Frenzied Sword single-handedly wiped out the entire team and achieved another overwhelming victory.

Although it only appeared for a short time, the terrifying ability of the [Indestructible Body] was imprinted into the memories of the players.

Everyone was extremely curious about what other power abilities Black Star had on him. He was always able to shock them without fail.

Looking at the discussions in the forums, Han Xiao could predict that all the players would go to him if they had a blank Character Summon Card in the future.

Following which, the capture the flag battle became Maple Moons stage. She set up a fortress at the very start of the battle, and Tomahawk would have to suffer a huge loss if they wanted to steal their flag. As such, the gap between the two parties grew larger and larger.

Rivervale did not give Tomahawk the opportunity to turn the tables around and seized another victory.

After winning three consecutive rounds, Rivervales victory was already guaranteed. The next two dungeon battles were much easier, and Rivervale obtained the victory for their first round.

The first round of the International Finals was extremely exciting, and all eight teams went all out.

The result of the first round had truly excited the Chinese players.

Rivervale defeated Tomahawk with a score of three to one, Dynasty defeated Devil with a score of three to one, and Long Sky defeated Hydra with a score of three to two

This meant that all three Chinese teams had made it into the top four!

Their score from the previous season had already been spectacular, and they had managed to improve this season and clinch three out of four of the top four spots. The only lonely one left was Americas Key!

With the semifinalists being decided, the players from all the regions were shocked. None of them expected the performance of the Chinese to be so powerful this season!

They were demons!

The Chinese teams were truly frightening during this season, and Key became the only hope of the players from all the other regions.

Apart from the Shattered Star Ring region, the players from the other regions all had a common enemy and hoped that Key would be able to defeat the great demon king and obtain victory.

Compared to the other countries looking as though they were facing a desperate war, the Chinese players were all celebrating. Obtaining three out of the four spots meant that they were guaranteed a spot in the final. Furthermore, there was a higher chance for both the champion and first runner up to be from China.

It would be a huge honor if both teams in the final belonged to the same country. If China could be the first country to achieve such a feat, it would be akin to creating history. As such, the Chinese players were all extremely expectant.

The expectations of the local players and enmity of the foreign players brought a great deal of pressure to the players of Rivervale. The opponent that Key drew for the semi-finals was Rivervale.

If they beat Key, everything would be good, and Rivervale would be the one to create history and find their chance to be a super guild.

But if they lost to Key, they would have wasted all the fame that they had accumulated throughout this season. This was a double-edged sword!

To all the players, the battle between Rivervale and Key was like the final of this season. As long as Rivervale won, the championship title would be in their hands for sure!

As such, all the players in the Shattered Star Ring began gathering information about Key and analyzed the enemys strategies to provide intelligence for Rivervale.

Although Rivervale did not necessarily need all this, their passionate actions warmed the hearts of Rivervale and the others.

The semifinals finally started, and the attention of almost all the viewers was drawn to the battle between Key and Rivervale.

In terms of individual combat strength, Key had the middle-ranked players from Devil and their overall strength was definitely superior. They definitely were not ordinary since they could emerge victorious from Division A.

The leader of Key was Key of Solomon, and Frenzied Sword was his old opponent. Both of them had fought in the first season, and Key of Solomon had lost to Frenzied Sword back then. After two versions, Key of Solomon had also improved.

The battle was extremely intense from the very start, and four rounds went by quickly. The current score was two to two, and the final match started.

In the final round of the competition, the gap was not widened in the team fight and arena, but in the capture the flag and dungeon rounds, Maple Moon displayed her might and took out all her trump cards. Even the Void Dragon embryonic mechanical suit made an appearance, and she aided her team to clinch victory.

The final result was three to two, and Rivervale won. Maple Moon made the largest contribution and had a large wave of new fans.

On the other side, Dynasty and Long Sky fought each other again like in the previous season. However, the outcome was reversed, and Long Sky lost to Dynasty this time.

Two Chinese teams would be facing each other in the finals, and a new milestone was created for the Pro League.

The Chinese players all heaved a sigh of relief and were extremely satisfied.

Because Key did not manage to enter the finals, the overseas players were all disappointed. With China fighting each other for the championship, the finals were not as exciting as the semi-finals.

Although both the Chinese teams desired victory, they did not have any conflicts and thus fought stably for victory.

It was a pity that Rivervale was exhausted in the semifinals, and they obviously were not in top condition. Dynasty had only fought four rounds in the semi-finals and had more time to rest.

Finally, Rivervale lost, and Dynasty took the title of champion!

The excitement from China obtaining victory was not as ubiquitous as the previous season, but there was a great sense of satisfaction. China now had top notch teams in the international scene, and while obtaining victory deserved to be celebrated, it was not that big of a surprise.

Compared to Han Xiaos previous life, the Chinese teams would not be challenging other teams; other teams would be coming to challenge them. This was the glory of the great demon king, and the Chinese players were truly satisfied about that.

Because Rivervale completed the milestone for China, the Chinese players were all very understanding toward them and encouraging even though they lost the final.

The players who did not think too highly of China before the competition now had nothing to say.

With China clinching both the championship and first runner-up, the players cried out with excitement on the forums, and Han Xiao was also pretty happy. However, this was a half-good and half-bad matter for him.

The results of the Pro League would affect the actions of the players. In the next version, when all the regions gathered in the Flickering World, the Chinese teams would probably end up being the public enemy, and the Black Star Army would probably be provoked by the other player factions.

Those foreign clubs would definitely rally together to snatch resources, missions, and territory from China.

Version 4.0 was the version for the players to climb onto the stage of the universal factions. Han Xiao would not underestimate the billions of players from the other regions.

As such, he would have to build up a huge enterprise in the Flickering World during the version update period.

This would be his foundation for Version 4.0.

"This version update period will be the key to my development"

Han Xiao then closed the forums and fell into thought.




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