The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Galaxy Calendar: Year 729

On Planet Three Kings

"There have been many assassination incidents recently, and public security is being affected badly. The identity of the assassin is unknown, but according to our investigations, the Crimson Dynastys shadow can be seen behind this matter. It is very obvious that Madison has failed, and his methods werent able to fool the dynasty."

An important meeting was being held to discuss recent events, and everyone present had an ugly look on their face.

The continued assassinations of their government officials brought about social unrest, and many Modo citizens were living in fear.

With their safety under threatened, these high officials were all enraged.

A military officer with an explosive temper slammed the table and roared, "Too arrogant! Does the dynasty really think that we are a weak civilization that cannot fight back If we work together with the other Super Star Cluster Civilizations in the Primeval Star River and refuse to listen to the rule of the three Universal Civilizations, we shall see what they do!"

"It is best to say fewer such words," someone said.

The others present also did not treat those words seriously. Although all the Super Star Cluster Civilizations had plenty of resentment toward the three Universal Civilizations and wanted to replace the other party, gaining independence was a path of no return. Unless they had absolute confidence, no one would support such a notion.

After venting their anger for a while, they went back to the main topic and discussed how they should take care of the matter.

"We must first stop anymore assassinations from happening, but we cannot give in to the dynasty. They want us to admit to the crime of making use of the natives and compensate their losses in the war. They must be dreaming!"

"Thats right. Announce that this matter has nothing to do with us. If the dynasty is able to bring out evidence, insist that the evidence was forged."

"Also, we must insist that the dynasty is assassinating our officials without any evidence and make an application to the Civilization Conference to denounce the dynastys actions. The federation and church will stand on our side. We will also be able to pull more Super Star Cluster Civilizations to our side. The universe isnt ruled by the dynasty alone."

Someone shook his head and said, "The Flickering World is about to be opened up, and there wont be many willing to offend the dynasty during this period."

"Then, what should we do? We cant let the dynasty continue assassinating our officials, right?"

"Humph, we should give them a taste of their own medicine. Since they can assassinate our officials, we can also assassinate their officials."

Another immediately objected. "Assassinate the dynastys officials? Have you forgotten what happened during the Tragedy of the Pinnacles?"

Upon hearing that, a look of anger could be seen on the faces of everyone present.

This was a humiliation that they had not forgotten. The Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations were engaged in an intense battle, and because of their heavy losses, they decided to make the Super Star Cluster Civilizations the scapegoat. Including the Modo Civilization, the three Universal Civilizations slaughtered all the Beyond Grade A Supers in the Super Star Cluster Civilizations before leaving as though nothing had happened.

This action of theirs damaged the strength of the various Super Star Cluster Civilizations greatly and resulted in a long-lasting negative impact. Many Beyond Grade A Supers became worried about their own safety and did not dare join a Super Star Cluster Civilization.

As such, the Modo Civilization knew that they would not be able to retaliate by assassinating the other partys officials. If they did, a huge storm of blood would definitely be stirred up. The church and federation would not watch by the side and would work together with the dynasty to deal with them. The three Universal Civilizations would collaborate if it was to protect their prestige.

They had already experienced this many times before and could only endure silently.

"Dont exaggerate this issue. The assassinations are only a small matter. The dynasty will know when to stop and wont dare push us into a corner. However, we must also fight back and control the degree of our retaliation. We cannot touch the dynasty and can only take a step back to deal with the organization of their allies. However, we can only deal with the organization but not the Beyond Grade A."

"I think Beyoni is very suitable. His organization is located in the Primeval Star River, and it will be easy to deal with him. We will also be able to show our attitude this way."

In just a short few sentences, Beyonis bad luck was determined.

To a Super Star Cluster Civilization, apart from Manison, Kasuyi, or Black Star, an ordinary Beyond Grade A was nothing in their eyes. Even a Star Cluster Civilization would be able to get rid of a Beyond Grade A, not to mention a Super Star Cluster Civilization like them.

Since the dynasty assassinated our officials, we will definitely have to take revenge.

As for the fact that we are the ones who started this matter and are at fault

So what?

Were all gangsters anyway.

At this moment, someone said with worry, "What I am worried about is the fact that the dynasty may make use of this matter to restrict our entrance to the Flickering World."

"What are you afraid of? The Flickering World will be opened eventually. Even the dynasty wont be able to stop this from happening. If they insist on barring our entry, we can just create a huge fuss! The other Super Star Cluster Civilizations will stand on our side, and the dynasty wont be able to endure the pressure!"

The Modo Civilization was not afraid that they would be barred from entering the Flickering World because of this.

All the Super Star Cluster Civilizations understood extremely well that even if the Flickering World was opened, the three Universal Civilizations would definitely suppress them. As such, they had formed an alliance of their own.

The Flickering World was a rare opportunity, and the Super Star Cluster Civilizations were willing to work together for this.

Even if the Modo Civilization was the only party being suppressed in the Flickering World, the other Super Star Cluster Civilizations would back them up. Although they did not like to help their competitors, fighting back against the three Universal Civilizations was more important. The Super Star Cluster Civilizations understood that they would be defeated if they did not stand together.

Furthermore, the dynasty was currently occupied with other things and could only use assassinations to warn the Modo Civilization.

The Super Star Cluster Civilizations had the confidence to fight the three Universal Civilizations. After all, they were different from other Star Cluster Civilizations. They no longer had the space to fawn over the three Universal Civilizations.

They could only fight and snatch.

In the Limitless Financial Group headquarters, Mechanic Emperor Manison, Void Overlord Kasuyi, and Beast Ancestor Gorutan visited Sorokin again.

"I wonder what the three of you need today?" Sorokin said with a calm smile.

"Do you still remember our deal?" Gorutan asked.

"Of course. I am in charge of competing with the Black Star Army and applying pressure to him to aid all of you in getting the Evolutionary Totems," Sorokin said slowly.

"However, you dont seem to be producing much results," Kasuyi said.

The Black Star Army was able to withstand the pressure of the Limitless Financial Group, and the organizations behind the three were not satisfied.

"Ah," Sorokin replied casually. "I already said that it wouldnt be so easy to deal with the Black Star Army."

"We hope that you will apply more pressure."

"No problem." Sorokin smiled. "However, I have already displayed sincerity, and it is now your turn."

The three of them understood that Sorokin was asking them to fulfil a portion of their promises first.

"That isnt a problem," Manison said slowly.

"I shall wait then." Sorokin smiled. "I also need an appropriate opportunity for my next plan."

"What plan?" Gorutan asked.

Sorokin cleared his throat and slowly said, "After so many years of competition, we are stuck in a stalemate, and it will be difficult to have a new point of breakthrough in the Shattered Star Ring. Thus, I have my sights set on the Flickering World. That is the core of the Black Star Armys development.

"I have some inside news. The dynasty will open the Flickering World in the fourth exploration phase. Many financial groups will be interested in fighting for this slice of cake at that time."

He was already eyeing the opening of the Flickering World. He would be able to make use of various methods to pressure the Black Star Army at that time.

Since the Black Star Army had received the benefits of obtaining a territory, they would have to take the risks of managing it. Sorokin wanted to engage on a new battlefield with the army.

The Limitless Financial Group had plenty of different methods to use money to suppress the ordinary businesses of the Black Star Army within their territory.

Of course, Sorokins main objective was the growth of the Limitless Financial Group.

Compared to the benefits of the Flickering World, the cost of suppressing the Black Star Army was negligible.

Under the control of both parties, the conflict between the Modo Civilization and the Crimson Dynasty did not escalate further.

Both parties prepared their manpower and resources as they awaited the opening of the Flickering World.

Apart from a few small skirmishes, the galaxy was extremely calm.

Under such circumstances, the second exploration phase of the dynasty was completed smoothly, and the dynasty started the third exploration phase.

In those peaceful times, time crept by silently, and many years went by.

Without too many setbacks, the third exploration phase was coming to an end.

On the 15th day of the 7th month of the 729th year of the Galaxy Calendar, the Crimson Dynasty finally announced a piece of news that everyone had been waiting for.

The fourth exploration phase was about to start, and the Flickering World would be opened!

It was like a psionic bomb being set off!

The universe that had been peaceful for over a decade was stirred again!

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