A Cute Wife Was Hard To Raise And A Black Bellied Husband Had A Generation Gap Chapter 680

Chapter 680: The story of the Year of forgetfulness and Mo Yanhuan 084. Looking for Mr. Mo.

Lu Huanzi asked, "where is the best ward in the inpatient department? "

The young nurse said, "your floor is the best ward in the inpatient department. There are only ten rooms in total. "

Lu Huanzi did not know that she was actually in the superior ward of the inpatient department.

No wonder the layout of this ward was like a superior hotel.

Lu Huanzi said, "then do you know which ward Mr. Mo is staying in? "

The young nurse was slightly stunned and asked cautiously, "you know Mr. Mo? "

Lu Huanzi nodded. "We can be considered old acquaintances. "

The young nurse seemed to speak to herself naturally. "So the rumors outside are true. The lady boss of Nian Nian is Mr. Mo's... "

Before the young nurse could finish her sentence, she realized that she had said something wrong and immediately kept quiet.

Then, she quickly said, "Mr. Mo was in a car accident a while ago and has been staying in Ward 1. Don't say that I told you. This is the hospital's ban. If the head nurse finds out, I will be reprimanded. "

Lu Huanzi nodded. "I won't say anything. Thank you. "

After the young nurse was done with her routine check, she said, "then I'll be leaving. Have a good rest. "

After the young nurse left, Lu Huanzi struggled for about half a minute.

In the end, she decided to take the initiative to look for Mr. Mo. .

She put on a set of clothes and walked out of the ward.

She stayed in Ward No. 9. It was almost at the westernmost side.

Mr. Mo stayed in ward No. 1, so naturally, it should be at the easternmost side.

Lu Huanzi walked through the long corridor alone.

It was different from the other inpatient departments.

It was very quiet here, almost empty.

Even the corridor was covered with a thick carpet.

Lu Huanzi was like a cat, walking silently on it.

In fact, it was only a hundred meters away.

But Lu Huanzi only felt that this road was very long.

But she hoped that this road would go on and on, without an end.

But in the end, she still stopped at the door of ward No. 1.

Was Mo Lichuan inside right now?

Was He alone?

Lu Huanzi looked at the time.

It was eight o'clock in the evening.

This time was a little ambiguous.

Lu Huanzi would think that Tang Yingzhi might be inside.

She stood for a long time.

Lu huanzi still knocked on the door.

Lu Huanzi knocked three times and waited at the door for a while, but no one opened the door.

Her heart was beating faster and faster.

She knocked a few more times, but no one opened the door.

Lu Huanzi convinced herself in her heart.

Things don't go past three.

She knocked again. If no one opened the door, she would leave.

But the moment she raised her hand again...

The door opened.

Mo Lichuan appeared at the door.

for visiting.

But when she saw Mo Lichuan, Lu Huanzi was still shocked.

Because Mr. Mo was leaning on a cane.

One of his legs was in a thick cast.

It was bent just like that.

Lu Huanzi had never seen Mr. Mo like this

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