A Goddess Queen In A Modern World. Chapter 26

Chapter 26: 26 - Cheating

"THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!" One student screamed frustrated as the other students nodded their heads accordingly.

When they looked at the score, the only thing that could make them feel better was to accept defeat.

1 - Etwahl 12,556

2 - Bpig 10,984

3 - Andy 10,983

4 - Ooph 9:137

5 - idk 9.041

It's been 9 questions, all of which Etwahl has hit almost instantly, earning 999 points, not to mention the 100-point bonus he added to each hit. The advantage that this person opened was so great that even if he didn't answer the question now he wouldn't have how this Bpig pass it on.

But what was leaving everyone weird was that they still didn't know who this Etwahl guy was. Idk was Arnold, Oof was Gary, Andy was clearly Andy, Bpig they believe to be Daphne, but this Etwahl nobody could figure out who he was yet.

But besides the students, the one who was most surprised was Professor Sheila. At first she was thinking that the student who was answering the questions instantly was kicking to find the right answer, but as the game progressed, she was seeing that it wasn't quite so, even questions that she herself had difficulty remembering exactly the dates or important names this mysterious student was answering as if it were very simple.

Sona was finding these questions easy, there was nothing she really needed to think about. All she had to do was think about the question that the answer she had already memorized appeared instantly. While normal people were in doubt about the answers, she already knew at the moment that she was looking at the answer, so she would quickly get it right, giving no time for anyone to understand.

When the last question came up, some people gave up on quickly getting the right answer to try to figure out who this Etwahl was.

10 - What name is given to Britain's policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws on early American colonies?

The students had divided into groups to observe the cellphones. While they were looking to see who would answer, but to their surprise, there was already a cell phone with the green screen indicating that the answer was right. And what they didn't expect was that the owner of the cell phone was the girl they always discriminated against and bullied because of Daphne. Angela Young, the beautiful blue-haired girl who because of Daphne began to be excluded from everything by apparent jealousy.

When teacher Sheila saw the students' surprise faces, she was curious to know who it was. So, without wasting any time, she showed the final ranking.

1 - Etwahl 14,447

2 - Andy 12,384

3 - Bpig 12.154

4 - Oof 10,347

5 - idk 9,921

Seeing the scoreboard, everyone sighed. The difference was very big, looking to see how Angela would react, everyone saw a calm and mature face as if it was just something natural, something that should happen anyway.

"WHAT?" Gary yelled from his seat while looking at the calculator.

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Realizing the strange look he was getting from everyone, Gary quickly said. "She won 1,000 points for her answer..." He said a bomb that left everyone's mouth open in astonishment.

"What? Isn't it impossible to earn 1,000 points? When a few thousandths of a second goes by the value of the question already falls to 999, how fast does anyone have to answer to get 1,000????" Someone asked in shock.

Even the teacher was surprised and happy to hear that statement.

"She's cheating!" Daphne got up and yelled at Sona making a bombastic statement. She was already angry that she was in third place since there was someone she didn't know who she was in the first place and Andy had passed her on to the last question because she was in doubt between two answers.

That statement put a point of doubt in everyone's mind. They already found it strange that someone could get all the questions of a Kahoot right, besides the person getting all the answers right almost instantly. Not to mention that the person was Angela Young, well known for her low scores in the history tests.

"I think it's true, maybe she was really cheating..." Said a student.

Hearing this statement, the teacher who was very happy was also a little doubtful. She didn't know if there was any Hack or anything like that for Kahoot, but she wanted to believe that Angela had improved. As a teacher, the most appropriate thing to do was to offer the benefit of the doubt to the student and to offer the opportunity for him/her to prove innocence. "Angela, were you cheating?" the teacher asked.

Sona raised an eyebrow and almost had to cover her nose, the amount of negative energy, be it hatred, envy, or other things that came from Daphne in her direction was horrible. "Well, since I've done nothing wrong and I'm being wrongly accused so that accusations like that don't become frivolous, I think we have to encourage a penalty for you if that's not true, right? After all, you don't have any proof. Are you sure you want to continue with this?"

Listening to Sona talk, the students were amazed, just the way she was talking looked like someone else, she looked like a calm and wise woman. When they heard what she said, they also felt it made sense, after all, she was being accused of something without proof in a crowd.

The only explanation for this dumb pig being able to hit more than I am is cheating, of course, why these commoners are agreeing with her now?!' If thoughts could kill, the hatred that Daphne was feeling now would have mutilated Sona into countless parts. "Of course, I don't mind humiliating you in front of everyone. What do you want? Money? From your clothes I can see that you're in need, maybe I can give you a little to help you buy clothes for your whole family." She said holding on not to go there and grab this arrogant girl who thought that just talking a few pretty words would make her afraid.

"Without fighting in the class, since you are so suspicious, we can solve this in a civilized way that will please everyone. Everyone in the TOP 5 will have the right to answer some more specific questions that will be worth extra points. How's that? Since the answers will be written down on a sheet of paper, there will be no way to cheat. But for each wrong question, instead of just not earning a point, the person will have the overall grade reduced by one point. Thus bringing the possibility of lowering the note."

Sona listening to the proposal thought it would be interesting to test songs with some different instruments. Maybe a pen hitting the table might hinder a certain person's concentration during this second stage.

"I accept." Sona responded by keeping her face calm.

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