A Little Sister’s All I Need Book 2 Epilogue

A Little Sisters All I Need | | Arc II: Epilogue

I was just a ‘Master-Tier’ back then… doing some wetwork for Adventurer’s Guild.

Temecula. A corrupted capital.

Even a decade after the World Act of Emancipation Proclamation, plenty of nefarious government officials still owned slaves and leeched the lower class into destitution.

A lot of them… including the infamous monarch, King Hurley.

Of course, Onii and I couldn’t just let that happen.

Slavery in this modern time? That’s against what the entire world stood for. It was one of the few times Adventurer’s Guild had personally requested and authorized Duality for an assassination quest.

Lead by my big brother, I was undercovered as a newly-hired maid, Eama…

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