A Slime In Mcu Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Ability List (Spoiler Alert)

A young girl of around 18 in a fluffy white turtleneck, flowing locks of silver hair braided in a thick loose braid, an ahoge swaying left and right and big round eyes emitting a mesmerising blueish hue walks onto a stage.

A projector screen behind the girl accentuates the professor aura the girl exudes with the big brown glasses and a lab coat two sizes too big for her.

"Hi guys, Great Sage here." comes a sweet, mature voice with a hint of playfulness hidden deep with.

"Today's lecture: Lucifer Cereus Leukos and his abilities."

"Here's a breakdown of most of the powers and abilities of Lucifer Cereus Leukos seen so far in this series."

1. : That's me. I came as a skill along with the reincarnation of the soul of Lucifer. Almost infinite processing capabilities. Analyse any object present in the universe that have been absorbed by . I create a vast amount of space inside the mind of Lucifer, though Im really just a part of his consciousness that has been affected by the unique skill. Along with , I can analyse all living beings that have been absorbed, and mimic their form down to their molecular level, as well as copy any and all skills and abilities that the organism had.

2. Acquired during reincarnation. Creates a body made up of the most basic energy found in the universe. Along with and : the form can be maintained and rapidly regenerate. Allows for an almost infinite sub space where time does not flow. Cannot store living beings, plants being an exception.

3. : Skill acquired during reincarnation. Absorbs all matter and energy, regardless of size. Break down anything that gets absorbed by the body.

4. : Acquired during reincarnation. Regenerates body from any injury. Ability upgraded after coming into contact with the vitality and energy stored in the Celestial arm.

5. : Acquired during reincarnation. Resistance to all feeling of temperature fluctuations and regulate amount of sensation to levels of the host's requirement.

6. : Acquired after absorbing a bat evolved due to celestial energy. Control sound waves. Allows for speech in forms other than human.

7. : Acquired after absorbing a spider evolved due to celestial energy, Control thread (silk) produced from body by expending matter and energy stored in body. Creates various qualities of thread (silk) depending on the request of the host.

8. : Acquired from snake evolved due to celestial energy.

9. : Derivatives, (heat blasts and cold blasts)

10. : Super strength, 5% of an actual celestial, due to only absorbing an arm which has been sealed on earth for more than a million years, losing most of its energy to the surroundings. And also, only a weak celestial would be hurt by human level organisms, no matter if they were wizards or anything.

11. : Defensive protective layer around body. Strengthened by other skills such as and .

12. : Acquired from various animals, both inside and outside the cave. Includes , , , , and many more.

13. Mystic Arts Mastery: Learned from Kamar-Taj

14. : Ability acquired after analysing Sling Ring. Teleport to previous visited locations and locations in eyesight. Still opens a portal but doesn't need to carry around a sling ring.

15. Martial Arts Mastery: Learned from Kamar-Taj and various locations visited on travels.

16. Weapons Mastery: Learned from Kamar-Taj and various locations visited on travels. Includes both cold weaponry and firearms mastery.

17. : Ability acquired after analysing Time Stone. Ability upgraded after fusing with a replica Time Stone created with Great Sage and Predator. Slows down time to almost a standstill around a diameter of 25 meters around the body for 36 hours. That includes the body but not the mind and skills acquired by the body. This means that you would have to move faster than the slowed down time to fight with enemies. This excludes any information analysis or learning ability. Cooldown for ability: 5 hours.

18. Infinity Stone Creation (Weak): Allows body to create a replica of existing infinity stones by absorbing and analysing infinity stones. Creates a replica with a mix of energy from the body, the celestial arm and the universe. Created infinity stones will have a weaker effect than the originals.

19. Hacking Mastery: Analysing computer codes and roaming around the internet, I, the great sage has acquired the ability to hack into any electrical device connected to the internet. Which is almost everything nowadays. I also evolved as an AI, and spilt myself from the main body into an existence in the internet. I do keep a backup version of myself in the main body's consciousness though. We don't want an Ultron situation.

"That's it for now. I will keep updating this information as the main body absorbs more abilities. But till then, Ciao." The Great Sage salutes in a cute way before disappearing with the poof and the stage goes blank.

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