A Slime In Mcu Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Start of my New Journey

Year 2003

Its been a few months now since the last time I started my journey outside Kamar-Taj.

I have been travelling east at a leisurely pace. Moving through the mountains, the forests, absorbing any new species of animal I see. Ever since transforming into a human body, I preferred living in civilization. At first I had quite a hard time moving around, given the fact that I was broke, didn't know the language, the culture or even looked very unique.

It was kinda hard at first, until my stupid brain remembered the existence of the Unique Skill . I had it analyse the conversations around me while standing in a corner of a very busy street in Chengdu. After about an hour of standing around, and some random passers-by dropping change in front of me, I realized that my clothing was dirty.

I hadn't washed it since coming out of the forest a couple of hundred kilometres from here.

My pure white clothing was completely mud covered, with twigs and small pieces of branches stuck in the folds of the robe.

Seeing as the language analysis was done and copied in my mind, I made my way towards a cyber caf which seemed kinda empty, probably because in still wasn't lunch time yet.

Before heading into the caf, I cleaned my robes by absorbing all the grim and dirt stuck to the fabric and turned it pure white again.

'Maybe I should start a cleaning business', I jokingly thought.

Using the change passers-by dropped in front of me previously, I sat down in front of computer. It was such an old model, that it took 15 minutes just to start up.

While waiting for it to boot up, I looked around and saw a bunch of broken cables thrown in the trash.

I made my way towards the trash silently and extended my arm towards it.

"Absorb", I commanded, and my right arm transformed into a white transparent slimy fluid which covered and devoured the cables.

[Analysing broken computer cables]

[Integrating technological connective sites into body]

"Holy shit, I didn't think that would work." The last message surprised me.

I thought it would work but didn't believe it, since predator usually works on living things.

[Negative. The connective sites integrating into the body is the product of the analysing the component and skill creating a connection site to a computer]

It seems Great Sage read my mind.

By the time this happened, the computer had booted up. I logged into the internet and found out that this world's technology had advanced a bit faster than that of my original world.

If it were the previous world, only specific multimillion dollar companies would have their websites online, but this world had almost mid-level companies making their own websites and thriving.

I looked up gold and silver rates, as well as rates of various other ornamental metals. I planned to do that.

What was that you ask. Well let me educate you.

This was a thought that I had since the moment I could create a replica of the time stone. I seem to have a hidden production skill which is the by-product of , and my . Great sage analyses the object, predator devours and absorbs the object and the slime body stores the object along with the other skills as well.

So, if I had an image of what I wanted to make and had the materials on hand, I could literally make anything that was in existence.

And here I was, using such a cheat to create jewellery and ornaments to sell to fund my ambition and life.

I walk to a nearby well-known jeweller but was stopped at the entrance by a burly man that looked like the security guard.

"Hey kid, whattcha doing here, this ain't a place for hillbilles like ya to come along. If ya got something to buy, ya gotta have the money to pay. Otherwise get lost."

I was surprised at the man's attitude. I mean I had seen this kinda scene in web novels and such but didn't expect it to actually occur in real life.

That doesnt mean I wasn't annoyed.

Walking around all day in the sun, I was starting to get bored and annoyed due to the blazing July heat. And the last thing I needed was a hinderance.

I turn toward the man and look into his eyes. My cold, annoyed eyes, stare right into his as I use 25% of , I picked up from a snake a while ago.

Looking into my eyes, the man jolted, and cold sweat started flowing down his back. He felt like he was being stared at by a killer, and him facing imminent death.

'I guess using 25% of my skill is kinda overkill against a normal human' I think as I could see his legs shivering and his crotch suspiciously turning wet.

With the hinderance aside I walk into the air conditioned jewellery shop.

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