A Slime In Mcu Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Product Creation

Placing the phone down, I crossed my legs, placed my palms on my lap and assumed a lotus position.

I closed my eyes and let my consciousness travel to my mindscape.

What greeted me was a huge bright room, with a massive orb of multicoloured energy floating in the middle. A smaller green orb, the size of a large watermelon was revolving around the 20-foot-wide energy sphere. Those were my energy core and energy of the replica time stone.

I go to an empty corner of the vast room and summon the great sage. A cute little figure of a young woman in silver hair and glasses with an oversized lab coat greeted me.

"Could you bring up the holographic plans for the heat seeking missiles and the missile detection system that the US military uses."

In a blink one an eye, a 3d full scale holographic model appeared in front of my eyes.

"Remove the sheath of the missiles and zoom in on the tracking mechanisms."

"Replace this, this and that part with the parts from our personal tracking system, add in a program from your own system code for energy tracking function. Replace the old circuits with a weak mixed-celestial energy infused copper alloy conductors."

"Reduce the size of the components by 2 times, increase the warhead size by a factor of 25%."

"Close up the missile. Increase aerodynamics of the warhead."

"Optimise weight and balance. Replace any design unique to the US government."

"Reorganise the circuit diagram to be more efficient and change the detonation process to a manual control detonation and an automatic detonation on contact system. We can give them some options."

My hands waving around, pointing at various components and ordering great sage's AI.

"Compare design system to similar missiles from Stark Industries."

{36% similarities in the design structure. Stark industries should be around 5-7 years behind on this tech.}

"Complete analysis of the product and give me the functionality report."

{Decrease in total weight of the missile by 7%. Increase in distance by 1500 metres. Detonation power increase by a factor of 24%. Velocity increased by a factor of 10%. No trace of missiles remains after detonation, leading to a compete deniability to the client. Preventative measures placed for antitampering and reverse engineering the tech. All data compared to the current missiles similar to Stark Industries.}

"Ok. Go ahead and finalise this design. Write up a product design report on these missiles and think of an optimal selling pitch for Potts."

"Ok. Now onto the missile detection tech."

Like that, I stayed in my mindscape developing various techs I would present at not only tomorrow's meeting but also for various other clients I have in mind.


The first rays of sunshine came in through the window, illuminating the perfect figure of Lucifer.

Slowly opening my eyes, I stretched my body and got out of the bed.

Cleaning up the bed covers and getting out of my clothes, I walk into the shower and let the hot water rain on me.

"Ahhh" a moan of pleasure leaks out of my mouth. A hot, steamy shower is always the best.

I walk out of the shower after 20 minutes and walk up to the mirror. I wipe off the steam and am greeted by a handsome face.

"Good morning" I say to my reflection and wear a fresh set of clothes.

All my clothes are made by yours truly, all-natural fabric, resistant to heat and cold, strong against slashes and blunt attacks and still stylish enough for someone of my status. Today's attire included a long sleeved rolled up casual white T-shirt with black, sleek jeans and a pair of black and white mix shoes.

I tie up my shoulder length hair in a loose messy ponytail and make my way to the door.

I walk up to the receptionist and tell her to not send in anyone in the room and make my way to a caf beside the hotel.

Even though I don't need to eat, ever since transforming into a human body, I craved for food. It seems my human desires stayed the same after gaining the body.

{Your soul's wavelength matches a human better that that of a slime, leading to you experiencing human desires a lot when in this form. You won't feel desires of animals you transform into, so you don't have to worry.} Great Sage read my mind and answered.

Walking in and sitting on a table in the corner, I take out the product plans and designs to read through them. By the time food arrived, I had read through all of it, and carefully place them back into my sub space.

After paying for a sumptuous breakfast of eggs benedict, smoked bacon, and a glass of coffee, I decide to walk around New York City before leaving for Stark Industries.

Walking around, seeing the bustling city and its people gives me a sense of peace.

After reincarnation, I haven't had any meaningful conversations with anyone other that the great sage. But she's a part of me, so I guess she doesn't count.

Thinking back, I hadn't actually had any meaningful connections with people in both my lives. In the previous life, I was a loner, this life, pretty much a rich loner again.

"Let's try to change that in this lifetime." I say to myself, making my way downtown, walkin' fast, faces pass, and I'm Stark-bound.*

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