A Slime In Mcu Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Stark Tower

Entering the Stark Tower, I was greeted by a marvellous spectacle. The huge, clean energy generator source, the thing that powered up the whole of Stark Tower and would eventually power up the most iconic superhero suits in history.

The Arc Reactor.

I gaze at its magnificence as I think, 'What an improvement this technology would have had if it worked back in my previous world. No more climate change, no more dying forests, and no more rising oceans. What a pity.'

I spent the next few moments looking at it from afar, while great sage in the background already started analysing it from the outside.

While walking around, I was approached by a rotund but well-built middle-aged guy, looking quizzically and cautiously towards me.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" he asked without showing a hint of politeness.

"Oh, I'm waiting for someone. I believe Ms. Potts should have sent someone to pick me up." I reply in with a polite smile.

"Mr. Lukas?" He questioned.

"It's Mr. Leukos. Lucifer Cereus Leukos. You must be who Ms. Potts sent down right?" I correct him.

"Ah. Yes Mr. Leukos was it. Ms. Potts sent me to get you. Would you please follow me?" He replied, still without a hint of smile on his face.

"Certainly, Mr.?", I ask, knowing full well his identity.

"Happy. Happy Hogan." He replied.

"Well then, Mr Hogan. Lets."

I follow him to the exclusive elevator up to the top floor, directly to the office of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark.


The elevator reached opens its doors and we walk out. Standing up from her chair, Ms Potts turns towards us and greets us.

"Good Afternoon Mr. Leukos. Happy." She says in with a beautiful smile.

Her smile so mesmerising, I was taken back for a moment. I can see why Tony made her his assistant and why she ended up marrying him eventually. It seems Paltrow's acting did not do her character justice in the movies.

I walk ahead and shake her hand and take the seat she offered.

"Have you had lunch yet?" she asked in a polite tone.

"Not yet, I'll have some if you are." I reply with the polite smile I have whenever I talk to anyone ever since coming to this world.

"Good, I was starting to get hungry as well. Happy, could you get someone to deliver a sandwich from Delmar's please. And what would you be having, Mr Leukos." She told Happy and turned to ask me.

"A number 5 with pickles from Delmar's as well, please. Thank you."

"Really, all the way from Queens, its like a 30 minutes' drive." He complained, finally dropping his stoic character.

In reply to his complaining, Ms. Potts just shrugs her shoulders, showing a helpless face.

After he's gone, I ask, "Best sandwiches in Queens." To which she replied, "best sandwiches in New York for that price."

"Ok, so while the food arrives, would you like to start the discussion." She asked.

"Sure" I say as I pick up the pre-prepared bag-pack to conceal me removing the items and the documents from my personal subspace.

I place a spiky metal ball on the table, along with the pile of documents.

*Clap, Clap*

I clap twice and a holographic projection appears in the air. The projection displayed a mobile missile launcher unit, along with the missile.

"This is the first product that I would like to introduce to you today. A new and improved heat seeking missile."

"1500-meter range increase. Manual or automatic detonation on impact, detonation intensity increased by 25% of what I believe Stark Industries has at the moment. Faster and stronger than those you have at the moment, as well as way more powerful than those of Hammer Industries."

I could see the gears turning in her head, as she picked up the files regarding the missiles from the table. The more she read through those, the wider her eyes got, until eventually, she just looked at me dumbstruck.

"Did you really come up with all of these improvement on your own. From what I've heard from your sister, you are gifted in Science and Technology, but I hadn't expected for you to be able to achieve so much at your age." She asked with incredulity.

Yes, I might have bragged about myself a bit, but it was my character, a doting elder sister. Someone who watches over her younger brother from the shadows, providing him with the financial aid he needs to grow and develop ever since our parents died but never coming in direct contact with him.

"Yes, I did come up with that. And that's just the surface." I reply with a hint of pride in my voice.

"Wonderful. Truly amazing. This should be about 8-10 years ahead of our current systems."

"You are underestimating your boss. I believe he should be able to get this figured out in the next 4 years on his own, less if he looked through my designs. He is after all my idol." I say to the still dumbstruck woman.

"Wow. But there's one thing I don't understand. If you have all this tech and ideas as well as a source of family income, why approach us. You could sell this on your own and gain tremendous profits." She asked in a quizzical tone.

"Well, there's a simple answer to that. First of all, my sister doesn't plan on continuing her current career for long. Second, I want to be independent and not bring her too much into the light. Third, although I want to be independent, I do not know many people in the business world. In fact, I am what many would call an insignificant figure in the vast business world. Since my sister introduced you to me, I should make full use of this opportunity and gain my first solid footing in this world. Lastly, I don't want to be a major public figure. I thought, by approaching you guys to sell my products, I could remain safe from the public eye." I bullshit a bit at first but then tell her the 'true' reason for approaching Stark Industries.

"Well, that is true, but are you sure. I mean you would be losing out on quite a bit." She reminds me.

"I am aware. But all I have to do is the design planning and the production. You guys would be doing the most amount of work. I mean, you would be selling my tech through your company, advertise my product and expend your human resources. I have it quite easy. I reply in an assuring tone.

Thinking over my answer for a while, she finally asked, "What percentage profit division are you thinking of?"

"20, 80. 20% of total profits, and you get to decide a price. Of course, it has to be reasonable, I can't have you selling them candy." I reply with a bit of humour.

"True, the price would be reasonable, we get to make quite a bit of profit then too. I think this works. Should I get the legal team downstairs get these documents processed and prepare the paperwork." She asked.

"Sure, but don't you want to have a look at more of my products?" I ask with a small grin on my lips.

"Ah, how can I forget. So, what more do you have to offer?" She asked, a bit embarrassed by her previous hastiness.

"Same deal as before, 20, you, 80 me. And this one is more on the defensive side. It disables incoming attacks and deflects the projectile with a strong magnetic propulsion system." I say while removing another similar spiky holographic projector.



Our discussions continued well over an hour, even after the food arrived, we continued discussing, until she had to attend a meeting, which cut short my proud display of all my little toys.

Over all, a successful discussion, and a very productive day.

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