A Slime In Mcu Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Reincarnation

I woke up in total darkness. I felt like I didn't have any control over my body. Everything was numb.

Did the reincarnation fail. Did that whole experience with that guy in the cloak just a dying man's fantasy.

I started to panic. I felt like if I had a heart, it would be pounding in my chest, threatening to spill out.

While panicking, a thought came into my head, 'why can I feel my heart pounding?'

Thump, Thump, Thump

A steady sound kept coming from somewhere around me.

"Hello, is anyone there?" I try calling out.

My voice wouldn't work. I couldn't move anything.

Luckily, it seems at least something heard me.

"Unique Skill, Slime Body, initialising"

"Unique Skill, Great Sage, initialising"

"Unique Skill, Predator, initialising"

"Skill, Thermal Resistance, initialising"

"Skill, Hyper Regeneration, initialising"

A female robotic voice rang out in my head. It was quite familiar, actually. Oh yeah, I remember, I heard this voice when the teaser for the Tensura anime came out.

Remembering this, I was immediately excited. I completely forgot about the previous anxiety and fear.

I tried to move my now slime body, and with a little effort, I successfully moved. It took me a while to move around naturally, but I got it in the end.

I tried to look around where I was but then recalled, a slime doesn't have any eyes, nor a nose, nor any ears. But what I had what no other slime had was The Great Sage.

"Hey, Great Sage, could you help me activate any sort of perception ability for me to perceive my surroundings, like maybe magical perception or spatial perception", I ask in my head, directing my thoughts towards the voice I heard previously.

[Affirmative. Analysing surroundings. Found high amounts of energy in surroundings. Analysing energy. Acquired]. Came the robotic voice of the Great Sage.

Immediately after hearing that, the world lit up like a rainbow. My "vision" was flooded with intense colours. It was looking at machine oil floating on water, creating chaotic rainbow patterns.

"Tone down the sensitivity" I yell, enduring the pain in my 'eyes'.

I thought about it and the colours gradually become duller, till I could focus on my surroundings.

I was I a field of lush green grass, with pointy rocks growing here and there. I take a 360 degree look around, and find myself in a gigantic cave, with a lot of 'light' coming from a certain direction.

When I look around, I see various kinds of grasses, plants and a lot of small ponds of water here and there. I move around slowly, activating Predator, and analysing the grass underneath me with Great Sage.

[Celestial Energy Enhanced Grass] [Do you want to absorb energy?]

That was all I heard. I internally said yes.

The moment I said yes, I felt a strange power spread through me. It felt good. It felt like a sugar rush when I was a kid. It was amazing.

Excited, I ate all the grasses and plants around me with great fervour, enjoying the sweet pleasure of the energy. After a while, the whole area around me with a diameter of 10 meters was barren.

I moved towards the pond of water to check it out.

[Celestial Energy Imbued Water] [Do you want to absorb energy?]

"Yes", I cried.

I sucked up the whole pond dry, before moving on to the next.

I continued this for the next few hours, or days or something, I couldn't really tell, until I meet a horrifying creature the size of a bald eagle, hanging upside down.

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