A Slime In Mcu Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Smartphones are Out, SlimePhones are In.

The next few days passed by pretty quickly.

I made some individual slimes and order them to transform and fill up my company building, creating some fake identities for them.

Call me paranoid, but I don't want a situation like HYDRA operating from SHIELD. That shit sucked in the movies.

For the invitations for the promotion party of my car model unveiling, I sent out some to a few companies around the world, a few high society people and one Ms Potts and one Mr Stark.

Occasionally, I would drop by to check up on Lily and bring some food to her.

I would say, over the past week, we kinda got close, something akin to friends.

I had been adding a bit of my own medicine to aid the healing process of her ligament, but just slightly faster than normal.



Finally came the morning of my mobile phone company launch event.

The street in front of the Sage Towers was jam packed with pedestrians. Everyone waiting to check out the new SlimePhones. It seems the advertisement worked a bit too well.

Most of the people there were to check if the product truly existed and was not some sort of hoax.

A phone that could collapse and change into a wristwatch was years ahead of the time.

It was cheap too. Add on the first day, 20% discount, perfect.

The latest these people had currently was just a regular smartphone with the occasional retractable camera.



"Welcome, Welcome" the doorman slime smiled and welcomed guests to the shop.

A lavish shop, 6 meters high ceiling, and pure white design. Men and women in matching uniforms, white shirt, black vest, and trousers, showing customers around and introducing the various models.

Every single customer had a smile on their faces as they looked on at the display phones with amazement.

There were the occasional attempts at shoplifting, but a pair of burly looking men picked them up and tossed them out of the store.

Seeing this spectacle, the customers were a bit distressed but quickly recalled the value of these phones and thought the punishment was appropriate. No hassle with arguing, caught in the act, then you get thrown out.

Like this, the whole current stock was sold out by evening and there were hundreds set aside for the first day sale.

I calculate the earnings and the figures surprise me. A profit of 100,000, in a day. I sold almost 300 phones just in a single day.

And this is just the first day. Word gets out and the reviewers do their magic, and I'm all set.



A week went by, but the crowd at the store didn't decrease at all.

Every day, people would barge in, look around, most of them buying a phone and going back, while I just lean back and watch the money flow in.

The profits kept increasing every day, and by the end of the week, I had sold about 3000 phones in total. 1.2 million in a week.

"Wow. More than I expected really."

{You really underestimate your tech.} came a reply from great sage.



A month passes by the sales start to plateau. I decide to open a 2 more branches in New York, mainly to keep the hype going, and anyways, the supply can easily keep up with the demand.

The slimes in the ocean keep sending material, and the slimes in the factories keep making products. As simple as that.



Two months since the launch of the SlimePhone.

I pick up my phone and call a number.

"Hey, you ready for our date? Where are you, I'll come pick you up." I ask into the phone.

"Yeah, just met the babysitter. Standing outside my apartment." Comes a reply

"Yep, on my way." And I weave through the traffic and arrive at the apartment building in a few minutes.

"Hey gorgeous, looking beautiful today. The green dress looks wonderful on you, matches your earrings." I greet Lily, still feeling stunned by her beauty.

"You look beautiful too." She jokes. "Now let's go have some dinner, shall we?" she says as I open the door for her.





3 months pass by.

I have officially step into a committed relationship with Lily.

At first it was kinda hard to go out with her, what with all her job as a nurse and finding a babysitter for Emily for date nights, but we slowly made it work.

Last month, I finally built up the courage to ask her to move in with me.

She said yes.

And so now, I find myself woken up by a weight on my stomach.

"Lucifer, Lucifer, wake up. Its time for school." Emily jumps up on the bed, shaking me, trying to wake me up.

"Good morning Em. What time is it?" I ask, opening my eyes slowly.

"The long hand is on 6 and the shorthand is between 7 and 8, so its 7:30 now." She says with excitement.

"Good girl. Now quiet, don't wake mommy up, she slept late last night, she's tired." I tell the little girl, to which she immediately stops talking.

I get up and help her get ready for kindergarten.

I pick her up on my shoulders and walk towards the elevator.

Placing her in the car, and driving past the open garage gate, I reach her kindergarten in about fifteen minutes.

The blowing wind messed up her hair, but she likes the to ride with the top down.

Fixing her hair, she looks at me. "Bye-bye Lucifer. Peck" with a quick peck on my cheeks she runs inside.

After waiting for her to disappear into the building, I sit back in the car and drive home.

I walk my bedroom to see Lily stirring awake and immediately jump in bed.

"Good morning darling." I call out and lean in for a morning kiss.

"Mornin' Lucifer." She kisses back.

I go in for a French kiss, only for her to pull back. "Not now. I'm still sore from last night. Seriously, do you ever get tired." She complained in mock annoyance.

"Let me get up. If I'm late again today, the head nurse is gonna kill me."

"Ok, let me drive you to work then." I reluctantly back down while walking towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

"Croque-monsieur ?" I ask

"croque madame." She called out almost drooling over the thought of the taste.

These are some of the benefits of learning almost all of the culinary arts in the world. Top-notch cooking skills and the taste of heaven.

Poetic isnt it. Lucifer making Heavenly food.

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