A Slime In Mcu Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Prelude to Canon

It has been a few years since I absorbed the space stone.

During this time, a lot has happened.

My company, Sage Technologies continued making SlimePhones and its variants. Every six to eight months, a new and improved model would sweep the market. I also introduced a new line of gaming computers and laptops for the public populace and a range of office computers along with improved security systems.

Every year, my products would cause an uproar throughout the world wherever new models were released.

Regular tech companies tried to emulate my technology but even after a year's research, they were only able to replicate the first-generation phones while I released the third or the fourth.

To stabilise the uproar from these tech companies saying that I would dominate the whole market, I created another secret company, while changing the design a bit along with the user interface. This created a balanced rivalry in the eyes of the public, similar to the popular debate back in my world, "android or apple".

Sales went through the roof after this little stunt with a new company rising up and competing with one of the best in the industry.


With the automobile side, the Sagelini series swept through the elites through out the world.

The performance of the cars was 10 years ahead of the world, fully electric, while the newer models after 2009 ran on modified arc reactors.

I manipulated the media, along with the market to make people believe that owning a Sagelini was a social status, making most of the high standing politicians, businessmen, and owners of large enterprises fight to buy the latest models first.


My hidden partnership with Stark Industries came to an end after the whole Tony Stark kidnapped situation. But I had planned for it.

Tony incorporated those designs into his prototype suits in confinement, later integrating it into a fully functioning Iron Man Armor.


Remember the vibranium mine I found at the bottom of the ocean. Well, after figuring out how to process it and how to make it into nanites, I decided to create a small project to help fight of large-scale invasions such as the Chitauri or Thanos' army.

The processing and manufacturing took a long time so over the years, only about fifty of so units were created.

All of this was done in secret, hidden underground the factories in New York.


After integrating with the space stone, I was finally able to move on the next stage of my plans.

Ego's Spores for his Expansion.

I travelled to Missouri and after a week of searching for a weird flower, I found it hidden in a small forest.

While analysing it, I found that it had fused completely with the planet and it was a semi-sentient.

It would fight back if it were approached, and Ego's main body would be alarmed if I absorbed it completely.

So, I decided to use that connection to back trace all the planets where Ego left his spores, while trying to sever his connection with them without him noticing.

It was ridiculously hard.

Just to hack into its consciousness, I had to devote all my energy for a month before I got anywhere.

After the initial process, I left a huge chuck of slime along with about 25% of my energy in it to trace and locate the various planets through out the universe.

It would take about 10-12 years to complete the process, right around the time Ego would approach Peter Quill, but at least I was able to feed of the Celestial's energy like a parasite in the meantime.


Moving over to 2008, right before Tony got kidnapped, I met him by finding a random excuse of discussing ideas. Ever since he found out about me and my tech, we would bounce around ideas off each other, developing both our techs rapidly, so a get together before unveiling his new weapons in the middle east was not out of character. While meeting with him, I secretly released microscopic clones of myself, which Tony inhaled. This allowed me to track his every position and action throughout his visit.

After three months of tracking his condition, I detected a change, signifying that it was time for his escape.

Contacting his friend James Rhodes and revealing his location, I opened a portal and came to the desert with a few emergency supplies and a jeep.

Finding a limping Tony on the verge of unconsciousness, I drove up to him and 'rescued' him.

A few minutes later, the military came and picked him up, while I made my way back on my own.

Since then, the friendship between us increased a few notches, enough for him to trust me by asking for advice on the first official Iron Man suit.


Moving back to my personal relationship, I got married after 4 years of dating.

Lily and I got closer and closer to each other, until I decided to drop the bomb.

Before that though, I had to come clean about my identity and some of my powers.

I would of course not reveal that I'm a slime, but I did reveal that I had a few powers like energy manipulation and telekinesis.

Instead of freaking out, she made peace with it and accepted me even more.

Emily was the one who was terribly excited, like it was her wedding. She already considered me as her father, but now it was official.

Getting married in the Umaid Bhawan Palace in India, getting the biggest hotshots of the business world to attend the wedding to congratulate me and having the most lavish weddings in the past 20 years, Lily was happy.

It was every woman's dream to be treated like royalty, and I did just that.

Coming back to New York after the wedding, we had another one, but this time only inviting close and personal friends and family.

Pepper, Tony, Fury, Coulson, The Ancient One, along with a few masters that I made friends with when staying at Kamar-Taj from my side, while, from Lily's, a few of her very close friends from college and high school who she still had contact with, her little group circle from her hospital and a few other distant family who were close to her parents.

To be honest, the smaller wedding was way more fun than the grand and lavish wedding, but the memories created were timeless.



May 2012

I was currently enjoying a nice seaside vacation with my wife and daughter on the beaches of Seychelles.

Lily was playing with Emily in the shallow waters while I was sunbathing in the distance.

A beautiful scene, a mature woman in a white bathing suit, playing with a tiny little girl, splashing in the water.

I could feel some lustful eyes on her before the owners of those gazes fell a sudden chill down their back in the 30 C temperature.

While enjoying the sun on my chiselled and tattooed body (remember the seal containing the celestial powers in his body when he first transformed into a human body), my phone besides me rings.

Picking up I hear Fury raging, "Lucifer, there's been an attack at the PEGASUS facility. I need you in right now. I've sent a jet to your coordinates to pick you up and sent a few agents undercover to protect your family."

Without waiting for a reply, he cuts the lines.

Finally, its starting.

The first battle that started the greatest war in the MCU.

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