A Slime In Mcu Chapter 3

Chapter 3: T'was a Bat

T'was a bat.

It was a huge bat. Are bats supposed to grow that big or is it that I'm small.

Doesn't matter. I'm gonna eat it.

I remember how the slime in the anime did it and gather some water from my storage in my 'mouth' and aim it the bat. I imagine the water to be like a blade that would cut through the bat and spit as hard as I could. A blade made out of water rushes towards the unassuming bat and cuts it in through like jelly. The blade continues and makes a deep mark in the ceiling above.

"That was powerful"

The Great Sage's voice goes of in my head as the corpse of the bat falls down.

I rush to it and see what looks like any other bat from my world, just a bit bigger. I use Predator on it, and it dissolves into my body.


I continued ahead and ended up seeing similar bats. I took care of most of them similarly and eat them. I also ended up facing a snake and gaining and .

What was weird about those creatures was that they were completely out of proportions. The bat was as huge as the huge snake. I also killed a spider bigger than both the bat and snake combined. It was so weird. Another weird thing was the 'Celestial Energy' before every target.

I decided to ignore it for the time being as neither I, nor the Great Sage has an answer to it.

I spent the next few days, I think, exploring the cave, eating any creature I came across, as well as any and all plants, ores of metals, minerals and ponds of water.

It wasn't until sometime later that I came across a very peculiar object.

It glowed like the Sun on a bright summer day, except it was closer to me by a million times. It was embedded into the ceiling and the flora and the fauna around it were thriving. It was huge, seemed to be around 200 meters in diameter. I immediately sensed a spike in energy levels the closer I got to it. It seemed to be the energy source in this dark cave.

I started absorbing the energy in the air around the sphere hurriedly. The sweet feeling of energy rising in my body was intoxicating. I was pulled towards it.

The next moment, I transformed my body and wrapped around the sphere just like that slime did to the dragon and tried to absorb it into Predator.

"It worked", I shouted, only to feel a horrible feeling spread throughout my very being.

[High levels of energy detected. Energy overload. Processing, processing, .]

I couldn't pay attention to the voice in my head, as the pain wreaked through my soul. My body kept disintegrating and reconstructing over and over again, the level of water stored in my skill reducing bit by bit.


[Energy Overload. Initiating Sleep Mode]

The last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.

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