A Slime In Mcu Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Kamar-Taj

What greeted me through the portal was an ancient looking reception room. Windows made up of slatted wood and an Asian bearded man with glasses sitting in front of a desk reading.

"Thank you, Master Amir," said The Ancient One to the bearded old man, as he sat up and left the room, leaving only me and her in the room.

"Tea?", she asked me, to which I nod.

While brewing the tea, she asked, "Would you like to reveal your true form now that we are alone. I believe it must be tiring to keep it up?".

"Not really" I say as I transform back into a gooey little soft ball of slime and take a seat at one of the chairs around a table.

We talked with each other for a while, me mainly asking questions to figure out where and when I was reincarnated and her asking how I came to be. I of course didn't mention anything about meeting the Death God and me reincarnating, just glossing over it, and telling her how I woke up one day in that underground cave and then absorbing everything around me cause I was bored, eventually attempting to eat the celestial arm and then escaping.

From our talk, I found out quite a bit. I was back in time, currently it being 2002 and me being at Kamar-Taj. I still had quite a bit of time till the MCU canon starts, time that I could use to gather more power and be able to protect myself.

Another interesting thing I found out was that the place I woke up in was actually a hollow cave formed when the Indian landmass was pushed into the Asian mainland to seal and contain the energy given off by the piece of the celestial. The animals there must have been there for a long time, and just evolved by the energy and thrived.

One of the duties of the Ancient One was the protection of the seal, preventing anyone from entering the cave.

What puzzled her was how I was able to escape detection and swallow up the celestial, but then she threw it to the back of her mind as she couldn't figure it out.

After our talk, I was led to a small room with nothing but a single bed and a work desk. I laid on the bed, and even though it wasn't the best bed I've slept on, it was the first bed I did lay on after coming to this world.

Since I didn't sleep, I just looked through all the skills I obtained from the cave and the stock of plants, grasses, ores and water from the cave left in my skill pocket. Almost half of the stock was emptied during my .

After about 7 hours, the first rays of the morning sun where showing through the gaps in the slatted windows.

Good morning. Time to get a body.

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