A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Book 2 Chapter 417

A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Volume 2 Chapter 417 To Be A Gentleman

"This is the place, right?" The Golden Dragon's gaze fell on Mamy Restaurant, which was located in the corner of the Aden Square. It withdrew its massive wings, and a golden light flashed, upon which it transformed into a muscular man in a golden armor. It plummeted as straight as an arrow from an altitude of over 100 meters, landing directly outside Mamy Restaurant's entrance with a resounding boom.


An enormous muffled thump erupted along with a burst of violent tremors. A crater over half a meter in depth was stomped into the ground outside the restaurant, and it was as if Mobai was up to his old experiments again.

Beside the restaurant, the shops that Mobai had just repaired a few days ago shuddered, and it appeared as if they were going to collapse at any moment.

All of the passersby turned to look at the giant dragon with shock etched on their faces, wondering why he had descended here. Could it be that Mamy Restaurant had somehow drawn his ire?

"What was that?" In the kitchen, Mag also looked outside with a hint of surprise on his face. The tremors weren't especially pronounced in the restaurant, but he was still curious to see who was causing such a ruckus.

"Is someone trying to stir up trouble? But isn't the city lord's castle reserving our restaurant today?" Yabemiya stared out the door with, also with shock on her face. There was a cloud of dust and debris wafting around outside the floor-to-ceiling window, obscuring her field of vision, and making her unable to see who the intruder was.

"It's a giant dragon, a very powerful one," Sally whispered. She could sense the aura of the giant dragon, and determined that it was at least a 9th-tier powerhouse. It was most likely here to partake in the conference today.

"Is this Mamy Restaurant? Why did Chaos City choose such a small restaurant? Are they looking down on us giant dragons?" The burly armor-clad man stepped out of the crater. He appeared to be around 40 years of age; his face was very broad and angular, and even his eyebrows were of a hard rectangular shape. His cropped golden hair shimmered under the light of the setting sun as if strands of pure gold, and his muscular body was full of explosive power.

"Tsk, Jinx, when will you learn to make an arrival like a gentleman?" Right at that moment, a slightly dark voice sounded. A massive black bat came gliding down from above before withdrawing its wings, upon which a figure gently landed in front of the restaurant. He looked at the armor-clad man with a slightly resigned expression, and said, "We're here for a conference, not a war. Your entrance doesn't make you look powerful; it only makes you look like a foolish low-level magic beast."

The new arrival was a man in a set of black robes, with a long black cape dr.a.p.ed over his shoulders. He had a tall and slender figure, and appeared to be around 30 years of age. The bridge of his nose was very pronounced, and above that nose was a pair of sapphire blue eyes. His slick hair had been neatly swept back, and he had one hand clasped behind his back, which was as straight as a ramrod. He did appear to be quite gentlemanly in demeanor, but the complete lack of color on his face was slightly jarring, and one could just make out two sharp little fangs between his lips.

"Dracula, you're just as annoying as ever, I see. Do you want to taste my fist today as well?" Jinx looked at the pale young man as he stepped forward, and a series of cracks and pops sounded from the joints of his clenched fists.

"The blood of Golden Dragons carries the rotten flavor of money, so I really would rather not taste your fist. Otherwise, as a gentleman, it would be my obligation to satisfy your request, and suck away all of your blood." Dracula shook his head in an apologetic manner as he looked at Jinx.

"You sure can talk! Vampires are one of the top 10 demon subspecies, but no 10th-tier powerful beings have emerged from your ranks in recent times, right? The lava demons also declined steadily like this before falling from grace; are you vampires going to follow in their footsteps?" Right at that moment, a cold voice sounded. A vast expanse of snowflakes suddenly appeared in the air, and a figure dr.a.p.ed in a silver cape silently appeared with a cold expression on his face.

"F*ck you, Fox! You tried to sneak attack me last time! I'm going to kick you in the nuts until they explode!" A violent voice erupted, and a portly figure sprang up from a gigantic black beast nearby. It shot forth like a black iron ball straight toward Fox, who'd just arrived.

"Heh, it sure is lively here. Should I join in as well? Hmm, but if we destroy the Aden Square, City Lord Michael is going to be furious." A Fire Dragon over 100 meters in length appeared in the air, and surveyed the situation down below with relish.

The space warped and twisted before a demon with eight black spider legs and a human's upper body emerged. He looked at the Fire Dragon, and a hint of surprise appeared on his face. "Long time no see, Havid. I didn't think you would be one of the giant dragon representatives this time."

"What? You wanna fight me again, Gustav? If you don't go fleeing with your spatial magic, I won't mind having a battle with you." Havid looked at the demon in front him, and battle intent erupted in his red eyes as he prepared for a fight.

"I'm not here to fight you this time. If you want to fight, there are many opportunities to do so after the conference." Gustav shook his head before looking down at the round ball that was flying toward Fox. A hint of disdain appeared on his face, and he said, "That bastard Tauros was never the brightest bulb in the box. But then again, his abyss race all seem to be idiots."

"Hmph, looks like you didn't learn your lesson last time. You're initiating the fight this time, so prepare to feel my wrath." Fox looked at the black ball that was hurtling toward him, only to find that sharp spikes had appeared all over the assailant's body. Each and every one of the spikes was over a meter in length, and the ball was quickly spinning as it flew toward him as if it were a rotating sea urchin.

"True meaning of ice, domain." Fox raised his hand, and a bright silver light appeared on the palm of his hand, which transformed into a cuboid frozen space in front of him. The surface of that space quickly froze solid, trapping the black ball within.

The black ball rotated in a frenzy within the frozen space, creating an ear-splitting noise, and the frozen space began to tremor violently, but it showed no signs of breaking.

"You piece of sh*t! Let me out and fight me fair and square!" Tauros' enraged voice sounded from within the frozen space.

"Idiots like you should just stay in this ice cube. We don't need you for the conference today, anyway." Fox chuckled coldly as he continued to control his domain of ice and frost.


Right at that moment, the restaurant's door slowly opened, and a little girl with slightly bleary eyes emerged from within. She was holding an orange kitten, and she looked at the crater in the ground, then at the dragons and demons in the sky, and her drowsiness was instantly washed away. Her eyes widened with excitement as she turned around, and yelled, "Look, Father, it's a giant dragon that's on fire!"

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