A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Book 2 Chapter 418

A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Volume 2 Chapter 418 You're So Adorable

Everyone instantly fell silent. All of the giant dragons and demons turned their attention to Amy with surprise and befuddlement on their faces. Why was there a little girl at their conference venue? And she appeared to be a half-elf girl as well. Even Tauros and Fox, who were still engaged in battle, both stopped what they were doing.

"Please continue. Don't mind me, I only just woke up, and I'm here to spectate, not mediate. I've never seen giant dragons and demons fight before." Amy waved her little hands before rushing back into the restaurant and quickly bringing out a little stool. She sat down on it with Ugly Duckling in her lap, and looked on with excitement sparkling in her eyes.

"Meow!" Ugly Duckling cried as it extended its little paws fearlessly as if it were trying to put on a menacing display.


Everyone's eyes widened upon seeing that. Not only were the little girl and the kitten not fearful of them in the slightest, she was telling them to continue?

Even the heated Tauros and Fox suddenly lost the urge to battle. The domain of ice and frost shattered, while the spiky ball reverted back into a burly middle-aged man clad in a suit of black spiky armor, with a massive black ax that was as tall as an a.d.u.l.t human in his hands.

The Fire Dragon in the sky withdrew its wings, and fell from the sky like a shooting star, upon which it transformed into a tall and thin fiery humanoid being. His face was fiery red, and there were flames dancing in his eyes as well as fire burning all over his body.

The half-spider spatial demon also appeared on the ground, and transformed into a bald midget that was about half the height of an a.d.u.l.t human. He was hovering half a meter in the air, but his clothes were very long, and trailed onto the ground, presenting a rather peculiar sight.

The three giant dragons and the three demons faced one another with hostility in their eyes, but none of them attacked. Thus, a peculiar silence ensued.

Amy looked on with intrigue for a long while, but the two sides remained completely stationary. Her face fell slightly upon seeing that, and she asked, "Are you going to fight or not? If not, I have to go back for dinner."

"You're a very adorable little girl." Dracula turned to Amy, and he couldn't help but smile, revealing a pair of sharp fangs.

Amy looked at Dracula with an earnest expression, and asked, "You're also very adorable, Uncle Bat. Especially those sharp teeth; are they for eating meat?"

Dracula's expression stiffened slightly upon seeing Amy's earnest expression. Normally, little kids would be frightened to the point of shedding tears upon seeing his sharp fangs, but this little girl was referring to them as adorable! The nickname, Uncle Bat, was a little strange, but it actually sounded quite appealing when she said it.

"These are not for eating meat; they're for sucking blood. They are the pride of us vampires, and I can suck away all of the blood in a human's body in just one second." Dracula refused to believe that there could be a kid in this world that wasn't scared of him.

"Wow, that's so cool!" Amy's eyes lit up as she looked at Dracula with admiration on her little face.

"C-cool? Are you not scared of me, little girl? I can suck human blood!" Dracula's eyes widened with shock. This little girl's reflex arc appeared to be a little different from that of other kids.

Amy shook her head, and replied, "Mosquitoes can suck blood as well, but I'm not scared of them. I just have to slap them with my hand, and they would be dead, so they're not scary at all."

"What? You're comparing me to lowly mosquitoes? I'm a revered vampire!" Dracula stared at Amy with incredulity, but he was a gentleman who had learned to control his emotions, so he didn't launch into a violent tirade.

"Then, are you a massive mosquito, Uncle Bat?" Amy was genuinely curious.

"Pfff!" Dracula threw up a mouthful of blood upon hearing that.

"Are you alright, Uncle Bat? You should suck that blood back up. Otherwise, it would be a waste of the lunch you ate!" Amy was quite concerned as she looked at the puddle of blood in front of Dracula.

"Pfff!" Dracula couldn't help but throw up another mouthful of blood.

"It's alright, throwing up two mouthfuls of blood never killed anyone." Amy gave Dracula a comforting smile, and said, "Besides, our restaurant doesn't sell blood, but my father's cooking is definitely more delicious than blood."

"As a revered vampire, I definitely won't eat any human food." Dracula calmed himself down before appraising Amy with a haughty expression.

"That's a pity, then. I thought only idiots would refuse my father's food." Amy shrugged with a forlorn expression.

Dracula could feel his blood churning in his chest, and he was struck by the urge to throw up another mouthful of blood. If it weren't for the genuinely forlorn expression on Amy's little face, he would definitely be convinced that she was insulting him. Even though her words did sound like an insult, that was clearly not her intention, so he didn't have an excuse to flare up with rage.

Being a gentleman sure is difficult. Dracula looked up into the sky, and heaved a resigned sigh.

"Hahaha, you sure are an adorable little girl." Jinx was very pleased as he turned his attention to Amy. He was always losing in wars of words with Dracula, so it was very satisfying to see him being defeated by a little girl.

"Thank you, Uncle Gold Wire. Is your hair made from real gold? Why does it stand up like a hedgehog's spikes? When you're out on the streets, aren't you afraid that someone would rob you for your hair?" Amy turned to Jinx with curiosity on her face.

"Er" Jinx's smile immediately froze on his face. Amy's questions were all very sharp, and he suddenly understood why Dracula was throwing up mouthfuls of blood.

"Uncle Spider, why are your clothes so long? They actually make you look even shorter that way.

"Uncle Hedgehog, your piggy steed was stomped into the ground by you just then, and it still hasn't reappeared yet. Don't play such dangerous games next time so the poor little piggy doesn't get hurt again. Don't you know how heavy you are?

"Uncle Snowman, your magic spell was really awesome, but compared to my master, you're nothing special.

"Uncle Fireman, did you eat chili peppers before you came here? Why is your body constantly on fire? You can't come into the restaurant like that."

Amy delivered her critique on every single person, and her little face was alight with the joy of meeting new friends.

Everyone wore peculiar expressions on their faces, and they didn't know how to respond to Amy's unintentionally barbed comments.

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