A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Book 2 Chapter 419

A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Volume 2 Chapter 419 Is There A Small Or Large Disparity?

The little girl didn't appear to bear any ill will toward them, but her words were very scathing. There was already an ice magic spell materializing in Fox's hand, and he glared coldly at Amy as if he were going to attack at any moment.

"Ahem, my apologies, Amy is still just a little girl, so please forgive her if she offended you." Mag quickly emerged from the restaurant, and looked at everyone with an apologetic expression. He didn't expect Amy to roast everyone in such a straightforward manner. These were all powerhouses from the dragon and demon species, and it was not a good idea to offend them.

"So do you plan on taking this attack for her, or is her master that is supposedly far more powerful than me going to show himself?" Fox glared coldly at Mag, and an ice crystal dragon materialized beneath his feet before pouncing toward Mag.

"You're going too far, Fox! She's just a little girl! What you're doing is not very gentlemanly." Dracula pursed his lips as he looked at Fox. He turned his attention to the ice crystal dragon, and a black staff appeared in his hand as he prepared to step in.

Mag looked at the oncoming ice crystal dragon, and his eyes narrowed as his expression cooled. He didn't think that Fox would actually attack them. At his current power level, there was no way that he would be able to combat a 9th-tier assailant. He used his body to shield Amy, contemplating how he could get out of his sticky situation. However, he couldn't think of any way for him to survive this ordeal unless the city lord or Urien stepped in.

"Watch out!" Sally let loose a cry of surprise, and she raised a hand, upon which two pillars of water shot forth from within the restaurant to meet the oncoming ice crystal dragon.

"Boss! Amy!" Yabemiya also hurried out from the restaurant with a panicked expression.

"I'm going too far? Heh, the pride of the Frost Dragons cannot be defiled by others! She's just a half-elf, a lowly half-breed! Her existence is nothing but a mistake!" Fox looked at Amy with a frosty, disdainful expression.

A mistake? Yabemiya felt as if she had been dealt a heavy blow upon hearing that. She had heard similar scathing remarks many times in the past, but it was especially brutal to her hearing it from a giant dragon. In that instant, she felt as if something in her heart had suddenly shattered.

"That's an overstatement, Fox. We Golden Dragons have never regarded half-breeds as lowly creatures. Rankster is a half-breed born to a Golden Dragon and a Frost Dragon, but he still became your chief." Jinx furrowed his brows with displeasure as he looked at Fox.

Fox ignored Jinx, and focused his attention on Mag. Even though killing someone in Chaos City could present some complications, he had a reason for killing Mag and his daughter, so there shouldn't be any issues. With his lofty status as a 9th-tier Frost Dragon, no one would be able to do anything to him.

Sally's twin pillars of water crashed into the ice crystal dragon, upon which a dull thump erupted, but the ice dragon continued onward with unstoppable force. The pillars of water weren't even able to slow it down in the slightest.

Dracula took a glance at Fox before raising his staff, upon which black light began to emanate from its tip. The ice crystal dragon was already too close to Mag and his daughter, so he couldn't ensure that they weren't harmed, but he could only do his best.

"What gives you the right to attack my disciple?" Right at that moment, a husky voice exploded like a clap of thunder around everyone.

The air temperature plummeted, and the flames around Havid's body were instantly snuffed out, leaving him to tremble in the cold.

The ice crystal dragon stopped cold in its tracks less than a meter away from Mag as if it had been forced to a standstill by some sort of invisible force.

"U Urien!" Fox's eyes widened with incredulity as Urien strode out from the nearby magic potion shop.


A resounding boom erupted, and the ice crystal dragon was reduced to shards of ice. At the same time, Urien appeared in front of Mag in the blink of an eye.

"I haven't seen you in many years, but you're just as useless as before, Fox." Urien narrowed his eyes as he looked at Fox, and said coldly, "Was my disciple wrong? Is there a small or large disparity between you and me?"

All of the giant dragons and demons stared at Urien with shock and wariness on their faces. He was a 10th-tier magic caster, the Lord of Ice, Urien!

In this world, powerful beings with nothing to lose were the most terrifying entities.

Unfortunately for Fox, Urien was one of those powerful beings.

The other one was his lifelong rival, Krassu.

Those two were known as the magic casters that one absolutely could not afford to offend, as they had nothing to fear.

It was rumored that the two of them had accepted the same disciple recently, and Urien had just referred to that half-elf girl as his disciple, which entailed that she was also Krassu's disciple.

A bone-chilling aura enveloped everyone present, and no one dared to move.

Even though they were only one tier below Urien, they had to admit that they had all been struck by an inevitable sense of impending doom.

That was the disparity between a magic caster at the pinnacle of the 10th tier and a 9th-tier powerful being. In the face of a long-range magic caster, none of them could ensure that they would be able to strike him down before he could attack.

Fox's face was a little pale. He had also heard that Urien had accepted a disciple in Chaos City, but all of his attention had been focused on the conflict between the dragons and the demons, as well as tracking Elizabeth, so he wasn't aware of where Urien was residing, nor who his disciple was.

However, he had never thought that it would be a half-elf. One had to realize that all half-breeds had appalling aptitude, while Urien and Krassu were the most stringent with their requirements when picking a disciple among all magic casters.

Mag heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Urien. At the same time, he slowly clenched his fists as a determined look appeared on his face. He had to become stronger as quickly as possible! That way, he would be the one protecting Amy next time!

"Master Turtle, this Uncle Snowman is a bad person. He tried to hurt Amy." Amy poked her head out from behind Mag, and pointed directly at Fox.

Fox looked at Urien, and slowly withdrew his hands as he said, "Greetings, Urien. I didn't know that she was your disciple. Seeing as that's the case, then I'll let bygones be bygones. Us Frost Dragons are not unreasonable creatures, after all."

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