A Stay At Home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Win Over Alex, Win The War

After 50 days of practicing, Mag was finally able to make such beautiful tofu pudding. If he could go back in time, he would slap himself across the face. "Keep that tongue to yourself if you have nothing good to say!" he would tell himself.

The requirements he had made before had come back to bite him. Although he had the most perfect experience of making tofu pudding in his head and had practiced thousands of times, he wasn't very confident in passing the test.

These two bowls of tofu pudding were the best he had ever made. Both the tofu pudding and the sides were all excellent. The faint fragrance of the tofu pudding and the sauce made him swallow in spite of himself.

People who loved sweet tofu pudding would be more interested in the left one. After all, even Mag wanted to try it as he smelled the faint, agreeable fragrance.

Mag was waiting for the system's judgment, nervous and expectant.

When it came to cooking, the system was very adamant. It was one of its principles.

Mag never thought about completing his mission through other means. He wanted to pass the test fair and square.

The system paused for a while before it said, "Based on your requirements…

"1. Color: white like jade and impurity-free—achieved.

"2. Texture: tender and watery. It should melt in the mouth and have a faint fragrance—achieved.

"3. Sides: fresh and tasty. They should go great with tofu pudding—achieved.

"4. Sauce: orange-red, clear, delicious, agreeably greasy—achieved.

"You've met the requirements of the savory tofu pudding. Although you made no remarks about the sweet tofu pudding, according to my judgment, your sweet tofu pudding is as good as the savory one.

"Congratulations! You have mastered the sweet and savory tofu pudding. Your mission is complete."

Mag heaved a sigh of relief and smiled with delight. All his effort had finally paid off. Now he could make some tofu pudding for Amy's breakfast.

A bowl of savory tofu pudding and a la zhi roujiamo for breakfast—perfect!

He wanted to try it as he looked at the savory tofu pudding, but he tore his eyes away from it. "System, let me out, I have to soak the beans," Mag said loudly.

The test field disappeared. Mag opened his eyes and rested for a while. Then he turned on his bedside lamp and looked at the time. It was already 2 am.

I still have time to make a bowl of tofu pudding for Amy. She will be surprised. Mag smiled. He got up softly, put on his clothes, and prepared to go downstairs.

"Mom? Is it you? Are you waiting for me?" Amy murmured suddenly.

Mag froze for an instant. Then he walked to Amy's crib quietly. She was lying in bed, her lips pouting, her long eyelashes quivering. She looked surprised and aggrieved, talking in her sleep.

"But… I don't even know your face. Can you please turn around? I just want to look at your face…" Amy's voice became even more aggrieved. She waved her little hands as if trying to hold something.

"Amy, dad is here. I'm here," Mag said softly, holding her hands in his big, warm hands.

Mag's heart sank. Although he had been trying hard to give Amy all the love and warmth, it seemed that she still missed her mother. After all, she was only a four-year-old child. Other children could snuggle up in the arms of their mothers, but she didn't even know what her mother looked like.

Ugly Duckling also woke up. It gave a soft cry and licked Amy's arm, seeming to be worried.

"Father…"Amy murmured. She calmed down as she felt the warmth of her father's big hand, and fell asleep peacefully.

Mag put Amy's hands into the quilt, tucked her in, and stroked the kitten's head. What happened to her mother? Where is she now? he thought, frowning. Then he looked at Amy's face and clenched his fist. "I didn't want to dig into Mag Alex's past, but I think I have to try to find Amy's mother now. Amy would be much happier if she were here. She is hiding so much in her heart. Such a thoughtful girl."

Mag went downstairs and tried to remember the elf princess, but failed. He didn't know whether the memories had been erased by Mag Alex himself or by those people.

Mag couldn't remember her voice, her face, even her name. He only knew that she was an elven princess and Amy's mother.

It should have been against her will. Otherwise, they needed not have gone to such extraordinary lengths. Mag wrote several names on a piece of paper.

Mag Alex was a proud man. He would never have said a word if she had broken up with him out of her own will. But if they were forced to break up, then it would all make sense.

That night, he had killed two 9th-tier knights, three 9th-tier demons, and one 10th-tier magic caster, although he had been badly wounded himself. As expected of the strongest 9th-tier Griffin Rider on the whole continent! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Mag Alex, elven princess, the empire royals, Magus Tower, elves, demons…" Mag murmured in a low voice. Those were the parties involved in that incident. Mag Alex had analyzed that before, so he could find some useful information in his memory.

It should have been the second price who gave that order. The king of the Roth Empire had four sons. His third son's right leg was crippled, while his youngest son was only seven, so the 30-year-old first price and the 26-year-old second price were more likely to be the next king.

The first prince had a good relationship with the army, being a seasoned warrior. He had fought together with Mag Alex once. The army would like him to be the next king.

The second price was talented in magic. He addressed every magic caster in the Magus Tower as master, growing up there. He claimed that he was a disciple of all the royal magic casters. He always had great respect for even normal magic casters, and thus had won their hearts.

So the first and second price were well-matched in strength. No one knew who would win.

While they were preparing for war, Mag Alex, who had killed dragons and saved many people, overshadowed magic casters and became well-known across the whole continent.

Some had said, "Win over Alex, win the war!"

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