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A Story Of Miss Shorty And The Hottest Korean Man summary:

Choi Sujin hated it when people talked about her height. Seriously, if she could choose, she would also want to be as tall as those models whose long legs always made her green with envy. Because of her short body, people teased her almost all the time. She had tried to ignore them, but a certain person could always irritate her.Lee Minho was one of the tallest students in class. He was usually the loudest in class and had many friends. He was usually gentle towards women, but this girl seemed to attract his mischievousness. Teasing her brought a delicious sensation for his dull heart, so he made sure to tease her more and more each day.Hwang Jaejin was the typical of cool and charming prince. He was the man many girls were dreaming of. He had a crush on a girl ever since day one in college, but he couldn't say anything to her.Both of the men were the stars. Many people loved them, worshiped them, and dreamed about them. But, they only had one girl in their hearts...---------- "Minho-ya, why is this side empty?" "Haven't Jaejin told you? I save it for my future wife." "Oh..." Choi Sujin nodded. "Is it your beloved noona?" Chuckling, he said, "Do you want to try it?" "Try what?" "Filling this side with your clothes?" "..." He was smiling dangerously, but she could see seriousness in his eyes, which made her heart thumped painfully suddenly.----------- "I've been craving your kimchi fried rice since for a long time. I've tried to make it myself but the taste was different." "Well, now that you're here, you can ask me anytime you want it." "Hahaha... There's no way I could make a superstar like you to cook for me every time I want it! Your fans will curse me for sure!" "No. There's always a way for you. Well, if you don't believe me, there's one absolute way to make me do it without you having to worry about them." "What is it?" "Be my wife." "..." If those words came from other people, she might not feel like this. But those words came from her old crush! Joking or no, she was blushing crazily!

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