A Valiant Life Chapter 862

“The wavy waves”

He drove and sang happily.

The matter had been settled really beautifully.

He really admired himself. The joy of helping others and saving them from the verge of hopelessness felt really great.

Ding ding!

Then, his phone rang.

Lin Fan was happy with the notification. “Ke, why did you think of calling me?”

He obviously knew what his classmate called him for.

“Young Fan, do you know something that I don’t?” Bai Ke asked weirdly.

Lin Fan wanted to tease him and pretended that he didn’t know. “Know what? Is your wife pregnant? Congratulations!”

“No, can you stop acting? Did you help me resolve my shop’s problems?” Bai Ke was a little stunned. Xu Fei Yuan belittled him right from the start but he suddenly changed his attitude. It was as if he had eaten something wrong. He returned the patent rights for the dishes to Bai Ke and paid him a sum of money. Also, he published an official apology note on the newspapers in Zhong Zhou.”

He felt that the fella was crazy. However, he thought that it was wrong because even if he was sick, he wouldn’t be that crazy.

Therefore, he only thought of one possibility. He knew that Young Fan was the one who helped him.

Lin Fan chuckled, “Ke, why did you hide it from me? You were in trouble and you didn’t tell me. What is it? Are you really afraid of me finding out?”

Bai Ke finally understood what happened. In embarrassment, he said, “I couldn’t have said it. You taught me how to make those dishes. I was so stupid that I didn’t know that I got scammed. If I were to tell you that, it would cause trouble for you.”

“Alright, if you encounter something like this again, you have to tell me. We’re from the same village and we were classmates. If you were to act like that again I would ignore you next time,” Lin Fan chuckled. He knew Bai Ke’s character. He was someone that didn’t like to cause trouble for others.

Although he didn’t really care about the two dishes, it wasn’t something that the others could take ownership of. Furthermore, he still scammed his friend. If people were to find out that Master Lin’s friend got scammed and he didn’t do anything about it, he wouldn’t be able to hide his face.

Bai Ke replied, “Alright. If I were to encounter this, I will tell you.”

Lin Fan smiled, “That’s more like it. Look at how awesome I am. I can resolve anything. If you don’t look for me, who else would you look for? Am I right?”

Bai Ke felt like hanging up. He didn’t want to talk to this idiot who pretended to be awesome.

However, he was really touched. The difference in status between Lin Fan and him was huge. However, Lin Fan still after the same as before. He didn’t change at all.

After knowing his identity, he felt a little inferior. However, that feeling vanished.

It was because he was an old friend that he had known for a long time.

“I can’t talk to you anymore. I really can’t. Also, can you please send me your bank account details? That fella paid me $5 million. I don’t want his money. I can send it to you,” Bai Ke said.

$5 million was a lot of money to him and he was frightened by the amount.

“$5 million? D*mn, he only compensated you $5 million. Does he think that you’re a pushover?” Lin Fan was a little angry. He tried to resolve the case with just $5 million. Did he think that he was a beggar? It wasn’t even enough to compensate for his trauma.

“Young Fan, I’m begging you. Don’t be like that. Do you want to send me flowers early? Don’t scare me anymore. My heart can’t take it anymore.” Bai Ke was scared speechless. Why was it so difficult to communicate with him?

The $5 million has already stunned him and this fella still thought that it wasn’t enough.

“Alright, that’s enough. I don’t want the $5 million. Take the money and open a big shop. You have to help my two dishes become famous.” Lin Fan didn’t really want to say much. “Don’t push it around. If I were to become broke in the future and I can’t afford food, your shop will become my canteen. How does that sound?”

Bai Ke knew Young Fan’s character. He just accepted it. “Alright, you can eat it every day and I’ll cook it for you. You can bring as many people as you want and I’ll cook for everyone.”

“Haha, great. That’s all then. I still have things to do. When I return to Zhong Zhou next time, we can meet up again.”

He felt that the situation was a little weird. He had done such a good deed and if something were to happen, it would be illogical.

After chatting for a while longer, they hung up.

At Cloud Street!

When Lin Fan reached his shop, everyone gathered around him.

Fraud Tian asked, “How’s the girl?”

Lin Fan replied with a question, “What do you think?”

Fraud Tian was helpless, “How would I know if you don’t tell me about it?”

Zhao Zhong Yang looked at a Fraud Tian, “Fraud, I think you’re really dumb sometimes. Brother Lin handled the matter. Do you think it’ll still be unresolved? I finally understood why you’re still single. It’s no wonder that you’re single.”

“Get lost. If not for your curse, I would be attached now. You’re a liar. A f*cking liar.” Fraud Tian was really furious at Zhao Zhong Yang. He didn’t know what happened that night that made Fraud Tian remember it so vividly.

Wu You Lan heaved a sigh of relief. She smiled, “It’s good that she’s recovered. In the future, she wouldn’t be humiliated by the others.”

As a woman, she could feel her helplessness. Now that Brother Lin had helped to treat her, it was a happy occasion.

Wu Tian He sat there and looked at Lin Fan curiously. He was really convinced by Lin Fan. It was impossible for him to not be in awe of him.

It was difficult to think that the matter could’ve been resolved so easily.

“I’ll not talk about this anymore. I gotta go first. If not, I won’t be able to leave later.” He was frightened at the thought of reporters charging at him.

“What is it?” The others were curious. They wondered why he was in such a hurry.

“I just did that. If I were to stay in the shop, what do you think will happen?” Lin Fan answered.

At that moment.

The unwanted situation had happened.

“Master Lin is in the shop! We’re not late!” The reporters shouted. They rushed towards him after exiting from their cars.

“D*mn, that’s too fast.”

Lin Fan was dumbfounded. Were these people professional racers? Their speed was insane.

The other shop owners were used to seeing so many reporters. After Little Boss had opened his shop, they probably saw more reporters than customers.

However, they were really curious about it this time. They didn’t know what shocking thing Little Boss did this time. Then, they rushed over as spectators to see what had happened.

“I can’t leave now,” Lin Fan gasped. Then, he tried to calm himself down. He had to cheer himself up to face those crazy reporters.

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