A Valiant Life Chapter 864

“Haha, Master Lin shouldn’t have bragged about it this time. He’s doomed.”

“I just checked Master Lin’s Weibo and it’s really quiet. Looks like he’s hiding now.”

“The fact that he bragged so much meant that something was going to happen. I think his face is going to get smacked.”

“Alright, since he’s wrong for bragging, why don’t one of you come out here and stand up for the girl? You guys only know how to use the keyboard and hide behind the computer. Stupid keyboard warriors.”

“^ Stupid hardcore fan. Your hero pretended to be awesome. Now that he’s failed, what can you do to me?”

“Haha, you’re a bunch of idiots. Master Lin is innocent. I’m just a hardcore fan. What can you do to me?”

Lin Fan remained silent as the news wasn’t published yet.

However, the discussions online were getting really intense.

Lin Fan was really popular on Weibo and he had a lot of fans. Of course, a lot of trolls pretended to be his fans as well. They didn’t usually appear on his Weibo but they would show up after Lin Fan failed. They tried to add oil to the fire.

However, Lin Fan didn’t really care about this. He was just curious about why the reporters took so long to publish his news articles.

At noon.

The internet online became even crazier.


A special situation occurred.

It was as if the news platforms agreed to publish the news articles at the same time.

‘A Master Lin miracle. The girl with severe burns had regained her old looks.’

‘It is a miracle that nobody would believe in if they didn’t witness it themselves.’

‘Master Lin’s medical skills are shocking. He actually crafted godly pills.’

‘Shocking! Master Lin actually did this to the teenage girl’

One look at the news article and people knew that it was definitely published by the UC news department.

On the Internet.

“Why are you guys being so noisy? Go and look at the latest news on Weibo. Stop making so much noise here. His face is getting swollen from all the smacking.”

“^ What do you mean?”

“What else? Can’t you look at it yourself?”

Then, a lot of netizens were stunned when they saw the news articles. They didn’t believe it at all.

They felt that the reporters probably made the news up.

“According to the reporter, Master Lin brought Jin Shan Ping to the hospital. The reporters felt that it was an impossible task. However, the miracle happened. They witnessed it in the hospital. After an hour later, the thing that shocked us happened”

The reporter wrote everything clearly and he also included pictures and videos.

“When the reporter wrote the last word, he had to buy a cup of Sprite to calm himself down. He really didn’t believe it. Was he living in the same world as Master Lin?”

When the news report was published, the entire Internet went crazy.

The community on Weibo started to watch the matter closely.

A lot of people were waiting for the news after that.

When the news appeared, Weibo literally was exploded. It immediately took the top spot.

A lot of netizens trembled in disbelief.

“D*mn, is that true?”

“The reporter said it. It wouldn’t be fake, right? How could this happen?”

“It’s totally illogical. If it was a surgery, it wouldn’t be done in such a short time.”

“Haha, it’s hilarious. Why isn’t the person with the surname Lin shameful of that? How could he publish such fake news? Does he really think we’re stupid?”

“Yeah. ^ If the news was true, I’d eat sh*t on a live broadcast.”

“You idiots. The truth is right in front of you. Can’t you just accept that Master Lin is awesome? Do you know that?”

“6666 Master Lin is indeed Master Lin, the Master Lin that I respect the most.”

At Jin He University.

After Jin Shan Ping recovered, she received a lot of attention from the students.

When she first came to school, her classmates didn’t even know who she was and why she was there. However, when she said that she was Jin Shan Ping, everyone’s jaws dropped in disbelief.

Their impression of Jin Shan Ping was that she looked hideous. If they were to meet her at night, they’d be frightened to death. However, what happened?

Why did she look so different after just one day?

Everyone didn’t dare to believe it.

However, some of the students knew that Master Lin treated Jin Shan Ping. They initially thought that it was a joke but now that the truth was right in front of them, they had to believe it.

When Director Chen found out about this, he came to look at her. When he saw that Jin Shan Ping looked normal, he was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to say.

Then, Jin Shan Ping realized that there were a lot of people flaming Master Lin on the Internet. She wanted to come out and talk about this.

At the same time, the students from the University also testified it online.

Jin Shan Ping gradually gained popularity after she looked better.

On Weibo.

Jin Shan Ping: “I am the student that got burnt three years ago. I am testifying for Master Lin. If not for him, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to look like this. This is how I look like now. This is my student card”

When the video appeared on Weibo, a lot of Internet celebrities started to read about this incident and they re-posted it.

They didn’t believe it too. However, they were speechless since the truth was right in front of them.

There were a lot of comments by the students of Jin He University.

“I am a student from Jin He University. Jin Shan Ping really recovered.”

“I am Jin Shan Ping’s classmate. When I saw her, I literally didn’t dare to believe what I was looking at.”

There were a lot of testimonies. Some of the netizens that initially didn’t believe it started to change their opinions.

They really didn’t believe it but since there was evidence right in front of them, they felt that the world was different now.

How could it be like that?

Those professional surgeons quickly deleted their posts after seeing the evidence. They felt that they had smacked themselves in their faces.

Furthermore, it really hurt. They felt that it was literally impossible.

They really didn’t know how he managed to do that.

The netizens didn’t forget about their posts.

“Haha, hey, professional expert, can I ask if your face hurts?”

“F*ck, I actually believed you. Quick, come and explain the reason behind it.

“It’s so hilarious. Previously, these people said that it’s impossible. Now that the truth is out, they immediately deleted the posts and pretended nothing had happened. What a joke.”

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