A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 344

Chapter 344: The Ring Is Meaningless.

Since the last time I almost fell from the fire exit, Su Jianan was extra cautious.

Just did not think of it anyway, such an accident would repeat itself.

She subconsciously looked at Lu Shaoyan and exclaimed stuck in the throat.

If there is a mirror in front of her eyes, she believes that she will see her eyes full of panic and help.

Lu Jianyan thought that he could turn a blind eye to Su Jian'an, but he had already crossed Han Ruoxi, and he quickly circled Su Jian'an's waist and held her steady before she fell to the ground.

Luo Xiaoxi was hung up by the high hanging heart, and the footsteps vainly walked over: "Jian An, is it okay?"

Su Jianan was also undecided, and he only returned to God after a long while, shaking his head toward Luo Xiaoxi, indicating that she was at ease.

Luo Xiaoxi secretly let out a sigh of relief and looked at Han Ruoxi's eyes. If Jane was launched by Han Ruojun today, she could not guarantee that she would not push Han Ruoqiang down the second floor.

Noticing Han Ruoxuan's eyes full of hatred, Su Jianan reacted to Lu Boyan and still glared at her, struggling for a moment: "Thank you."

Lu Jianyan did not loosen the meaning of Su Jianan, and her deep eyes were nailed to her, as if she wanted to see her through.

When she saw her at the hotel last time, she was as usual, and once he thought that even if she left, she would be as good as before.

Why didn't she see it for half a month? She was not only pale, but she was already thin and her face was still sick and sick.

Su Jianan was blinded by Lu Jianyan and earned his heart: "Xiao Xi, let's go."

"Wait." Han Ruoqiang called Su Jianan and stared at her hand. "Miss Su, you have divorced from the thin words, and the anecdote of Jiang Jiadas young master is also raging, but with the previous marriage. Ring, isnt it right?

The normal reaction should be that Su Jianan took the wedding ring off and gave it to Lu Jianyan.

She shook her hand backwards: "This is my business."

She hid so fast, Lu Jianyan still saw it.

Almost at the same time as her voice fell, Lu Jianyan pulled her hand and her eyes sank in a moment: "What happened?" Her hand was not only swollen, but also her hands were covered with needle eyes.

Su Jianan had to take his hand back, but Lu Luyan was too tightly held. She had to make an excuse: "I caught a cold a few days ago and hung up for a few days."

Lu Jianyan blinked and pulled up her other hand. It was not swollen and could not find a pinhole, but it was not normal.

His eyes are like a torch: "Don't hang a few days in a row, why not call a doctor for a hand?"

Its not convenient to hang in the right hand to eat and drink. Su Jianan took the ring off and handed it to Lus words, Give it back to you.

Lu Jianyan did not pick up, but sneered aloud: "We have been divorced for more than a month, someone reminded you to remember to return my ring?"

"I have been wearing it for so long, I have not felt it or noticed it, thank you Miss Han for reminding me."

Su Jianan's tone is faint, as if to say something that is irrelevant, it is tantamount to pouring oil on Lu Jianyan's anger.

Lu Jianyan took the ring: "You really don't want it?"

Su Jian'an did not open his eyes: "It has no meaning."

"Oh--" Lu Jianyan sneered, suddenly raising his hand and throwing it, the diamond ring reflected a light in the air, falling like a meteor to the first floor.

Su Jian'an's heart is like a hard-opened mouth, but she can't look at the ring, and she can't go down and find it. She can only take Luo Xiaoxi to pretend to leave without incident.

"Jian An."

Did not take a few steps, Lu Shaoyan's voice came from behind.

Stopped and looked back, saw Lu Boyan picking up Han Ruoxis hand and smiled and asked: Is there anything I want to say?

Su Jianan said calmly: "I wish you happiness."

Finished, the head does not return.

Lu Jianyans deep bottom passed through a cold, sharp edge, and the other hand hanging on his side clenched into a fist.

Han Ruoxi looked at his ups and downs and whispered his name: "Thin words?"

Lu Jianyan suddenly woke up like, and released Han Ruoxis hand to chase down, but he could not find Su Jianan.

He looked at the direction of the mall's gate, and his face slowly added a touch of self-deprecation.

Su Jianan did not care at all. Even Liu Wei, who was at home, tempted to ask him and Han Ruoxi, but Su Jianan did not care.

Perhaps for Su Jianan, who he is with and who has a relationship with him has nothing to do with her.

Han Ruoqiang walked down: "Thin, let's go, have a cup of coffee with me."

Lu Boyan did not seem to hear Han Ruoxis words, and he found something on the ground.

When Han Ruo squatted, he realized that he was looking for a ring and asked: "Is Su Jianan's unwanted things, is it still important to you?"

"The ring is what I wear on her hand." Lu Boyan did not let go of any corner of the mall, "I have not allowed her to pick it up!"

Han Ruoxi looked around at the big shopping mall: "Maybe I can't find it."


When the voice just fell, Lu Jianyan saw the ring stuck in the trash can in front of the elevator. He walked over and rubbed it and went straight.

Han Ruoxi did not expect him to leave without a word, and catch up: "Where are you going?"

The mall has been patrolled and I have other jobs.

Said, Lu Jianyan suddenly stopped and looked back at Han Ruoxi.

Han Ruoxi thought that he changed his mind and promised to accompany her. His heart was happy. However, this joy has not spread. Lu Shaoyan said coldly: "I want you to clarify as soon as possible. If I come forward, You may not look good on your face."

After the completion of the speech, Lu Jianyan did not return.

Han Ruoxi looked at his back, and his heart was inch by inch.

Perhaps as others have commented, Lu Xiaoyan's few gentleness has all been given to Su Jian'an. Other women are here, and even a positive eye can't be obtained. Even if this woman is her, she is no exception.

Su Jianan... She clearly has divorced Lu Shaoyan, why is it so close to Lu Jianyans emotions!

Going to the nanny car, Han Ruoxi immediately dialed the phone of Kangrui City and asked Kangrui City to make the next move for Su Jianan.

"Now you can't move Su Jianan, or Lu Shaoyan will find that the previous things are what we have done together, and we will give up."

"Ke Luyan still remembers Su Jian'an, which is different from what we expected!" Han Ruoxi is almost hysterical, "I want Su Jianan to disappear from his eyes forever!"

"But I still want to continue to see Lu Shaoyan love but not painful." Kangrui City smiled and said the first half of the sentence, the voice slammed cold, "Han Ruoqiang, you remember clearly, you are not qualified to order me to do anything! You Look at something more important than life, hold it in my hand, obey!"

"You..." Han Ruoqi was angry and burned. Kangrui City had already hung up the phone. She slammed the phone out and yelled at the driver. "Drive!"

At the same time as the nanny car slowly launched, Lus car stopped in front of Lus door.

Lu Jianyan did not get off the bus, just sitting in the driver's seat and lit a cigarette.

After Su Jian'an left, he ignited this sort of thing that was said to be able to solve the problem of sorrow, but he did not take it.

Just because I remember that Su Jianan hated people smoking, I was afraid that she would be angry when she came back.

Can wait so long, gave her so many opportunities, she never meant to go home.

Lu Jianyan shook the window, and the hand with the cigarette sticked out. The cold wind blew, the smoke burned very quickly, and the soot fell with the wind. I dont know where it floated.

He extinguished the smoke. When he remembered that he was in the mall, there was nothing unusual about Su Jian'an's every move. Instead, Luo Xiaoxi... When Su Jianan was about to fall, she screamed and was a little surprised.

Without warning, a lucky and crazy thought jumped into Lus mind. He quickly took the phone and dialed the phone of Shen Yuechuan: Check which department of Jianans cousin is working in the hospital!

If Xiao Yu goes to work in obstetrics and gynaecology, then his conjecture is likely to be right - Xiao Yu uses his position to help, and Su Jianan forged the illusion of her induction.

This is not difficult to check, Shen Yuechuan quickly called back: "Xiao Yu is working in heart surgery. It is just an intern. He usually follows the doctor to check the room and run the physicist to the chief physician. But she is said to be highly valued by the director of the department. Once the internship period is over, you will sign a contract with the hospital."

"Not obstetrics and gynecology?" Lu thinyan stunned his brow.

Shen Yuechuan was asked to be confused. After a while, he responded to what Lu Shaoyan was thinking and sighed: "With such a big thing, Jane will not make fun of you."

Lu Jianyan hung up the phone and couldnt stop sinking.

Still he wants more.

Not long after returning to the office, Shen Yuechuan came.

The annual leave is not over yet. The company with nearly one hundred floors is empty. The appearance of Shen Yuechuan is very abrupt. Lu Jianyan glanced at him. He took out two bottles of wine in a juggling manner and said, "Busy." One year, I suddenly became unaccustomed to idle and accompanied me for a drink."

Lu Jianyan took the glass with the wine and found out that it was a wine with a low degree. In the words of Shen Yuechuan, drinking this wine is like the family.

Shen Yuechuan automatically explained spontaneously: "I don't want to send you to the hospital after drinking. Right, you are not going to inspect the shopping mall of Liuyang Road? How is the result?"

"I met Han Ruo."

"Oh--- really unfortunate." Shen Yuechuan toast expressed his sympathy to Lu Boyan.

"Jian An and Luo Xiaoxi are also there."

"There is a good thing that makes you touch you." Shen Yuechuan tried not to let himself gloat and be so obvious. "Jian An might think that you are going to go shopping with Han Ruo. Do you explain to her?"

Lu Jianyan took the bottle and poured himself a glass of wine: "She doesn't care." Take the ring out of his pocket. "Just give it back to me."

Shen Yuechuans tongue: You and Han Ruos anecdote? She didnt ask? Isnt it, her previous feelings for you are not fake, you are so close to Han Ruoxis, and she should at least ask you excitedly?

But the truth is that Su Jianan seems to have been calm as long as he knows that he will be with Han Ruoxi.

Lu Jianyan does not want to continue this topic: "How is the material for the appeal prepared?"

Ready. Shen Yuechuan is full of confidence. Although there is no evidence to directly prove that Kangrui City has instigated the person who reviewed the companys tax, at least it can prove that some people in the tax review process have done a lot of work on the companys data. problem."

"Submit the information to the court as soon as possible."

Lu Boyan looked out of the window - today's sky is exceptionally blue.

Lu's financial crisis has been safely passed, and Kangrui City, which caused the crisis, should also surprise him.

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