A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Su Jianan Disappeared 1

Shopping mall parking lot.

As soon as I got on the car, Luo Xiaoxi took Su Jianan and wanted to scan her from inside to outside: "Are you really okay?"

"It's really okay." Su Jianan signaled Luo Xiaoxi to rest assured, "Just almost fell, and did not really fall."

Luo Xiaoxi tied the seat belt, a long sigh of relief: "I still send you back to the hospital to compare insurance."

The two met Xiao Yu in the hospital downstairs.

Xiao Yu was walking in a hurry and his face was not quite right. Su Jianan called her: "Hey, what happened?"

"Cousin, you are back." Xiao Yu ran over. "I just want to find you and my cousin."

Is there anything? Su Jianan softly appeased Xiao Yu, slowly.

"A colleague from the hospital administrative department just told me that someone called to ask if I was working in the obstetrics and gynaecology department." Xiao Yu grabbed the clothes corner uneasy. "I checked the number, the number of the cousin's assistant. Cousin, you said... Did the cousin start to doubt something?"

Su Jianan and Xiao Yu took a moment to find that Shen Yuechuans phone call came after she left the mall.

Even if Lu Shaoyan really doubts anything, he is also suspicious when he is in the mall.

However, she clearly concealed it very well, and the needle eye on her hand was explained very reasonably. Lu Jianyan should not give birth to any doubts.

Finally, Su Jianan thought of Luo Xiaoxi - when she was about to fall, Luo Xiaoxi's reaction was too great.

Fortunately, Xiao Yu does not go to work in obstetrics and gynecology, which does not confirm Lu Boyans guess, things... it should be possible for another period of time.

After returning to the ward, Su Jianan contacted Su Yicheng. The original book had explained the whole thing and asked Su Yicheng what to do.

"Don't worry about this, let me handle it." Su Yicheng said, "You should rest well and try to be discharged as soon as possible."

After spending lunch with Su Jianan, Luo Xiaoxi also left.

Su Jianan was hard to have the spirit and physical strength. He didn't want to waste time in bed and simply went downstairs to go.

In the New Year, the hospital was cold and clear, and the small garden for patients to walk was without semi-personal shadows. Only the cold wind blew the treetops from time to time, emitting a dry rustling sound.

Su Jianan went to the grass and was looking for a bench to sit down and suddenly heard a cry of depression and helplessness.

When she lost her mother, she once cried like Lu Shaoyan.

That person should be really sad.

Su Jianan followed the sound and found that a man in his fifties was carrying a bare sycamore tree.

The man is dressed in old clothes, the skin is aging because of years of work, the shoes on the feet have been blasted, and the soles are severely worn. It can be seen that he has worn the shoes.

He buried his head on his knees, his shoulders pumping, and the cold wind swept through the unhealed hair, making him look helpless.

Su Jianan couldn't help but feel sympathy and walked over: "Uncle, what's wrong with you?"

The man looked up and looked at the young and beautiful girl in front of her eyes. She saw sympathy and compassion from her eyes and cried even more sadly.

"Uncle, you get up first." Su Jianan helped the man to get up. "It's cold here, let's go to the hospital cafeteria."

The canteen was just next to the small garden. Su Jianan bought two cups of hot milk tea. He asked the waiter for two paper towels and handed it to the uncle to wipe the tears. The tea was handed in to the straw and handed it to him: "Uncle, now is the New Year, how are you in the hospital?"

He did not wear a sick suit, and Su Jianan determined that he was not a hospital patient.

"My wife lives in this hospital." The man wiped his tears. "She has had kidney failure. In the past few years, she has been treated in our small place. It has not been good for all the savings. I have to take her to the big city." The hospital, the doctor said, has missed the best treatment period, and now can only change the kidney. There is a suitable Shenyuan, but the treatment of the previous two years has spent all our life savings, I can not raise the surgery fee..."

The more I say the man, the more sad it is: "She married me at a young age, then I went out, she has been waiting for me. Seeing that we have finished the whole life, she suddenly became so sick." The tears fell on the table drop by drop. "If she is gone, I can't live anymore."

Su Jianan feels the same.

When she decided to divorce Lu Jianyan, she also thought about death, not because she was in love, but because she didnt know how to live without it.

"Uncle, what is your name?" Su Jianan asked.

"Hong Shan."

"Hong Dashu," Su Jianan smiled. "I can help you."

Hong Shanyu looked at Su Jianan.

In order to cure his wife, he spent a lot of money, and everyone who knew it borrowed money. Now no one is willing to pick up his phone, so he desperately hides under the tree and cries.

I thought that the stranger who had suddenly appeared in the mountains, but said that he could help him?

"Girl, you..." Hongshan was hesitant and did not dare to believe in Su Jianan.

"Uncle, you can rest assured, I am not a liar." Su Jianan pointed to his sick suit. "I am a patient in this hospital."

Hongshan looked at Su Jian'an not like a liar. He asked excitedly, "How can you help me?"

"I can help you make a donation." Su Jianan said, "I know some media, I can help you contact them to report your affairs and start a love donation. Maybe it will take a long time to help you raise the surgery fee." ""

"You mean, let me report?" Hongshan's face was a bit wrong.

Su Jianan nodded: "It almost means this."

"No, no, no." Hongshan repeatedly waved. "I can't be... I can't ask for someone else's money."

"Hong Dashu..." Su Jianan tried to convince Hongshan.

"Girl, thank you." Hongshan was busy getting up, and his face was inexplicably a bit flustered. "I am leaving first. I want other ways to make money."

After Su Jianan returned to the ward, let Xiao Xiao go to inquire about Hongshan. Xiao Yu said: "You don't need to inquire. The situation of the uncle Hong is very familiar to the entire hospital staff!"


"He probably sent his wife to our hospital a month ago. After busy, the care was very thoughtful. On Christmas Day, he bought a rose for his wife. It is a well-recognized man. One day we have a department. When the director got off work late, he found that he was sleeping under the bridge near the hospital. When he asked, he knew that his savings were not much. In order to pay for medical expenses, he was reluctant to go to sleep at the hotel, eat three meals, take a bath and drink water, and go to the hospital. Come. For this, he also apologized to our director."

"Is his wife very bad?" Su Jianan asked.

Xiao Yu nodded: "Now conservative treatment has already owed a lot of medical expenses. The doctors and nurses in the hospital have made more than 10,000 yuan to pay a little, but then dragging on, not only his wife will be unable to hold back, the hospital It will be difficult to do."

Su Jianan fell into sinking and did not speak for a long time.

Xiao Yus Su Jianan looks wrong: Cousin, what are you doing?

Su Jianan took the wallet out of the bag and took out a card and handed it to Xiao Yu: "For me, help Hong Dashu to pay the surgery fee."

"Hundreds of thousands!" Xiao Yu blinked. "Cousin, do you really want to help?"

"Its not easy for two people to stay together." Su Jianan said, "You shouldnt let the sickness separate them from yin and yang."

Xiao Yuran understands that Su Jianans kindness is on the one hand, more, she wants more people to be old and white, not like her and Lu Jianyan, but they cant stand each other.

She lets others go to the best dreams in my heart.

Xiao Yu nodded and went to help Hong Dashus wife pay the surgery and the hospitalization fee after the operation.

The little girl at the toll booth couldn't wait to pick her up and turn it around a few times: "Hey, can't see it, you are so embarrassed, still so loving!"

Xiao Yu can't say that this is Su Jian'an's money. He took the lead and went to the director of the internal medicine to arrange surgery for Mrs. Hong as soon as possible.

Hongshan heard about this incident. From surgery to obstetrics and gynaecology, he almost gave Su Jianan a sigh and shed tears to guarantee: "Girl, I will pay you back for this money. After my wife recovers, we are going to work hard. Return the money to you."

Su Jianan poured a glass of water on Hongshan: "Actually... I just envy your wife, my husband and I..." She smiled and stopped talking. "I will talk about the money later. Uncle Hong, you go back to take care of you." Mrs., after a few days of surgery, she may be a little nervous, you comfort and appease her."

Hongshan took out a small book and a pen from the dilapidated canvas bag: "Miss Su, you give me a call and address. My wife has recovered, we must go to the door and thank you."

Su Jianan left his mobile phone number, the address is to write the address of Su Yicheng apartment, and finally returned the book to Hongshan, and asked: "Hong Dashu, where are you from? How come you want to bring your wife to a city for treatment?"

Hongshans eyes flashed twice and sighed: I am actually a Nanhe city person, Hongjiazhuang. I used to stay in the city for a while, and I am familiar with it, so I brought the old woman here.

Hongjiazhuang, Nanhe City...

Between the electric and the Flint, Su Jianan remembered Hong Qing, who drove to Lu Shaoyans father fifteen years ago, and his hometown was in Hongjiazhuang, Nanhe City!

She was excited to hold Hongshan's sleeve: "Hong Dashu, I am inquiring about you personally! Hong Qing, do you know this person?"

Hongshans face changed, and the whole person was a little stiff: You...what are you asking about Hong Qing?

"I am looking for him." Su Jianan said, "He drove a car accident a decade ago. The person who died in the car accident is the father of my husband. I recently found out that the car accident is not an accident, he is not a murderer, he is just for the truth. I want to let Hong Qing overthrow the confession of the year and let the police review the case. However, after Hong Qing was released from prison more than a decade ago, it disappeared. I have not found him for a long time."

The hope of Su Jian Security Department is on Hongshan: "Hong Dashu, do you know where he is?"

Hongshan hesitated and shook his head: "Hang Qing hit the dead in the city and sensationalized the whole village. After a few years, we heard that Hong Qing was released from prison. It was not long before his wife suddenly disappeared from the village. After that, None of us have seen Hong Qing again."

"Also, if there is news of Hong Qing in the village, we have already heard about it." Su Jianan smiled. "Hong Dashu, thank you."

Hongshan waved his hand: "I didn't help you at all. But you must find Hong Qing?"

"The real murder came back, he forced me to divorce my husband." Su Jianan said, "Find Hong Qing, prove that Kangrui City is a murderer, I can go home."

"I don't know that there was such an inside story in Hongqing's case." Hongshan asked some hesitation. "Miss Su, should you hate Hong Qing?"

Su Jianan smiled and said: "What is the use of hate him? The real murderer is not him. And now he is the only one who can help me."

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