A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 414

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 414 - Remember Who You Are (1)

Chapter 414 Remember Who You Are (1)

It was clear and sunny the next day. The chill in the air had dissipated, while the midsummer atmosphere was getting stronger.

Xu Youning saw a beautiful picture.

In the picture, she saw their fingers laced. Mu Sijue loved her, and she had nothing to hide from him. They were like any other couple, holding each other tightly cheek to cheek and cuddling up together under the covers, living an ordinary and happy life day after day, without being tired of it.

Somehow, all of a sudden, the wind rose and the clouds began to gather. All the beauty was severely torn by an ugly pair of hands, and her ident.i.ty as an undercover person was revealed. Mu Sijue abandoned her and held another woman in his arms without hesitation.

She wanted to cry out no and explain to Mu Sijue, but found herself choking, as if something had taken her by the throat. She couldnt speak a word; she could only see Mu Sijue walking further and further away with another woman.

After struggling with despair, Xu Youning suddenly opened her eyes only to find that it was her dream.

A friend of hers who was a doctor in the United States had told her that in most cases, if a person had a dream, they would be either extremely afraid of or longing for everything that occurred in it.

It turned out that she longed for an ordinary life with Mu Sijue, while fearing the day when her ident.i.ty and secrets were revealed.

Xu Youning tried to move her body; a kind of indescribable soreness immediately occupied her limbs.

It turned out that the description in the novels was based on reality. Her limbs felt as if they had been disa.s.sembled and rea.s.sembled, while her sore and painful waist felt as if it had been crushed.

During all those years working for Kang Ruicheng, she had been both heavily and lightly injured tons of times. It was the first time for her to feel so weak and tired that she only wanted to lie there for a year, even unwilling to move a finger.

She had been confident in her good health and stamina. To her surprise, Mu Sijue brought her all the discomfort. What a beast! Xu Youning thought.

When she was racking her brain to find a way to retaliate, the bathroom door was suddenly opened. Xu Youning subconsciously looked over and saw Mu Sijue in a black bathrobe walking out.

His hair became longer those days. His wet uncombed hair looked a little bit messy. Maybe due to his good-looking face, that mess didnt look unkempt, and it gave him a kind of natural charm instead.

The charm and his unpretentious arrogance seemed to be a natural pair. He looked like a born king, with a temperament that could keep others away from him.

Xu Youning swallowed silently. At that very moment, Mu Sijue looked at her, which made her dizzy at once. She closed her eyes and turned. However, what had happened the previous night began to show up frame by frame in her mind.

She thought she had been lost in a strange world the previous night. It turned out that she remembered it well, including Mu Sijues pa.s.sionate kisses and his breaths that had been blown into her ears. She had kept all that in mind, and she would never forget it for the rest of her life.

Xu Youning thought, Thats not bad. Now that I cant forget, I can memorize it so that I can recall it in the future.

Mu Sijue had never thought that a person like Xu Youning would be shy. At that moment, however, he saw clearly that Xu Youning blushed.

Mu Sijue felt an unreasonable sense of joy and walked to the bed. He stared at Xu Youning with no feelings and feigned a cold look on his face. Were going back to City G today.

Xu Youning knew Mu Sijue was approaching, but she didnt dare to open her eyes. She asked in a low voice, What time?

After lunch.

Xu Youning replied oh and said, Its still early.

Mu Sijue gave her a meaningful smile and asked, Are you sure?

Xu Youning subconsciously looked at the electronic clock on the bedside table, which said it was 10:50 a.m.!

d.a.m.n! I slept so long! Xu Youning thought. It had been a long time since she slept that late as she wished, without realizing it after waking up!

Xu Youning wasnt shy anymore. She looked at Mu Sijue; for a few seconds, she thought she had an illusionfrom deep within his eyes, she saw his pride of victory.

Naive! Whats the point of your pride when I slept until now?! She thought.

Xu Youning stretched out her fair-skinned slender arm to pick up her blouse on the floor. She wrapped herself in the blouse, of which the b.u.t.tons had been rudely torn off, and got out of the bed. With a bang sound, she slammed the bathroom door, then she took a spare towel and toothbrush out of the drawer to wash up.

While taking a shower, she saw the dark traces on her neck in the mirror. She touched them with her fingertips, and the voice of Mu Sijue calling her Xu Youning the previous night suddenly came to her mind.

The low voice was full of his complex feelings for her that she wasnt aware of.

Did he hide anything from me? Or Oh, are men all alike under that circ.u.mstance? Xu Youning thought.

Xu Youning washed with her mind full of doubts. Outside the bathroom, Mu Sijue stood beside the bed with hands in his pockets, looking at the blood which was like a bright red rose on the white sheet.

From Xu Younings awkwardness, he knew that she lacked s.e.x experience. When he saw it himself, he felt an mindless sense of joy, as if the sunshine returned to the sky after long gloomy days, then everything became warm and clear.

In the bathroom, Xu Youning finished washing up but found that her clothes werent there, and Mu Sijue had used the bathrobe. After thinking for some time, she wrapped herself in a bath towel.

Before going out, she saw her crimson cheeks in the mirror. She looked like a semi-drunk girl, with her secret love hidden at the bottom of her heart.

Mu Sijue may have gone downstairs. So, I dont need to be nervous. Just open the door and walk out! Xu Youning thought.

With courage, Xu Youning determinedly pushed open the bathroom door, without expecting to see Mu Sijue walking out of the coatroom.

He had changed his clothes and fixed his hair, looking neat and clean. He seemed like a n.o.bleman who brooked no offense, while the frightened and stunned Xu Youning looked like his young wife.

He eyed Xu Youning who suddenly appeared before him from head to toe, and saw a drop of water slide down along her neck and collarbone toward the bath towel. His Adams apple moved up and down as he swallowed, a strange and familiar desire surging within his body.

Mu Sijue thought, d.a.m.n it! Then he sneered coldly to hide his inner desire from Xu Youning. He asked, Dont you know youreteasing?

The biggest contradiction of Xu Youning was that she was thought-forward and act-conservative. It was her first time to dress herself that way in broad daylight. When she heard the word teasing, she was stunned as if she had been struck by a bomb. She blankly looked at Mu Sijue and asked, What?

Xu Youning thought, What kind of person does he regard me as? A brazen and shameless one with no bottom line?

It was her that had taken an initiative to make a profession of love to Mu Sijue, and it was her that had actively kissed him the previous night. However, it didnt mean that he could humiliate her at will.

For the first time, Xu Youning stared at Mu Sijue with a sincerity that could make him feel guilty and said, Dont make me regret what happened last night.

She slammed the door without looking back, then went back to her room and tore off the bath towel to put on her clothes.

After a while, the aunt asked her to have lunch and leave for the airport after the meal. She replied Im not hungry and began to pack up her things without a word.

An hour and a half later, the aunt went to knock at her door again and said, Miss Xu, Mr. Mu said its time to leave for the airport.

Im coming.

She couldnt lose her temper because they had to return. Xu Youning took her suitcase, about to leave the room. Due to her injured leg, she had some difficulty walking.

She opened the door and saw Mu Sijue standing there.

Xu Youning had decided to ignore Mu Sijue. He took the suitcase from her hand very naturally, which was hard for her to refuse. She was glad to be relieved, and walked in front of him. After she went downstairs, she saw Su Jianan sitting in the living room.

Jianan? Xu Youning became confused. She ran to Su Jianan and looked at her in surprise. When did you come?

I just arrived. Su Jianan handed Xu Youning a bag and said, Id like you to take this to Grandma Xu.

Xu Youning took out the items in the bag and found that those were all supplements for the elderly. She gave Su Jianan a smile and said, Thank you. Then she pointed at Su Jianans belly and said, I think

Its bigger now. Su Jianan said, Come to attend my brothers wedding a month later, youll find it bigger than it is now.

Xu Youning could imagine how happy Su Jianans life would be after her two babies were born. She smiled and said, Thats great.

With that, her smile suddenly froze for a second.

Su Jianan was careful enough to notice that. She asked, Whats the matter?

Xu Youning came to herself. She shook her head and said, Im fine. Today Im going back to City G. Jianan, see you next time.

Su Jianan smiled and said, See you.

At that moment, both werent aware that it would possibly be the last time they would ever meet.

Mu Sijue went downstairs with Xu Younings suitcase in hand. They walked out of the house together; Su Jianan got in Uncle Qians car to go back home, while Mu Sijue and Xu Youning left for the airport.

The villa wasnt far from the airport. The two boarded a private plane through the VIP channel. After two hours, the plane landed at the international airport of City G. Throughout the trip, Xu Youning didnt say a thing to Mu Sijue.

On the flight from City A to City G, Mu Sijue had gradually lost his patience. Before he stepped off the plane, he said with a cold and low voice, Xu Youning.

Xu Youning pursed her lips, looking at Mu Sijue and motioned for him to hurry.

Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes and grabbed Xu Younings hands to hold her down on the seat. Did you forget how to speak?

Xu Youning turned her lips into a smile and said with arrogance, I dont want to talk with you.

Mu Sijue stared at Xu Younings lips and said, Then lets communicate in another way.

Before Xu Youning could ask what Mu Sijue wanted to do, her lips were suddenly covered by his.

He kissed her with heart and soul. It seemed that he wanted to suck all the air out of her lungs. She tried to struggle but failed because he had trapped her under his hands and body, which made it impossible for her to move.

Xu Youning thought, d.a.m.n! Youre taking advantage of your born strength to bully me. Are you a gentleman?

Xu Youning encouraged herself, trying to seek the chance to bite Mu Sijues lips. However, Mu Sijue saw through her and easily avoided her bite. He kissed her deeply as his punishment, without giving her a single chance.

It wasnt until Xu Youning was out of breath that Mu Sijue released her.

Xu Youning was so resentful that she couldnt calm herself down. When she was about to give Mu Sijue a punch, she heard him saying coldly, Xu Youning, remember who you are!

All the anger and unwillingness, as well as the last hint of her pride, were suddenly broken into pieces by Mu Sijues words.

Xu Youning seemed dull; she vacantly moved her eyelashes and released her clenched fists at once. She looked like the weak ones who had been knocked down by fate, staring at Mu Sijue resignedly with obedience. Then she slowly lowered her head to hide all the disappointment and sadness in her eyes from him