A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Remember Your Identity 2

Xu Youning forgot, even if she gave herself to Muss, but her identity is still only his men.

Musquieu's woman?

Oh, she would rather not have this identity name.

Who doesn't know that a woman in Muss's eyes is just a creature that can be replaced at any time? He can forgo by handing out the check and turning it around, just like nothing happened.

Mussou warned her to remember her identity. It was nothing more than asking her to keep her duty. In addition to doing that kind of thing, they were still the same as before. He ordered, she went to work, and she could not let her go and go wrong. .

Sure enough, what is the ear and ten fingers, can only happen in a dream.

Xu Youning packed up his emotions and took Su Jian's tonic to his grandmother, following Muss.

Not to mention the open intimacy, she has no qualifications to walk alongside Muss.

Mussue soon discovered that Xu Youning did not walk with him, and his footsteps were delayed for half a second. He did not stop to wait for her. Instead of taking care of her foot injury, she stepped out of the airport.

Xu Younings stubborn character was fully exerted at this time, and he did not want to endure the spurs on his feet.

When I got on the bus, Xu Younings forehead was sweating. Aguangs worry in the drivers seat turned back: You Ning sister, are you okay?

Xu Youning had no time to answer, and Mussaud suddenly snorted: "Drive!"

A light was shocked, and he was slow to understand that the situation was not as simple as he thought. He couldnt say anything, and started the car to the No. 1 clubhouse.

The airport to the city center, more than an hour's drive, Xu Youning's tingling on the feet eased, when the car stopped, Musijue did not return to the car, only left to Aguang: "Send her back."

The car drove far from the front of the No. 1 clubhouse. Ah Guang finally dared to ask Xu Youning: "What happened to the Seven Brothers?"

Xu Youning said with no anger: "Eat a dynamite, don't worry about him."

A light wiped his nose, "Oh," and sent Xu Youning home.

After leaving for a month, Xu Youning already wanted his grandmother. He rushed home. Grandma and Auntie sat in the living room watching TV. She ran a scorpion and hugged her grandmother: "Grandma, I am back! Right, this is Jane. I want to bring it to you."

Xu grandmother opened her eyes and smiled. She took the matter but did not rush to open it. Instead, she asked, "How is Jane recently? Is it good?"

"Grandma, why don't you ask me?" Xu Youning lifted his foot. "I sprained my feet. It was just a few days!"

"How do you sprain?" The old man frowned and frowned. "So adults are still like this..."

Xu Youning smiled at the activity of the ankle: "Reassured, just twisted a little, wiped the medicine the next day will be fine. Jane and Yi Cheng are very good, also Cheng brother next month to marry, also said to Pick you up for the wedding! Jane is born again in a few months, she is pregnant with twins, maybe born to be a man and a woman!"

"Several men and women are good." Grandma Xu smiled, suddenly remembered what it was like to take a shot of Xu Youning, "Jian An is almost as big as you, there are children, you have to hurry."

Xu Youning can almost guess the grandmother's next line, and pleaded: "Grandma..."

"Its useless to call a grandmother!" Grandma Xu took out a note with a phone number from her pocket. "This is the nephew of the neighbor Liu Yujia, lawyer, I saw the young man the day before, it looks good, since You are back, you will meet each other this evening."


"Can't help but go!" Xu grandma knows Xu Youning too, and refuses to wait until she speaks.

"That will wait for two days." Xu Youning began to spoil and play rogue. "I just came back and wanted to accompany you."

"I have a little grandson to accompany, don't worry about you." Suddenly, Xu grandmother sighed. "I will only worry about what I am worried about now, that is your lifelong event. After this, the grandmother can walk with peace of mind." ""

Xu Younings eyes suddenly reddened: Grandma, dont say this.

"Stupid child." Grandma Xu smiled and stroked Xu Youning's face. "Grandma has lived for more than half a century. It is enough. Your path is still very long, but you have to go alone. Grandma wants to close your eyes. I hope you." Can find someone who can take care of you forever."

Xu Youning nodded. She was the last concern of her grandmother. Even if she only wanted to make her grandmother feel at ease, she had to go to see the lawyer.

As for Muss, they are not male and female friends, she goes to a relative, he can't control!


In the evening, Meng Yin He Western Restaurant.

Because of the river, you can see the night scenes of most of the city, "Meng Yinhe" has become the best western restaurant for many young men and women dating, the location at night is particularly difficult to determine, the other party can temporarily set the location, Xu Youning expressed admire.

Xu Youning arrived at the restaurant five minutes earlier. When he found the seat, he saw a man of twenty-eight-year-old man sitting in his seat wearing a pair of Svensman's glasses. The eyes behind the lens were wise and calm, and there was a good-looking public at hand. Wen bag, at first glance, is a young elite with a successful career.

Lawyers often need to deal with strangers, just as Xu Youning is not afraid of life, the two naturally shake hands and introduce themselves to the direction Xu Youning: "Hello, my name is Han Rui, and I work for Tianhan Law Firm."

Xu Youning smiled shallowly: "Hello, Xu Youning."

Han Rui gently released Xu Youning's hand, motioned her to sit, and then let the waiter send the menu, starting from the order, the two naturally talked.

Every lawyer is a master of chat. Xu Youning is also a person who can stay with you for half a day as long as she thinks. After finding a common topic, the two chat happily and happy, although there is no spark, but at least they are very good to each other. impression.

Unfortunately, when the two were most happy, Muss and Aguang happened to pass outside the restaurant.

When Musquieu walked, there was no habit of looking around, or Aguang reminded him: "Seven brothers, You Ning sister is with a man!"

His eyes passed through the unspoiled floor-to-ceiling windows of the restaurant. He saw Xu Youning and a young man sitting in a window position. Both of them had a smile on their lips. Halfway through, Xu Youning would open up. Laughing, at this time, the soft light shrouded the head, and the man saw Xu Youning's eyes become soft and soft.

Ah Guang "squeaked", "You are a g city, but she said to me, she has no friends in g city. This man did not listen to her." Dunton, Aguang Suddenly realized, "Ah! You Ning sister will not be in ... blind date!"

"Is it strange?" Mussaud slanted and glanced at Aguang. "Don't pass the blind date, do you think she can sell it?"

After that, Mussault turned and left, leaving A light and couldnt touch his head in the same place.

Listening to the meaning of the seventh brother, Xu Youning's blind date seems to be within his expectation, but his tone sounds... it seems very angry.

Muss found that Aguang did not follow up, his eyes were cold: "A light!"

A light trembled and realized that anger had moved to him, and he was busy: "Hey! Come!"

He rushed to open the door of the back seat for Muss, but Muss took the car key from his hand and drove the car away, leaving him alone in the wind.

The black Land Rover galloped on the road for a while, and slammed the brakes to the side of the road.

Mussou took a cigarette from the cigarette case and slammed it. The blue flame leaped out of the lighter to ignite the smoke. He took a few mouthfuls and felt that it was fascinating, and the smoke was turned to Xu Youning. phone.

"Where?" he asked straightforwardly.

"Outside, have dinner with friends." Xu Youning answered the words concisely.

Mussier leaned back on the back of the chair and hooked his lips: "How about the taste of the steak?"

Xu Youning stunned for two seconds: "How do you know? Where are you?"

"The intersection of Kangzhuang Road and Ningxia Road is less than two kilometers away from you, giving you five minutes to come." Muske's tone threatened. "Otherwise, I am happy to personally pick you up."

After that, he hung up and did not give Xu Youning the opportunity to bargain.

Xu Youning, who is still in the western restaurant, silently took back the mobile phone, and greeted him in the heart of the 18th generation of the ancestors of Muss, and smiled at Han Rui: "Han lawyer, I am sorry. The boss's phone, I have to go first."

"It doesn't matter." Han Rui got up, "Do you need me to send you?"

No. Xu Youning waved his hand and insisted on the meal and Han Ruis aa system. He said, Ill be in the car and Im glad to meet you.

In a hurry and Han Rui shook hands, Xu Youning rushed out to hit a car, and quickly rushed to the place where Musijue said, or two minutes later.

She knocked on the door of the Land Rover's driver's seat and shouted at the Mussile across the window: "What do you call me?"

Mussault did not lower the window, but indicated that Xu Youning got on the bus.

Xu Youning had no choice but to go to the other side and sit on the vice seat. He did not bother to repeat the question just now: "What is it that tells me to come over?"

Mussaud smiled and asked: "Is it good to interrupt you?"

Xu Youning snorted without a good breath: "Know it!"

"How do you know?" Musquieu suddenly asked, the tone of idleness sounded no danger.

Xu Youning is not concealing, telling the truth: "The neighbor introduced."

"How do you feel when you meet for the first time?" Muss was still in the tone, as if a close friend was chatting with Xu Youning.

Xu Youning looked strangely at Musque, and just asked him when he became so gossip. He suddenly heard Mussault then said, "You dare to say a few words of his good words, I will let him disappear from the city of G overnight. ""

Xu Youning swallowed the problem and spit out three words: "neuropathy!"

"Who are you?"

"Who is there besides you!"

"What are you who are here except me?"

Xu Youning is about to be mad by Mussetts all-in-one tone, blurting out: "Yes!"

After I finished speaking, I was reacted. Isnt there only her besides Muss?

What does she do for herself? are you crazy?

Xu Youning finally broke out: "Mu Sijue, what do you want to do!"

Muske did not answer, slammed the throttle, the black Land Rover into the traffic, heading for his apartment in the city center...

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