A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 416

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 416 - Stay Away from Other Guys

Chapter 416 Stay Away from Other Guys

Apartment No.1, the apartment where Mu Sijue lived, developed by the Lu Enterprises Property Agency, was allegedly the most luxurious and the safest apartment in City G.

Xu Youning had looked it up. She found out that there were three security scans all the way from the entrance of the building to the apartment.

Of course, all scans were done automatically and would not cause any inconvenience to the residents.

Xu Youning was impressed by the thoroughness of the developer. For those who were willing to spend a fortune on this kind of luxurious apartment, time must be precious. Like Mu Sijue, he would not have the patience to stop and to cooperate with any manually performed security scans, like those in the airport.

However, as far as she knew, the security procedures in the apartment were all invented by MJ Technology. Mu Sijue wouldnt ask for troubles himself.

In this velvet dark, the black Land Rover parked in front of Apartment No.1, like a beast in ambush.

Get off. Mu Sijue ordered coldly.

Xu Youning was like stuck in the co-drivers seat, motionless, Whats the plan? Tell me first.

Mu Sijue glanced at Xu Youning obliquely. Does she really not understand, or does she pretend not to understand?

The corner of his mouth curved up, Go up. Lets talk.


Xu Youning got off the car, muddleheaded. She sensed that Mu Sijue meant something else by saying talk.

After the pupil scan, the door of the entrance opened automatically. In front of the elevator door was a palm print scanner. Mu Sijue put his hand up against the pad and the door opened.

Entering the elevator, the last security scan started automatically. Any possession of controlled cutters or explosive goods would stop the elevator and trigger the alarm system in the security room.

As the elevator was going up, Xu Youning could hear the sound of the scanner running. She glanced at Mu Sijue, You can only sleep peacefully if you live in this kind of place, right?

There were many people in City G who wanted to kill Mu Sijue, not to mention the entire world of darkness. Xu Youning was very suspicious that this apartment was originally built for Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue never answered this kind of meaningless questions. He stepped out right after the door opened. In the meantime, Xu Younings phone rang.

It was an unknown number displayed on the screen. Xu Youning picked up with questions, h.e.l.lo?

Its me, Han Rui. A gentle male voice came through the phone. Um I just want to ask you are you home? Nothing much. An articulate barrister showed appeared to be a bit nervous.

What does it mean for a man to make this call after the first meeting?

I have feelings for you. If you feel the same way, maybe we can give it a shot.

Xu Youning was surprised but also troubled. She went to see Han Rui just so that her grandmother could be relieved. Han Rui was nice, but she had never thought about getting into a relationship.

They were completely different. She couldnt drag down a young and successful man.

She should have made it clear with Han Rui. But when she saw Mu Sijue, who was swiping the room key to open the door, she changed her tone and sounded soft and gentle. Not yet. Still got work.

What takes you so long? Han Rui was concerned and said jokingly, Your boss is a monster.

Yep, youre right. He has everything but humanity. Xu Youning was excited as if she met someone who could resonate with her. Oh right, are you home?

Han Rui was silent for a short while. He chuckled, and said with his soft voice, I am home already.

As long as Xu Youning found something in common, she could be friends with that person. She asked that question out of courtesy but obviously, Han Rui took it the wrong way. Biting her lips, Xu Youning didnt know how to make it clear with Han Rui.

Mu Sijue turned, and saw Xu Youning standing by the door and feeling sweet and tangled. He slightly squinted He knew who the caller was.

Xu Youning felt cold while struggling. She looked up subconsciously and saw the dangerous gaze from Mu Sijue. A chill ran over her back. Oh, great then. I need to get back to work. See you. She said to Han Rui.

As soon as she hung up, her phone was taken away by Mu Sijue. He flipped through her calling record. Just as he had a.s.sumed, there was no caller ID from the call just now.

He looked at Xu Youning, laid back, It was your date.

Yeah, so? Xu Youning raised her chin. But then again, its none of your business. Give me back my phone!

None of my business? Mu Sijue squinted, intimidatingly. He came closer to Xu Youning, I told you explicitly to remember who you are when I got off the plane, remember?

On the contrary, I remember it very well. Xu Youning smiled. But apart from the relationship of employer and employee, its just purely s.e.xual between us. I am okay with us being s.e.x partners, but that doesnt mean that you can interfere with my social life.

Xu Youning took back the mobile phone lightly, and saved Han Ruis number. She smiled and said, You have no ground and you are n.o.body.

Hes n.o.body to her. Its none of his business about whom she talked to.

The last sentence completely angered Mu Sijue.

Bang! The security door was slammed. Xu Younings shoulders were firmly clammed by his hands.

The next thing she knew was her being pressed against the door, her lips were forcibly opened and kissed by Mu Sijue in a possessive way out of rage.

The room was a mess.

When it ended, Xu Youning was exhausted. But the man, who clamped her, was still like a beast and warned, Xu Youning, I am telling you. As my woman, you better know my 101 rule Stay away from other guys!

Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue weakly. Her mind was filled with the scene of his plunder. She swore in her mind. That monster!

Your Mr. Han, the lawyer. Mu Sijue spoke in a plain tone that sounded murderous. If I see you have any connection with him ever again, I promise he will vanish from the political and legal sector in City G the next day.

Mu Sijue, who do you think you are? Xu Youning was still panting, Youve said that you cant give me love. So besides the thing that we just did, what else are there? We have no future. Who do you think you are to stop me Hmm?

Mu Sijue kissed on Xu Younings lips, and unreasonably stopped her from saying the rest of her words.

Future, she said?

Ha, shes a bit too involved, isnt it? Shes a spy and hes her target. And now she thinks about having a future with her target?

What has Kang Ruicheng taught her after all these years she has been working for him?

Xu Youning struggled with every effort. Nonetheless, she couldnt overpower Mu Sijue. Mu Sijue clamped her arms and legs and carried her back to the room. Pressing her, he looked down at her.

Xu Youning calmed down, and heard Mu Sijue, I am Mu Sijue. And you can only listen to my words.

Every word that he said was presumptuous, yet, it sounded light and gentle. He was born to be the king, a king who didnt need any approval from the others.

He was right, Xu Youning could not and would not refute.

Another round of shamelessly hearty kisses was coming all over Xu Youning unannounced. For a few moments, Xu Youning had this feeling that everything was endless between them.

The next day, the sunlight poured into the room through the thick curtains. When Xu Youning woke up, her body was sore, and she got a headache.

In a daze, she wanted to turn around. But she was like being trapped under a fence, unmovable and stifled.

She opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Mu Sijues face.

He lay p.r.o.ne on the bed with his eyes closed. Unlike during the day, he didnt look scary or gloomy. He slept in a laid back and non-defensive pose, and his face bathed in the morning light, looking softer and gentler.

However, he couldnt press her under him no matter how good he looked, right?

She could look past the fact that he held down her leg, but his hand was on her chest! d.a.m.n, did he have any idea that a 6-feet guy like him was very heavy?

Xu Youning tried to move again, but it didnt work. So she moved his hand away from her chest.

The moment she grabbed his wrist, he immediately clasped her hands. Mu Sijue was like a beast that had been awakened suddenly, pressing her swiftly and deftly.

When Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue in his eyes, she saw his murderous look, which was not a look that a person who had just woke up should have.

Xu Youning struggled a bit, Its me!

Mu Sijue frowned, but his hands had unconsciously loosened, What did you fiddle with just now?

It was you who was fiddling! Xu Youning rolled her eyes. Your arms and legs were all over me. I just wanted to move your arm away to catch some breath. Who knows you would be this overreacted?

Nevertheless, its not surprising. People like Mu Sijue must have always been alerted and defensive. But he was so vigilant even in sleep. Perhaps he never slept well?

Xu Youning glanced at Mu Sijue, and saw slight anger from his slightly frowned brows and in his eyes.

Hes not a morning person?

Xu Youning knew that once Mu Sijue lost his temper, it would be a huge disaster. She wanted to get off the bed lightly and stay away from the treacherous zone. But before she could land on the ground, Mu Sijue yelled, Get back!

She had to look back and beamed, Seventh Brother, whats the matter?

What time is it? Mu Sijue frowned. It was like he could lose it anytime soon.

Xu Youning looked at the time, Almost nine.

Something came to Mu Sijues mind. He opened the drawer of the nightstand, took out an ointment, and tossed it to Xu Youning, take it; its for you.

Whats this?

Mu Sijue asked her back meanly, You cant read?

He walked into the bathroom, looking p.i.s.sed, which a.s.sured Xu Youning that he was definitely not a morning person. She looked at the the ointment and read the instruction which was written in French. It was for scar removal.

She remembered the scar on her forehead.

When she knew that there would be a scar on her face, she told herself optimistically that its okay. She was willing to have the scar for Mu Sijue. It didnt matter.

She thought that Mu Sijue wouldnt care about this kind of trivial matter. But, he prepared the ointment for her?

Xu Youning was satisfied by his little gesture. When she carefully put the ointment into her purse, she accidentally touched a small medicine bottle.

Yesterday, she became stiff when she saw Su Jianans b.u.mp. It was because it reminded her of the morning-after pills. She then hurriedly bought it and took it, but she didnt know how long that would last. Just in case, she might as well just take one more today.

When Mu Sijue came out of the bathroom, he saw Xu Youning was swallowing the pill.

He had a bad feeling. He walked towards Xu Youning and looked at her somberly, What are you taking?

Xu Youning pointed to the white medicine bottle on the nightstand and asked him back, Cant you read?

The word Morning-after pills was clearly and offensively printed on the bottle. How would he not know?

The anger burst inside of Mu Sijues heart and the rage was running all over in his body.

After a long time, he would realise that why he had been so angry.