A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Stay Away From The Man

The nickname apartment of Mussett was developed by Lu's Real Estate and is said to be the most luxurious and safest apartment in the entire city.

Xu Youning checked the information and knew that from the entrance to the apartment door to the opening of the house, three security scans were performed before and after.

Of course, all the scans are done fully automatically and will not hinder the residents to take half a second.

Xu Youning had to admire the developer's thoughtfulness. Those who are willing to pay for this luxury apartment must be precious, such as Muss, who has no patience to stop and cooperate with any security scans like the airport security.

However, as far as she knows, the three safety procedures of the apartment are developed by MJ Technology, and Mussaud should not ask for trouble.

In the night of ink, the black Land Rover is like a crouching beast, parked in front of the nickname apartment.

"Get off the bus." Mussin ordered a cold voice.

Xu Youning stuck to the vice driver's seat, and did not move: "You tell me what to do first!"

Musijue squinted Xu Youning a look - she really does not understand, or pretend not to understand?

He meant unclear lips: "Go upstairs, let's talk."


Xu Younings departure from the car always felt that Musquieus talking had another meaning.

After scanning the pupil, the door opens automatically. In front of the elevator door is a palm print scanner. Mussler presses the handle up. The next second, the elevator door automatically slides open.

After entering the elevator, the last safety scanning program is automatically started, carrying controlled tools or explosive dangerous goods, and the elevator will immediately stop running and alert the security room.

The elevator rises layer by layer, Xu Youning can hear the sound of the scanning program running, and stunned Musijue: "Only living in this place, can you sleep peacefully?"

Not to mention the whole dark world, there are many people in the city of G, who want the life of Muss, and Xu Youning is very skeptical that this apartment was specially built for Muske.

Musquis never answered this boring question. When the elevator door opened, he stepped out. At this time, Xu Younings cell phone rang.

A bunch of strange numbers are displayed on the screen, and Xu Youning is connected with doubts: "Hello?"

"It's me, Han Rui." The gentle male voice came, and the lawyer in the court was so nervous. "Nothing, I just want to ask you... Go home?"

After the first meeting, what does the man call for this kind of phone?

- I am interested in you, if you want, we can go to a program.

Xu Youning was also a headache at the same time. She went to see Han Rui purely to make her grandmother feel relieved. As for the development of what, even if Han Rui is really good, she never thought about it.

She and Han Rui are not the same people in the world. We must not be kind enough to drag down a talented young talent!

Originally, Han Rui should have made it clear, but after looking at the Muskejue who was opening the door, Xu Youning suddenly changed his tone, and the voice was so soft and gentle: "Not yet, things have not been done yet."

What needs to be dragged to this late? Han Rui is half-hearted and joking. Your boss is too uninhibited.

"You are right, he has everything, no one is!" Xu Youning is as excited as meeting a friend. "Right, are you home?"

Han Rui was silent for half a second, and a chuckle came from the receiver, and then it was his gentle and soft voice: "It is already here."

As long as she finds a common topic, Xu Youning can take the other party as a friend. She is only a polite inquiry, and she is obviously misunderstood by Han Rui. She bites her lip and does not know whether it should be explained clearly with Han Rui.

Mussou turned back and saw Xu Youning standing in the doorway sweetly tangled, and the slender scorpion picked up slightly - who is the caller, and he already counts in his heart.

In the entanglement, Xu Youning felt a chill, raised his head subconsciously, and looked at the dangerous eyes of Muss, the back of his back was cool, and Han Rui said: "That, you are home. I am going to be busy, goodbye. ""

Just hang up the phone, the phone was taken away by Muss, he turned over the call record, the call just did not show the name.

I looked at Xu Youning very well and said: "The man who just kissed you."

"What happened to him?" Xu Youning raised his chin. "But then, who can't you manage it? The phone is still me!"

"I can't control it?" Mussault narrowed his eyes and approached Xu Youning. "I told you when I got off the plane, remember your identity, forget it so soon?"

"On the contrary, I remember very firmly." Xu Youning smiled. "But apart from the relationship between the boss and the employee, there is only one layer of meat and body relationship between us. Although this relationship is my willingness, it is not On behalf of you can interfere with my social interaction!"

Xu Youning took the mobile phone back and saved Han Ruis number. He smiled and said, You have no position, no qualification!

He is not her, why do you want to call her with whom?

The last sentence completely angered Muss.

"-" a loud noise, the security door was slammed, Xu Youning felt his shoulders were firmly clamped by a pair of hands.

In the next second, she was pressed to the door, her shoulders were cold, and Muss's lips were blocked. He opened her teeth and smashed the general siege.

Everywhere Ling | chaos.


At the end, Xu Younings half-life was gone, and the man who was holding her was still like a wolf-like tiger. Shen Sheng warned her: Xu Youning, now I tell you who is the woman, the first thing to follow - Stay away from other men!"

"..." Xu Youning looked at Musijue weakly, and his mind was all the plunder he had just made. He relied on the sound in his heart, the poultry!

"Your Korean lawyer," Mussaud's tone was faint, but there was a murderous spirit. "Let me see you contact him. I promise that he will disappear from the political and legal circles of G City the next day."

"Mussian, what are you doing?" Xu Youning was still breathing. "You said that you can't give me love. Besides, we will do something other than that. What else do we have?" Stop me...oh..."

Musquieu kissed Xu Youning's lips and blocked her remaining words almost arbitrarily.

She told him about the future?

Oh, this show, she played too much. She is undercover, he is her target person, she talks to the target person about the future?

She has been following Kangrui City for so many years. What did Kangrui City teach her?

Xu Youning struggled with all her strength, but she could not be the opponent of Muss, who locked her hands and feet and took her back to the room, pressed her, and looked at her in a condescending manner.

Xu Youning was quiet, and he heard Mussous opening:

"Just because I am Muss, you can only listen to me."

Mussek is a word, how arrogant there is wind and light, he is a natural king, does not need anyone to identify.

He is right, Xu Youning has no way to refute, and can not refute.

A new round of plunder unfolding without warning, there are so few moments, Xu Youning even suspects that this will be endless.


The next day, the sun shone through the thick curtains into the room. When Xu Younings consciousness recovered and he was awake, not only the body hurts, but his head was hurting.

She stumbled to turn over, but the whole person was like being pressed under the iron net, unable to move, and... the chest was so stuffy.

She opened her eyes and saw Mussaud's face first.

He squatted on the bed with his eyes closed. There was no sullen and scary look during the day, lazy and unprepared sleeping position, and the handsome facial features bathed in the morning light and became very eye-catching.

However, can't you press her so long when you look good?

Even if she pressed her leg, the hand was still on her chest! Rely, I don't know if he is very heavy in the height of one meter and eight.

Xu Youning tried to move again, or not, just start with the hand on the chest first.

However, he had just seized the wrist of Muss, and he was suddenly detained by him. The whole body of Muss, who suddenly woke up, pressed her at a speed that was too fast.

At the moment of the eyes of the Muss, Xu Youning saw murderousness from his eyes, not like the eyes of a person who just woke up.

Xu Youning struggled: "It's me!"

Mussek frowned, but he unconsciously loosened his strength: "What did you mess around?"

"The turmoil is obviously you!" Xu Youning turned his eyes blank. "All the hands and feet are on me. I just want to take your hand and take a breath of the morning air. Who knows that you will have such a big reaction." ?"

However, it is not surprising that such a person, Muss, is sure to be on alert throughout the year. He is also alert in his sleep. He should... sleep well?

Xu Youning looked at Muss, and saw a thin anger from his slightly wrinkled eyebrows and bottom.

Get up?

Xu Youning knows that Musijue will set off a disaster once he loses his temper. He wants to get out of bed in a dangerous place, but his feet are still not in the ground, and Mussauds voice is heard behind him: "Come back!"

She had to smile back and said: "Seven brother, what happened?"

"What time is it?" Mussek twisted his eyebrows and it would break out in minutes.

Xu Youning looked at the time: "Not less than nine."

Muske did not know what to think of, opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out an ointment and threw it to Xu Youning: "Hold, give it to you."

"what is this?"

Mussauds bad tone does not answer: Is not literate?

He looked into the bathroom with a look of discomfort. Xu Youning made it even more difficult for him to get up. He took the ointment and looked at it carefully. He understood that the above French was written with medicine.

She remembered the scar on the forehead.

When I knew that my face would stay, I was very comfortable with Ah Q. It was for the sake of Muss, but I didnt care.

Such a small thing, she thought that Muske will not care more, but he prepared medicine for her?

Such a small matter has already made Xu Youning satisfied, and she put the ointment into the bag as a baby, and accidentally encountered a small medicine bottle.

Yesterday, I saw Su Jian Anlongs belly. The reason why her face suddenly became stiff was because she thought of the after-effect medicine. Later, she rushed to buy it. I dont know how long the effect is. From the point of view of insurance, I still have another one today. Granules.

Mussou came out of the bathroom and saw Xu Youning swallow the medicine.

He had a hunch, and came a few steps, looking at Xu Youning with a gloomy face: "What are you eating?"

Xu Youning pointed to the white medicine bottle on the bedside table, and asked the question of "recognition?"

The words "avoidance|pregnancy|medicine" are clearly and smugly printed on the medicine bottle. How could Muskeju not know?

An angry anger rises from the heart of Muss, and spreads quickly throughout his body.

After a long time, he realized why he was so angry.

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