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  • A World Worth Protecting

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A World Worth Protecting summary:

By the year 3029 CE, Earth“s technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation. At that time, a huge sword flew from the heavens, piercing the sun and causing a huge sensation on Earth. Perhaps because the scabbard of the sword was already in tatters, countless shards have...

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A World Worth Protecting Chapters

Time uploaded
534 Eye5 days ago
529 Frightened7 days ago
510 Xie Haiyang2 weeks ago
494 So Weak?3 weeks ago
493 It Begins3 weeks ago
481 Sweethear3 weeks ago
480 The First?3 weeks ago
475 A Partner3 weeks ago
474 Going Home3 weeks ago
470 Spectating3 weeks ago
455 No Future3 weeks ago
452 Corpse Face3 weeks ago
450 Dark Dream3 weeks ago
447 Escape3 weeks ago
441 Crisis3 weeks ago
438 An Invasion3 weeks ago
433 An Expert3 weeks ago
429 Massacre3 weeks ago
427 Unleashed3 weeks ago
424 Parasite3 weeks ago
423 Alliance3 weeks ago
418 Able Man3 weeks ago
408 Revealing3 weeks ago
402 Counter3 weeks ago
400 A Letter3 weeks ago
382 Arrest Her3 weeks ago
381 Trouble3 weeks ago
377 Rescue3 weeks ago
373 Banging3 weeks ago
360 Food3 weeks ago
358 Deterrence3 weeks ago
357 Withdraw3 weeks ago
354 Lone Ranger3 weeks ago
335 Reanimation3 weeks ago
334 Rescue3 weeks ago
333 Save Me3 weeks ago
329 Dark Fire3 weeks ago
328 Shut Up3 weeks ago
323 Son3 weeks ago
317 Domineering3 weeks ago
315 A Deal3 weeks ago
308 Stay Away3 weeks ago
289 A Transfer3 weeks ago
273 Scram3 weeks ago
265 Escape3 weeks ago
250 Silence Him3 weeks ago
244 A Mugging?3 weeks ago
239 Nemesis3 weeks ago
236 Legend3 weeks ago
219 Mine3 weeks ago
216 Supernova3 weeks ago
202 Trapped3 weeks ago
200 An Upheaval3 weeks ago
186 Heated Burs3 weeks ago
181 Open Fire3 weeks ago
168 Buzz Buzz..3 weeks ago
165 Provocation3 weeks ago
162 Detached3 weeks ago
155 Stop It3 weeks ago
146 Son?3 weeks ago
140 Lineage3 weeks ago
137 A Kind Pill3 weeks ago
135 Aggressive3 weeks ago
122 Light Path3 weeks ago
117 Seal3 weeks ago
116 A Fake?3 weeks ago
114 Attack3 weeks ago
104 Got It3 weeks ago
99 Say Hi3 weeks ago
88 Golden Body?3 weeks ago
87 Unbearable3 weeks ago
68 You Pervert3 weeks ago
52 Failed..3 weeks ago
46 Cultivators3 weeks ago
39 Right?3 weeks ago
38 Apologize3 weeks ago
32 Purge3 weeks ago
31 Assertive3 weeks ago
27 Death Pill3 weeks ago
21 Call Daddy3 weeks ago
20 Fight Club3 weeks ago
12 Breakthrough3 weeks ago
6 Big Trouble3 weeks ago
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