Abyss Domination Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Chapter 5 The Appearance Of A Throat Cutter

Chapter 192: Chapter 5 The Appearance of a Throat Cutter
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There was still a dead silence in the hall.

One of the one female Amazonian Fighters picked up the battle skirt on the ground in amazement, and looked at the neatly cut belt, then she murmured, “What a fast speed!”

How was this stripping magic?

It was just the opponent moving so fast that he blatantly stripped their companion’s clothes before they could have reacted. Moreover, when he was cutting off the battle skirts and innerwear, he did not even cut their companion’s skin at all. This accuracy and speed of delivery were amazing to them. The red-haired woman had chills down her spine after Soran’s execution. Her whole body was covered with goosebumps. She felt the cold touch of the dagger tip on her skin, but it did not even scratch the surface of her skin.

It was a skill they could not comprehend at all.

An Amazonian woman with long brown hair took a deep breath and said slowly, “What a terrific Rogue! Report to the higher-ups and receive him carefully. We don’t need to offend such a person. He may be useful in the future. ”

Only strength could demand respect.

Even female Amazonian Fighters who liked to inflate themselves by suppressing males knew to revere men who were strong enough.

These women had base bones.

If one did not let them understand what power is, these women would always look at you with contempt. If the drow was considered a killer within the females, then the female Amazonian Fighters would be the hooligans. When dealing with such women, when it was time to lash at them, you should. When it was time to slap, you should. Otherwise, they would be even more unruly. It was only when one showed their strength could these women have given one the respect that one deserved.

On the stairs.

Soran’s palms clasped together, and his lips curled with a hint of amusement as if he were talking to himself: “I finally got back some of the feelings I had last time. But when will I ever be able to reach the point of [War of Golems] like the legendary swordsman who parried bullets with a straight-edged sword. It shouldn’t be too far away, right? ”

“When in the peak state, one should be able to shave off the hair underneath while removing her clothes right?”

“Looks like there’s still a big gap!”

Soran right now certainly did not have the skills of that peak. Shaving would definitely cut the target’s skin.

Legendary skills.

Any ability having reached legendary would never be simple. Let alone the ultimate skill of the Rogues. After recovering the ability of Omnipotent Hands, and even though Soran more or less had a profession rank of grade three, but the real combat prowess could reach a higher standard than grade four. As long as he was able to take another step forward, he would be expected to achieve quasi-legendary strength at grade four. The speed of growth was much faster than in the past. Unfortunately, there was no Dagger Sense ability, nor Triple Evasion ability to superpose. Ultimately unable to reach the peak state of strength.

Oh, Danger Sense!

Without superhuman perception, how on earth could we have mastered the Dagger Sense ability?

Soran frowned and thought for a moment, then he slowly pushed the door open. Just after looking at the scene in the room, he immediately closed the door and quickly walked towards Vivian. The scene was slightly frightening. Vivian’s tiny body was suspended about three inches above the bed. She was wearing a black princess dress and her hair was swaying gently in the wind. Other things were floating around her, such as the tables and chairs, wooden stools, accessories and so on.

Divine Power out of control!

This was not the first time Soran has seen it.

Sometimes the little girl levitated when she slept at night, even levitating Soran at times. Sometimes it could cause damage. But when Soran was around, these instances where she lost control of her divine powers weren’t frequent. There seemed to be an invisible energy field in the room. Soran put all the suspended objects back onto the ground, and then reached out and held Vivian’s little body in his arms. The little girl was still in deep sleep, but she seemed to be able to perceive the outside world. Her expression became gentler and her breathing became smoother.

She was actually conscious and perceptive.

Soran could not be sure of why she had been asleep. The last time she had been asleep, she slept for a long time. It was only after an unknown period of time had she awaken.

“Give me a little more time.”

Soran reached out and hugged Vivian’s tiny body in his arms, then leaned over her forehead and kissed her, slowly saying, “I don’t have the confidence to completely suppress the Fear Divinity yet. I need some time to grasp it.”

“It won’t take long, I promise.”

Soran rose and covered the sleeping girl with a blanket. Then he sat next to her and stroked her long hair. The invisible energy field around her disappeared gradually as if everything had returned to normal. Soran silently took out a scroll to read and looked at the sky outside from time to time. Now that he had agreed to the request of the Priest of the Sea Goddess, he had to do it. Otherwise, he might be cursed by the Goddess of the Depths.

It was a group of businessmen who betrayed their beliefs. Behind them was the Duchess of the Principality of Rossad.

Soran has heard of this woman. She was known not only of her beauty but also her amazing wealth and her vicious heart.

It was said that the old Duke of Rossad was poisoned to death by her!

Of course, it was only a rumor. But now, the one in charge of the Principality was her. She was the third wife of the old Duke. The sons of the old Duke has been killed by her conspiracy one by one, and now, only a little princess had survived. The reason why Soran remembered this woman was that many people at the beginning appraised her as a “Wu Zetian” figure, but also a lot of more vicious than that. The woman then waged war against the other principalities and almost unified the southwest.

She came from an ancient Sorcerer family and had a very deep background!

It seemed that the Sorcerer family was able to easily cultivate eccentric people. Perhaps it was because they had to enter many forbidden areas to maintain the purity of their lineage.

This woman was not as simple as it seemed!

She had been frantically accumulating wealth, while at the same time, secretly recruiting many Evil Alignment Adventurers. The reason why the businessmen violated their beliefs was also quite simple, to attain more benefits. Although the Sea Goddess protected their ships to sail at sea, it could not bring in more benefits. This group of guys changed their faith to believe in the Storm Lord. They wanted to open up trade routes in the tropical areas and strengthen trade cooperation with them through the faith in the Storm Lord.

They needed the gold on the Soros Islands. As long as the faith of the Storm Lord allowed, they could trade with any towns or tribes on the Soros Islands that believed in the Storm Lord. After all, the belief of the Sea Goddess on land was certainly not better than that of the Storm Lord. The Storm Lord also could protect ships on the sea, so that the believers could avoid the damage by storms while deterring the sea monsters with the insignia of divine power.

All this was to attain more benefits!

However, they would not expect the Sea Goddess to retaliate so quickly and it was during this period that they have abandoned their faith. The opportunity to abandon their faith might be because the Gods lost contact during this period.

If the Sea Goddess was sleep, they might have escaped her punishments and anger!

But they underestimated the vengeance of the Goddess.

The night was getting darker and darker.

Soran kept the scroll and looked at Vivian. He leaned over her cheek and kissed her. Then he said, “I’ll be back soon.”

After that, he turned to open the window and left silently.

Shortly after Soran’s departure, Vivian’s delicate body suspended again. The window that he had closed tightly started to quiver slightly. Then objects were suspended three feet up, and the whole room was covered by an invisible force again. If Gloria was here, she would have found everything all so familiar. She would have opened an Energy Shield to isolate Vivian’s power because of her inability to control her Divine Powers. One by one, the suspended objects were slowly flying about, and Vivian’s tiny body gradually floated to the center.

Under the bright moonlight.

Soran went towards the closest dock. The business alliances under the Duchess control was very strong. There might be wizards of high grades in it. She owned a large number of minerals and had been smuggling arms, slaves, food and so on. She controlled the power of the Principality of Rossad, but all the profits from the trade fell into her own private pockets, and the Principality’s public finances remained tight. It was even rumored that the army of the Principality of Rossad was not as strong as her personal guards.

Soran was not sure about her strength and only knew that she had five private legions under her name.

Nobody had ever seen her in action, but there were speculations that she was a Dragon Disciple.

The harbor looked peaceful.

By this time, almost everyone was asleep.

Soran moved along in the shadows and gradually approached the target’s Chamber of Commerce. They possessed seven big ships, and the number of sailors and guards exceeded 500. This was a difficult task. Five of them had already set out after the last sacrificial ceremony, and others were left to guard Port Tylon. Soran’s first objective was to kill all these people, destroy their strongholds, and kill them all in one fell swoop when the others came back.

The pirates under the control of the Sea Temple had been deployed, and he would receive information as soon as the fleet returned.

The Chamber of Commerce had guards on patrol where Soran went past quietly. A cold glint flashed across. Then, he gently laid a corpse who had his throat cut open on the ground.

Soran wielded both his curved swords as he gently landed on the roof. Then he smeared some Wyvern’s Venom onto the swords. Then he filled up the crossbow with arrows and put a handful of flying knives into the Master Battler Gloves. He leaped forth and landed lightly in the courtyard, then retreated into the shadows and quietly approached the patrolling guards.

He did not alarm anyone.

This was just an appetizer. The real hunting had just begun!

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