Age Of Adepts Chapter 677

Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Movements of the Dragons

There was a serene and deep forest valley.

The geography of the land suddenly swelled deep in the woods. Tall and uneven mountains were everywhere. Among them, there was one particularly eye-catching and lonely mountain that pierced the clouds.

This eighteen-kilometer-tall mountain stood proudly at the western edge of the central mountains. The upper half of the peak was even hidden above the shifting clouds. On the west side of this steep precipice, caves of various sizes had been dug into its rugged cliff.

The only ones that could move around here were the large and ferocious dragons!


A loud and drawn-out dragon's roar suddenly rang from the distant horizon. A single tiny black dot slowly increased in size and descended on the Green Dragon Dragoncliff that was famous in the entirety of the Faen Plane.

The wild winds swept everywhere as a massive silhouette wove through the clouds. They flew across the sky with their wings spread out, putting their proud and magnificent body on display for everyone to see.

It was a terrifying being a whole twelve meters tall.

Dark green, bowl-sized scales covered their entire body and caused the dragon to shine blindingly under the bright sunlight. The giant dragon's head was two meters long, and light-green smoke shrouded their snout, adding a hint of mystery to their identity. One could vaguely see the terrifyingly green acid ball behind the dragon's throat between flashes into their colossal mouth.

The massive and wicked spikes extended from the back of their necks and all the way down their spine. As the dragon beat their broad and scaled wings, a powerful gale flowed around their elegant and perfect body.

Green Dragon.

A forest-green dragon that had entered adolescence.

Green dragons were one of the five chromatic dragons, the most commonly seen dragons in the world. They possessed acid breath and were relatively weak in combat. Of the five chromatic dragons, their strength was only just slightly more powerful than the water dragons. As such, they were often seen as inferior lower-dragons by the higher dragon races.

This green dragon soared in the air with their wings spread apart for a moment, then looked down at the towering dragoncliff below. Finally, the dragon decided on a spot, folded their wings, and dove downward at an extreme speed.

The appearance of a dragon was always eye-catching, regardless of the location and time!

Inside the dragoncliff, several dozen green dragons extended their heads from their own caves and let out deafening dragon roars at this unexpected visitor.

For a moment, the surroundings of the dragoncliff were filled with continuous dragon roars, utterly terrifying the nearby birds and beasts of the woods.

Amongst the many roars, there was one particularly hoarse and loud voice that stood out!

"Ohgu, you brat! Why have you come to the Dragoncliff again? We do not welcome you here."

The one speaking was a high-grade green dragon whose size and seniority was far superior to the visiting dragon. Judging by its large dragon's head and thick, slender horns, he was a Third Grade green dragon.

"Yeah, yeah, you disgrace of the dragons. We don't welcome you here."

Almost as if the Third Grade green dragon had incited them, the many green dragons residing in the dragoncliff erupted with all sorts of roars. Outsiders might have a hard time understanding anything from those deafening roars. Only dragons could fully comprehend this unique language Dragontongue.

"Chase this thief away."

"We can't let him get close to our Dragoncliff."

The powerful and prideful dragons were synonymous with nobility and sanctity wherever they went. They were higher lifeforms that all low-grade creatures could only worship and look up to. Yet today, when a conflict broke out among their ranks, they were behaving no different from shrews shouting at each other in a wet market!

The green dragon known as Ohgu was only Second Grade. He wordlessly flapped his wings and floated in front of the dragoncliff in the face of these riled crowd. It seemed he was waiting for something.

As expected, a short moment later the commotion and noise in the dragoncliff were disturbed as a beautiful dragon covered in emerald dragon scales dove down from the upper half of the cliff and elegantly appeared on the scene.

Unlike the muscular and rough bodies of the average green dragon, this higher emerald dragon had not only a more slender and aerodynamic body, but also finer and more delicate scales. What stood out even more about her was that noble and elegant aura of hers, along with a perfect body!

The appearance of this emerald dragon immediately silenced the place. Rough and ragged breaths could be heard.


It was Iritina!

As the youngest and prettiest female emerald dragon of Garan, Iritina's beauty was incomparable and acknowledged by all forest dragons.

Ignoring everything else, just the number of individuals among the green dragons that treated Iritina as their idol would be enough to form an entire regiment. Unfortunately, Iritina was not only a beautiful dragon but also an extremely prideful one.

Don't even bring up the mixed-blood green dragons; she couldn't even bring herself to fancy a single one of those young emerald dragons that barely managed to make it into the ranks of higher dragons!

As a result, the matter of Iritina's partner had always been something that troubled the elders of the emerald dragons.

However, apart from her pride, the dragon beauty Iritina was exceptional, be it regarding her personality or her bloodline. Consequently, she became the object of pursuit and desire of all these green dragon subordinates.

Iritina beat her slender and delicate dragon wings lightly and let out a crisp and sweet roar at this young green dragon that had drawn the ire of the crowd, "Ohgu, you have already been exiled from the Dragoncliff for taking the personal property of your clansmen as your own. Why have you come back?"

The other green dragons immediately started making noise at the outsider after hearing Iritina's query.

Many green dragons even flew out of their dens, flaring their wings and puffing their chests, hoping to leave a good impression in front of Iritina.

In the state of the dragons, the personal wealth of every dragon was holy and untouchable. Even the closest of relatives or the greatest Dragon God himself had no right to take that which belonged to another dragon. Thus, acts of theft and robbery against dragons were the greatest sins that would enrage all dragons!

It was no wonder that Green Dragon Ohgu was exiled from the safe and comfortable dragoncliff for infringing upon this law, even if he was an adolescent Second Grade dragon.

"O' beautiful Iritina, I heard you have yet to choose your mate. Thus, I wish"

Green Dragon Ohgu's words were interrupted by thunderous dragon roars before he could even finish.

Every single green dragon that sought Iritina's fancy flew out of their dens and circled Ohgu, loudly cursing and shouting at him. Some fellows who thought themselves courageous even started to 'roll up their sleeves' and prepare to beat up Ohgu!

A traitorous and abandoned green dragon such as himself dared to chase after Iritina? The green dragons were infuriated. It seemed they were prepared to start a fight at any moment.

The pretty and composed emerald dragon beauty couldn't help but roar in embarrassment at the sight of this nonsensical display.

"All of you, stop! Don't you forget, this is Dragoncliff! All dragons are forbidden from fighting in here!"

Those eager teenage dragons finally backed down sheepishly when they heard Iritina's reprimanding words.

"You want to chase me?" Iritina finally landed her beautiful eyes upon Green Dragon Ohgu, cold as the morning star.

"Yes, beautiful Iritina! Someone as pretty as you will not find your match in this nest of useless fools," The muscular and ferocious Green Dragon Ohgu roared loudly, "This trash! Not a single one of them is my match in single combat! Even amongst those emerald dragons, you can't find many as strong as I am. So, beautiful Iritina, choose me! I will use all my wealth to decorate your beautiful room."

All the green dragons couldn't help but draw in a cold breath of air.

This Ohgu was actually willing to take out all his personal collection to pursue Iritina. Thisthis was simply too shocking!

For a moment, all the green dragons cursed angrily, but their voices unavoidably turned softer.

"I will find for myself the wealth that I require. I do not need your offerings." The beautiful Emerald Dragon Iritina raised her head proudly, and that pretty dragon's horn upon her head glistened with blinding light.

"Then what do I need to do to win your heart?" Green Dragon Ohgu shook his head in frustration.

"I might not have known what in the past, but I do now!"Iritina said in a soft voice, "A few days ago, the elven court extended a request of aid toward us. Those evil witches are wildly massacring the villages of the elves near the edges of Fantasy Forest and desecrating their land. That is why Fantasy Forest needs us; the elves need us. That is why I wish to gather a group of volunteers to follow me and expel those evil witches."

The previously gossiping dragon flight immediately fell silent upon hearing Iritina's resolute declaration of war.

Expressions of hesitation and avoidance appeared in the eyes of all the green dragons.

Many green dragons even let out subdued cries, "What? Has a new round of the Calamity of Witches broken out again?"

They couldn't help it. There weren't very many beings that could harm creatures as powerful as green dragons in the Faen Plane! Sadly, the witches were one such powerful and evil group of beings!

These terrifying witches came from the legendary World of Adepts. They all possessed evil and strange magic. Above all, they had fearsome magical equipment. There weren't many weapons in Faen that could directly harm the body of a dragon, but there were far too many individuals among the witches who had dragonslaying weapons and techniques.

That was why even the lofty dragons had a very high rate of mortality when fighting the witches.

The green dragons had practically no natural predators with their status in the Great Fantasy Forest. That was why the green dragons were reluctant to risk their own lives to help those elves.

However, the green dragons were forest dragons as well. They naturally had great compatibility and intimacy with forest elves, the children of nature themselves. Moreover, the construction of the dragoncliff and the excellent offerings that they enjoyed on a daily basis couldn't be separated from the help of the elves. Thus, those green dragons who were friendly with certain elves couldn't help but start deliberating on the elves' request for help.

"I will go!" For some reason, Green Dragon Ohgu was the first to volunteer himself.

With him taking the lead, many green dragons started to offer themselves as well.

A satisfied smile finally appeared on Iritina's pretty face.

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