Age Of Heroes Age Of Heroes Chronicles Book 9 Chapter 284

Volume 9: Martial Arts Meet Chapter 284 Imaginary Scape 1

Arial has created Dragon Roar, Dragon Palm, Imposing Presence and the Heaven Punishment Style but all martial art is from the same root.

Levitia. That is his opinion of the martial arts in the Human Continent. All martial arts of the Human Continent traces its existence to Levitia

Arial has decided from now on, he will only use his own technique, maybe creating a school of martial art by himself instead of using the swordsmanship he learns in the library.

It seems Levitia Internal Cultivation technique has helped him to gain some insight in the inner working of technique.

The Heaven Punishment Style is the combination of all the swordsmanship technique he could remember when he is in the library, a fusion of all this technique amalgamated into one style.

Of course, right now he is only able to merge three technique of swordsmanship in the Style.

The three technique Arial have managed to fuse is the Flying Blade technique a technique that enables Arial blade to fly and dances in the air, the Blinding Dance technique a technique where Arial separated into ten images parrying weapon and executing fast strikes, and with a stabbing motion, a high level swordsmanship

And the other one is the Slicing Water technique, a technique aimed to slice enemy head, an offensive, powerful thrusting method of attacking.

Arial want to fuse two more sword technique to his Heaven Punishment style.

He wanted to fuse the Sweeping Star technique, a technique imbuing weapons with internal energy to attack in a sweeping motions, and Light Strike, a fast stabbing attack.

Right now the technique Arial mostly used is this. Wind God technique, an alleviating technique, a lightness skill Arial had always uses in his battle

Swift like the wind and unpredictable footwork and it is very useful in dodging and attacking at the same time.

Then there is also Lion Bite, a hand technique.

It is a technique to take enemies weapon.

And not to forget, there is Dragon Regret, a palm attack that released concentrated internal energy as it throws enemies far away and may even broke bones and kill with one strike.

Arial need to polish it even more.

The Internal Energy Cultivation Technique of Levitia that improve internal energy by leaps and bounds is what supported all of his martial arts techniques

Arial had learned many martial arts techniques and as such, it would not be exaggerated to say, that he had a very solid foundation of technique but not its implementation as a whole.

He also learned the Light Healing Finger Technique used primarily to heal internal energy injury, Snake Slither the Ground technique a technique that use internal energy to be channel to the ankle for swift sidestepping and to give time for better positioning

Then there is Divine Sword Finger Technique, a purer version of Sword Finger technique. It is one of the temple of Linzi technique that Arial got from the Abbot.

This is why it is hard for Arial to refuse the Abbot request

There is also Fairy Steps another lightness technique. The user will disappear from his or her enemies' vision for a while when using it due to the fast movement.

Feet are channeled by internal energy constantly when using this technique.

Then there is Sword Finger Technique, a technique that involves creating invisible sword, and Palm of Wrath, a palm technique, releasing internal energy wave hurting or maybe killing any weak enemies.

Palm of Wrath is fused with Dragon Palm and the other sword finger technique and any sword technique will be into the Heaven Punishment Style.

There is so many other techniques he learns but this is the one he always uses when he is in battle. But he always felt that learning so many techniques, does it make you strong?

WRONG! This is what he believes after his many battles and after looking at everybody else.

That such method of power is wrong.

Levitia is reputed to be the greatest master of martial arts during the Age of Gods but even the Great Savior does not have that many techniques.

Arial think to himself why do he have to learn so many technique and style? Why not fuse all of those technique into a greater level of technique?

An All Encompassing style. One style. One technique. A unifying theory of every single martial art under the heavens.

Such thought about an all-encompassing style might be laughed about in the martial art world if anyone ever heard it but Arial is confident that he could create it with the Levitia Internal energy technique as the base foundation of this style.

More is not always better. He believes in this conviction. Sometimes little is better. Sometimes little is greater.

He decided this a long time ago when he got the internal energy technique from the Abbot.

At that time, he had learned a new way of looking into martial arts with the Abbot himself as his main inspiration.

The Abbot did not need many technique and only needed that ultimate technique of Divine Sword Finger, the technique of the Abbot of Linzi.

With one finger, it could cut apart all kinds of martial arts technique with one point.

Palm technique that he had learned will all be fused in the Dragon Palm technique and any Aura or energy reinforcing technique will be fused in the Imposing Presence and Dragon Roar.

The reason why Arial is so proficient in fusing techniques of martial arts is not because he is some master or genius in martial arts but because the method of Levitia technique which is nothing, encompasses everything.

Like a blank slate or a blank paper, it teaches internal cultivation and some technique but the difference is that in Levitia Internal technique, like a blank paper you can write anything to it.

Like a blank book with a guide in writing.

Arial take a deep breath and focused his mind. He is trying to improve his Imposing Presence technique.

This technique is to release killing intent outward but the power that it brings is in the scale of making people faint and making people feel fear right in their heart.

Imposing Presence if Arial ever master it, will also help him from external and internal attack taking it head on, utilizing completely the massive internal energy Arial had in his body.

It will be like the Iron Body technique of Linzi temple, making his body sturdy as steel.

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