Age Of Heroes Age Of Heroes Chronicles Book 9 Chapter 285

Volume 9: Martial Arts Meet Chapter 285 Imaginary Scape 2

Arial internal energy combined with his talent of understanding the flow of the energy in one's own body make his training effortless but he could not really be called a genius in martial art technique.

His tactic in battlefield and in politic can be attributed to his understanding and practical theory of the world which he learns during the darkest time in Human History and his internal energy level can be attributed to either divine intervention or luck.

After all, if not for his luck, it is unthinkable for him to reach so high level of mastery in internal energy cultivation.

If it's not for his luck and perseverance, could he have discovered such technique on the Library?

Of course right now the Imperial Library is under the Chu family but Arial is not so worried about it.

Not only you will not find the Library unless you really looked for it but also it is hard to find it.

And with the ongoing conflict between Northern Chu and Southern Tai, why would they try to find anything in the library?

Of course, Arial will not let the Chu's to get their hands on the book.

Someday, he will come to that Library again and he will take all the books in the secret chamber and store it on his Private Library. But even if they find it can they compare to Arial?

After all, even though if they found it and they started learning that technique can it compare to Arial head start in learning it?

He learned it since he was a baby and not to mention his experience in his past life had help him tremendously.

They need not only have to have the incredible luck to find the secret library, they also have to be lucky enough to travel back in time.

But since the Invasion didn't happen, there is no Archmage that created the magic formation and as such, there would not be someone else being sent to the past

Silas once said to Arial a great man has three attributes. Strength, smart and a bit of luck. Has three of this attributes and that man will become a great man.

He smiles and yen shake the thought out of his mind.

Arial began closing his eye.

And the moment he closes his eyes, he is in the imaginary scape again, looking at the swirling energy in his mind.

He realized this just recently after he got the heart from the dragon. The Imaginary Scape existed during that time. Of course, he found that he can access this Imaginary Landscape unintentionally.

This must be how dragons train.

This is why they can afford to sleep for hundreds if not thousands of years. It enables him to look at himself, to create simulations in his mind. Arial believe this is one of the abilities that the dragon has.

He also understands that many of his technique is still rudimentary and one need particular attention in improving themselves.

Imposing Presence need to be improved.

He needs to understand how to release the internal energy in a controlled manner.

The book that the Abbot lend him has taught him control but Imposing Presence is used to pressure your enemy mentally and Arial is confident when it reaches the perfect form this technique could pressure people physically too.

For now, he need to concentrate and then as he concentrated he could see a clone of himself in the imaginary scape standing utilizing internal energy and it was like Arial could see in the veins of the clone how and where the energy is distributed.

Every time it is wrong, Arial change his thoughts and another clone is formed and use Imposing Presence.

It is with this advantage that Arial could gain insight and ideas on how to improve the Imposing Presence.

The imaginary scape is helping Arial to improve himself in ways that no one could imagine.

Even if he is not genius with this kind of training and hard work and combined with his internal energy, it is no exaggeration to say he could catch up easily to those geniuses in understanding the profound mystery of internal energy distribution.

'Imposing Presence' he mused.

This technique requires control of the most precise kind.

Then seeing one of his clones he could see that internal energy need not only applied outwards but also inwardly, strengthening the body and intimidating the enemy.

With this understanding Arial once again conjure up another mental image and this time he gives his mental image an enemy.

Hundreds of them.

The Orc he fights before is now used in his mental training as test subject for his training. He could see when his clone employ Imposing Presence a few of them faint.

'Not strong enough' he mused.

Need more control he mentally takes note of this.

Then he takes another breath and all of his clones disappear.

'Now the Heaven Punishment Style' he thought and then suddenly the Imaginary Scape shakes and a mountain appears out of nowhere.

He mentally makes a mountain appear. There is grass on the ground and there is clouds in the sky. It was like he is in another world

After all this is on his mind. He can make anything he wanted.

He thought again and a clone formed from the wind and suddenly his clone, following Arial will, began employing Heaven Punishment Style with a sword that appears suddenly in his clone hands.

His clone is shooting energy wave from every strike of the sword, its sword light scratching the hills near the big mountain and his clone flew upwards using the ledge as stepping stones.

Arial look in bird view examining some steps or strokes that he need to change or modified.

Right now he is trying to fuse Sweeping Star Technique and Light Strike into one. Which part needs to be minimized?

Which part needs to take a prominent role? When to release internal energy? When to conceal it?

All this must be taken into consideration.

Every time there is something is wrong, the clones disappear, replaced by another clone once again employing the same technique.

'This might prove to be troublesome' he mentally said.

He is without a doubt is so engulfed in training that he didn't notice, two men is looking at him from the shadows while he is sitting cross legged in that tiny tent of his.


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