Aiming To Be The Best Magician In The World Chapter 27

24 Mother Nearly Killed Me

"Nya nya Miss Please" Ria looked at Laura with tears in her eyes as she didn't really want to refuse the little girl but at the same time doesn't want her touching her cat ears.

"Hey Ria. Do you think this would look good on Sylvie?" Laura asked Ria while holding a fluttery white dress that would go down to Sylvie's ankle.

"Yes yes! It would definitely look good on your daughter nya. Why don't you go try it out right nyow nya? The dressing rooms are over here nya!" Ria said immediately as her eyes finally found hope when she found a way to get out of the predicament she was in.

"Alright Sylvie let's go to the dressing room." Laura said as she carried Sylvie to a room near the wall with the white dress that was in her hands.

"But Awww" Sylvie said with a what looked like a crying expression as she faced towards Ria, to be precise Ria's cat ears.

"I want to mofu mofu though" Sylvie muttered quietly as she looked at the two cat ears that were standing up.

"Alright Sylvie, go in and change! Ask your mother, me if you have any help wearing it okay?" Laura said as she pushed Sylvie inside a dressing room with the white dress she picked up.

"Un, I will" Sylvie said while looking depressed as Sylvie took the white dress and wore it in the dressing room.

'Phew At least that was over Her crying expression nearly made me actually let her touch my cat ears I must not fall into cuteness temptation' Ria said as she wiped off the sweat that was accumulating from Sylvie.

"Are you okay Ria?" Laura said as she saw how Ria was acting strange towards Sylvie as if she was afraid.

"Nothing's the matter miss nya I am all alright nya." Ria said as she waited for Sylvie to finish dressing.


"Ma, I wonder if theirs any special effects on this dress." Sylvie said as she used Appraisal on it.



- Appraisal -

Item : White Silk Dress

Effects : DEF +5

Description : Your typical white silk dress that you can find anywhere in a popular clothing store.


"..." Sylvie was shocked silent from the description.

'Who the hell created the descriptions for appraisal?' Sylvie thought to herself.

'I will literally stab this person to death. It's not like its obvious that you can find this in a popular clothing store when there was an entire section of the same dress in this store.' Sylvie thought inwardly.


Somewhere in an inn.

"Achoo!" Plutia sneezed as she was drying her hair.

"Who's bad mouthing me again? Or is it because I got sick from the coldness after taking this shower? No wait, I shouldn't get sick this easily anyway." Plutia muttered as she continued drying her hair on an inn's bed.

"Ahh, these beds are awful. I miss my fluffy soft clouds back in heaven. Why did I come here again? Right it was for that Sylvia girl Why did I come here early anyway? She's only two years old currently I won't meet her until another ten years have passed once shes out of the academy anyway" Plutia said to herself as she covered her agonizing crying expression that had shown that she had made a dumb mistake on her part.

"Why did I come here so damn early!" Plutia shouted out loud.

"AY NEIGHBOR KEEP IT DOWN! IM TRYNA SLEEP OVER HERE!" A adult male's voice shouted from the room next to hers.

"Sorry! I'll keep it down now!" Plutia replied back to the man who was next to her room.

"Ha~ What a bothersome world" Plutia muttered to herself.


"nn" Sylvie said as she struggled to put on her white dress.

"Ah! Finally! That took a while to put on" Sylvie muttered to herself as she looked at the mirror that was inside the dressing room. She spun herself so she can get a nice overall view of herself.

'Not bad!' She thought.

After checking herself out she peeked her head out of the dressing room curtains.

"Ara? Sylvie are you done? Come out and let mother see what you look like sweetie~" Laura said as she walked towards the dressing room that Laura was in.

"nn" Sylvie said as she nodded her head and took a step out of the dressing room revealing her tiny body in a small white dress that went down to her ankles.

"Cute! Aren't you the most adorable little girl in the world mm?" Laura said as she ran towards Sylvie at the speed of light and hugged her tightly.

"Gah" Sylvie leaked a voice out in pain as she struggled to breathe from her mother's tight hug.

'Mother mother please I give! Stop I can't breathe! Mother!!!' Sylvie thought to herself as she hit her mother's chest slightly to no avail. After seeing that it didn't work Sylvie tried pushing out of her mother's grasp to which was no avail.

'What the hell! Isn't my stats ten times higher than hers! How come my push still won't make her budge!? I will choke to death at this rate!' Sylvie thought to herself.

"Ah, um miss nya. I think you're going to end up suffocating your daughter nya nya." Ria's voice came in from behind Laura.

"Ah!? I am so sorry Sylvie! You were too cute that I kind of lost it Teehee." Laura apologized with a 'I am not sorry at all' expression on her face.

"Ha~ ha~ ha~" Sylvie panted as she tried to catch her breath after nearly being suffocated to death by her own mother.

'Is this what they mean when they say a family member is more likely to kill you than a stranger?' Sylvie thought to herself.

'This is a fantasy world for you. Her breasts are too big They can kill people like in manga and anime' Sylvie thought to herself as she looked at her mother's breasts and back to hers.

'That's right I am still growing, as I am only two years old' Sylvie thought to herself.


Sylvie : I am still growing

Author : Nah, I will make u flat chest for life!

Sylvie : You can't do that!

Author : yes I can


Laura : She has my genes

Sylvie : Mother!

Laura : Child!

Plutia & Author : We control stuff here

Sylvie & Laura :

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