Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 Jiuyao

Chapter 1353 Jiuyao

The tournament authorities soon sent out other elites to challenge Ding Ping.

Yet Ding Ping was one who had cultivated to the pinnacle level, and he himself had extraordinary natural talent. If it was a mere competition of pure power on the same cultivation level, even Ling Han had to admit that he was no match for him. Furthermore, how many had actually cultivated to the pinnacle level in the whole world?

Consecutive battles followed by consecutive victories.

Very soon, Ding Ping had obtained a grand total of eight victories. This did not only cause the spectators to go crazy, but the descendants of the three great clans in the VIP seats also bore serious expressions.

"What, this brat actually made a bet of 1,000,000 True Origin Stones?" Situ Lin was astonished[1].

If Ding Ping battled 10 times and won all his battles, this wager of 1,000,000 True Origin Stones would become its tenfoldan astonishingly massive amount of a billion!

Even if the three great clans had powerful backgrounds, they would still suffer serious injury just to accumulate this billion True Origin Stones.

This guy was too ruthless; he actually dared make such a huge wager.

"We must stop him!" Lin Xian said menacingly, his tone soft.

Li Ruotong did not speak, though unusual light flashed in her eyes. No one knew what she was currently thinking about.

"Let Jiuyao go!" Situ Lin said decisively.

Immediately, someone approached, and said, "However, his appearance fee"

It was one of Situ Lins attendants.

"Humph, so what if his appearance fee is a bit high? Could it exceed a billion?" Situ Lin waved him off, and said, "Go quickly."

"Yes, Young Master!" The person obeyed the command and left.

However, the person that fought with Ding Ping in the ninth battle was not Jiuyao, but rather another person. His abilities were considerably impressive, though he unfortunately had not cultivated to pinnacle level, so how could he possibly be a match for Ding Ping? He was easily defeated in a few moves.


"Ten-round champion!"

"I want to give birth to your babies!"

On the spectators stands, everyone seemed to have gone crazy. Even though it had only been a consecutive 10 victories, it was rare for one such person to appear once in 100,000 years. It was mostly because they would encounter the challenges of stronger and stronger opponents. Furthermore, there was not much time allocated for rest after every battle, so 10 consecutive wins had become an unattainable achievement.

Looking at how Ding Ping won each battle so easily, perhaps he would have the chance to complete 10 consecutive wins, so this was naturally enough to make everyone go crazy.

"In the 10th battle, let us invite one of the greatest champions in the history of our tournament Jiu Yao to come on stage!" the commentator called out loudly, his voice booming and resounding throughout the whole tournament ground.

"What, it is actually Lord Jiuyao!"

"The only champion that has won 10 consecutive rounds in these 700,000 years!"


Jiuyao, a champion who had won 10 consecutive battles 700,000 years ago, and also the only ten-round champion in the last 200,000 years. He was also known as the greatest fighter in the Mountain River Tier.

Hearing this name, everyone trembled, but they immediately began screaming and cheering shrilly, cheering excitedly for the hero in their hearts.

With such a commotion, even Ding Ping revealed a sliver of seriousness, and began to anticipate this last opponent.

Very quickly, a figure appeared in the passage entrance. It was an average-looking youth, his skin a bit overly white. He was extraordinarily thin, just as if he was malnourished.

A black-colored aura seeped out of his body, a bit like fire, but also seeming like light. Upon a closer look, his whole body seemed to be light itself, and one could actually see through him. He was indescribably strange-looking.

However, as long as one looked into his eyes, probably anyone would feel a coldness from the depth of their hearts.

What a bloodthirsty gaze!

This youth seemed to have grown up among wild beasts, and had survived through killing and bloodshed. There was no other feeling that could be seen in his gaze aside from a longing for his opponents blood.

"Ang!" The youth roared at Ding Ping, He raised his right hand, and a divine pattern on his wrist could be seen to glow. It actually formed into a giant wolf that was nine meters tall. Its whole body was covered with silver fur, appearing to be extremely formidable.

The giant wolf leaped out, and charged to attack Ding Ping. It was moving extremely fast, like a ray of light. In an instant, it had charged right up to Ding Ping, and opened its mouth to bite at his throat.

Ding Ping clenched his fist, and punched out at the head of the massive wolf.


The fist descended, and a frightening power wave spread out. The head of the massive wolf was instantly blasted apart, and its body was also sent flying with the force. With a bang, it landed on the ground and rolled over a dozen times.

But the strange thing was that the giant wolf stood back up. A new head rapidly grew out of its severed neck, and it seemed to be completely unscathed.

"Yi?" Even Ling Han was slightly curious. What was going on with this wolf?

Jiuyao pulled up the clothing on his wrist slightly, and another divine pattern shone. Pa, as light surged, a giant blood-colored bear appeared. It was 15 meters tall and had astonishing size.

The wolf and bear both roared repeatedly. Then they rapidly ran, and began their attack on Ding Ping.

Jiuyao once again pulled up his clothing. One after another, divine patterns lit up. One after another, giant Demonic Beasts appeared. There was a total of four divine patterns on his left arm, while there were five on his right arm. In total, he released nine Demonic Beasts.

No wonder he was called Jiuyao. So it seemed that he could form nine Demonic Beasts[2].

Was this an ability he was born with? Otherwise, could it be that his name of Jiuyao was invented just recently?

The nine Demonic Beasts appeared together. Every one of them was an existence on the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. The nine of them joined forces, so it was practically equivalent to the early stage of the pinnacle level.

Was this a bloodline ability?

Ling Han was getting more and more intrigued. No wonder this person could become a king of the tournament. In a battle of equal cultivation levels, how many could hold up to the combined attacks of 10 people?

However, Ding Ping was not at the peak stage of the consummate level, but rather at the middle stage of the pinnacle level! Even if Jiuyao was a six-star genius, the combination of beast and man would only increase one star of battle prowess, which was equivalent to seven stars, so how could he match the battle prowess of eight stars?

"Come and fight me!" Ding Ping shouted loudly, stepping out and charging towards Jiuyao.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The nine Demonic Beasts greeted his charge, but were all sent flying with a single punch each from Ding Ping, showing his completely overwhelming power. The nine Demonic Beasts were not even qualified to stop Ding Ping in his tracks. He had already arrived in front of Jiuyao, and punched out directly.

Shua, the punch shot out, and directly blasted a hole in Jiuyaos chest.


Ling Hans eyes lit up involuntarily. That was because though this punch seemed to have punched right through Jiuyao, Ding Ping had not actually hit anything solid in truth. Jiuyaos body actually turned into mist, and did not receive the impact.

Jiuyao took the chance to counterattack. He formed his hands into claws, and clawed out at Ding Pings throat.

Ding Ping had not foreseen that his opponent would be so strange. However, his abilities were stronger, after all. Thus, he stamped on the ground with his right foot, and forcibly ricocheted his body backwards.

Shua, Jiuyaos attack missed, but the nine Demonic Beasts rushed over, and began a fierce series of attacks at Ding Ping.

"Interesting!" On the grandstands, the eyes of Situ Lin and his companions were shining.

"I had not thought that Jiuyao would have this move!"

"How could that young man possess such frightening power? Could it be that he"

"Hes cultivated to the pinnacle level!"

The trio discussed, all of them extremely stunned.

Jiuyao could turn himself into mist, and this move was indeed very astonishing. However, Ding Ping was suspected to have cultivated to the pinnacle level, which was even more frightening. There were only a numbered few that could reach this point in the whole Great Crimson Sun Imperial Empire.

At this moment, they all felt moved to treasure his talent, and wished to take Ding Ping as their subordinate.

[1] Previously, author named this character as Sima Lin, but then changed the characters surname from Sima to Situ.

[2] Basically Jiuyao directly translates to nine demons, so nine demonic beasts.

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