Alien God System Chapter 2190

Chapter 2190: Hope You Can Support

Ah...what's wrong?

The three of Mei Yun were still arguing about Yang Feng's character downstairs, especially Sister Mengyun, who were extremely worried about shameless people like Yang Feng, and feared that his sister would be on the thief ship and would be a life-long delay.

But there was a sudden explosion, and the three of them were all startled, looking up, only to see a familiar dark shadow splashing with the ruins, falling down, thumping, and lying on their feet.

"Yang Feng, what's wrong with you?"

Meixie looked intently and saw that this person was not her lover, or who she was. He immediately pounced on him lovingly and caringly, picked him up, and said anxiously: "What happened? Who hurt you."

"She...they..." Yang Feng trembling index finger pointed to the second floor, only to see Jin Ling leading the sisters of the Yang family backyard group, flew down fiercely, with naked killing intent flashing in his eyes.

When Satan saw him, he backed away in shock, cold sweat.

I rub, so strong murderous.

No wonder people say that women are not easy to mess with.

What a grudge against your own mate?

Isn't it because Brother Yang wants to marry Meiyan sisters, these women are assassins?

Besides, didn't you agree to this marriage?

Why are you going to regret it now?

Sure enough, I can't believe anything when I'm an official. It's all face to face and the back face! Mengyun was also so frightened that his whole body froze into stone nervously.

Meiyan narrowed her mouth unrestrainedly, looking at Jin Ling's daughters who were constantly approaching, and stepped forward, blocking them and said: "You obviously agreed to this marriage. Why do you want to go back and beat him now?

If you don't like me, hit me, don't embarrass him. "

"Charming, no, you are not their opponent..." Yang Feng hurriedly stretched out his hand, shouting in a hoarse voice.

Jin Ling said with a cold face: "Get out of the way!"


Her face was full of determination, and Mei Yan's eyes rolled with tears: "If you oppose our marriage, it's a big deal, can't I not get married?

Please don't embarrass him anymore, please, he has been severely injured by you, oooooo! "

Charm... Yang Feng was moved in his heart and lay on the ground, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes.

Jin Ling stared at the young girl who was not deeply involved in the world, and said lightly: "Our sisters taught him, it's not because of your marriage.

I, Jin Ling, always said no two, since I have accepted you, I won't care about you anymore. "

"Why is that?"

"Because..." With a sneer, Jin Ling said leisurely: "He wants to add another quota and marry another beautiful woman on your wedding day.

In other words, when you enter the door, there is an extra sister. "


Her brows trembled, and the corners of Mei Yan's eyes were instantly dry. When she looked back at Yang Feng who was dying on the ground, her eyes were already as cold as a knife.

Uh... the face couldn't help but twitching, Yang Feng was frightened and said with a bright smile: "That... Charm, you are different from them, you are much more generous than them.

Besides, the same people who have fallen into the end of the world, why do they have to know each other before?

It's fate to be able to enter the door together.

The more people there are, the deeper the fate, the stronger the relationship, and the family and everything are happy, you should be happy... "Huh! The flames of the orchid condensed in the palms, and the charm of the body was so angry that the bones all over the body made a crackle. : "You just said that you are greedy for my body, are you tired so quickly?

Fancy another girl again?

You are so flowery! "

"No, listen to me. I am also very embarrassed. I am entrusted and loyal to people. You know that I am very emotional and there is no way..." "Shut up, I now know why you were beaten." , Good beating!"

boom! With a loud shout, Mei Yun stopped him, and then a fire of **** slammed into Yang Feng's head. Jin Ling also waved her hand fiercely, and the girls joined together, kicking around Yang Feng in a circle, hitting Yang Feng. Wailing and howling.

This male compatriot, Satan, was frightened and slandered when he watched.

I said, why do you have so many women in your house?

Look at it now, the yin is prosperous and the sun is declining. After being beaten, there is not even a helper, and the women are hugged.

Look at me again, the balance of Yin and Yang at home, how good is monogamy?

Even if you are beaten, it will only be beaten by a woman, and you won't be kicked by the ring, tusk! Mengyun was also stunned by the fighting power of the Yang Family's women's group.

It doesn't matter if this battle is not against her sister.

After an hour, when the fighting subsided, Yang Feng was lying on the sofa in the living room with all his body hurt.

Jin Ling enthusiastically held Mei Xi's little hand and smiled: "What do you say about men?

If you have carried guns together, you will be brothers alive and dead.

Today we too, have fought together, are comrades who fought side by side.

Sister, you will be a member of our Yang family sister group from now on.

The style of our Yang family sister group is to keep an eye on this dead ghost and not let him be too awkward. "

"My sister said that he really should be watched closely, otherwise he will go out and make waves and cause disaster for the common people!"

Nodded with deep approval, Mei Xing had established a solid revolutionary friendship with Jin Ling.

Mengyun on the side looked stunned. It seemed that the Yang family's backyard was still very harmonious with women. Her sister would not suffer when she married.

On the contrary, the larger the backyard, the suffering was... I glanced at Yang Feng who was still groaning in a blink of an eye, and Mengyun couldn't stop shaking his head again and again. This is just painful and happy, tusk.

"Well, sisters, you go out first, and I will try this dead ghost again to see how many secrets he has kept from us."

Immediately afterwards, Jin Ling waved her hand and sent everyone away.

Everyone nodded and walked out of the door. Satan was a little unbearable: "Um... he has been beaten like this, and I'm afraid of life after the trial."

"It's none of your business, let's go!"

Mengyun pushed him, rolled his eyes, and took him away.

After everyone had left, Jin Ling sighed softly, then came to Yang Feng who was still groaning, and sneered: "Okay, don't pretend.

As the second generation of other gods, how did our tricks hurt you?

Come on, what's the matter with this Alice? "

The groans stopped abruptly, and Yang Feng straightened up suddenly and solemnly said: "Ling'er, this Alice must marry."


You made people's belly bigger? "

"No, you think I have a machine gun, anyone can make it bigger?"

With a long sigh of foul breath, Yang Feng said: "I have nothing to do with this Alice, but she was sent by Vincent to monitor me.

Now, I have instigated her as a way to monitor Vincent.

If she can't get to my side undercover, it's useless.

So this is..." "An indirect plan? "

Ok! Shen Shen nodded, and Yang Feng's eyes shone with a strange light: "This is a political marriage. It is all for the cause. I hope you can support it!"

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