Alien God System Chapter 2191

Chapter 2191: End Of Internship

Click it! The crisp bone explosion was clearly audible, and Jin Ling's face sank again.

Yang Feng's brows trembled, haha: "Ling'er, this is really just acting on occasion.

If we reject Alice this time, Vincent will definitely find ways to send someone again.

You also know that Vincent must have mastered the power of other gods in all likelihood, but I don't know to what extent.

So I have to use some other means to trick the spies sent to deceive him. There is definitely a risk.

It's rare that Alice was persuaded to surrender this time, and it would be hard to say that she would meet other spies next time. "

"Ok, I know!"

Nodded faintly, Jin Ling couldn't help but smile: "It's just that I'm puzzled. Why do you always use beauty tricks when people send spies to monitor you?"

Uh... After smacking his lips, Yang Feng stiffly put aside his head: "This is probably because they have a misunderstanding of me, do they think all men in the world are lustful?

Wrong, at least I am an exception, hehe. "

"is it?"

"Of course, it's just that since they have sent all the spies, I succeeded in instigating a rebellion, and I have no choice but to accept it.

Otherwise, a decent person like me would never accept a beautiful woman as a gift casually, tusk. "

Yang Feng sighed, looking like a gentleman.

Jin Ling smiled coldly: "It's really skinless and faceless, the world is invincible, this is the last one!"

"Well, I promise, there will be no other people."

Boo! Nodding his head, Yang Feng immediately jumped up and kissed Jin Ling's forehead: "Thank you, thank you for your understanding, and thank you for your support.

I continue to go for an internship now. You can help with other people's jobs at home. Ha, bye. "

Sa! As soon as the voice fell, Yang Feng flickered and disappeared.

Jin Ling sighed helplessly, "It seems that you told Yu Chan the same way before. It will always be the last one. Which time is it?

However, if he wants to be honest, he seems to be fine with me, alas! "

Alas...Almost at the same time, a synchronized sigh sounded outside the door.

Jin Ling raised her hand, and the door opened automatically, revealing the eavesdropping girls.

"Have you heard it?"

Jin Ling shrugged bitterly, and the girls nodded together, and then sighed again one after another...On the other hand, Yang Feng quickly notified Alice of the news, and after calming his heart, he continued on the human world. The exploration of destiny is internship.

Through a large number of actual cases and big data collection and analysis, Yang Feng has touched on the process of mortal destiny reincarnation, and finally has a deep understanding of the law of destiny.

But he knew in his heart that the fate of a mortal was still different from that of the gods, and even more different from that of the master.

But from the road to the Jane, we must go to the same destination by different routes.

As long as he pulls the cocoon and carefully comprehends, he will surely find the true meaning of the operation of fate and untie the unreasonable reincarnation shackles in his body.

In this way, more than half a month passed, and Yang Feng and their internship in the human world was completely over.

A group of interns took the transcripts given by their instructors and happily returned to Sanctuary College to add points.

"Feng Yang, the score of Human World Internship, a perfect score of 10!"

The instructor of the college announced Yang Feng's results very high. The students nodded as if they had never seen the world like they did before. They all nodded as they should.

Chang Yanyan rolled her eyes and talked to Jin Shiyuan and the others with a full face: "In the one-month internship period, he was missing for half a month after playing, so he can still get full marks?

Is there any reason for this?

Humph! "

"Do you say there is no reason?

Ha ha! "

With a raised eyebrow, Zhong Lihun said sarcastically: "This internship result was given by your father. Why, don't you agree?

You just kill your relatives and report your father's personal fraud, go! "

Well! The corners of her mouth couldn't stop shaking, and Chang Yanyan was choked into speechless.

When all the students around saw this, they all secretly laughed.

Lu Chengfeng's ears moved lightly. After hearing them talk, he looked at Yang Feng solemnly and shouted: "Boy, Human World Internship, have you only been internship for half a month?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Can you still get full marks?

Cut it in half, five points. "

Lu Chengfeng's two lips chirped, and he abruptly cut Yang Feng's score for being proud of the crowd.

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

You know, this time because they are all involved in the Yang family's relationship, relying on Yang Feng's face, the internship scores are not low, most of them look like eight or nine points, even seven points are rare.

And Yang Feng can get a full score of 10, and they have nothing to complain about. After all, they are used to it. Which internship of Boss Yang did not return with full score, the highest score in the school.

Secondly, they were taken care of by Yang Feng, so naturally they were too embarrassed to have red eyes on Yang Feng's proud achievements.

Zhong Lihun and the others couldn't help but fight injustice: "Dean Lu, you are unfair.

Brother Feng got this full score because of his ability, and there is no interpersonal relationship involved.

Although he did not participate in the internship for half a month, he has been doubling the internship since he came back. Even when we were resting, the work time was enough to make up for the missing half-month work hours. "

"That's right, after half a month of his internship with Brother Feng, he has run through all departments of the human world.

He did everything we did; he did everything we didn't have time to do.

Now, he is the person most familiar with the work process of the human world among all of us.

For this reason, Chairman Chang Wei gave him full marks, which is well deserved.

You cant think that he has missed half a month of internship just because he has been missing for half a month! "

Zhao Gongming couldn't help but follow his support, and then all the interns all proved to Yang Feng that they worked hard for the internship and deserved full marks.

But how did they know that Lu Chengfeng had already understood all this.

How do their interns perform in various internships? He, as the dean, has his own spies in each dao, so he knows well.

It's just that I'm afraid that some people will not accept it, so I have to ask it in person to stop everyone.


The corners of his mouth curled slightly, and Lu Chengfeng looked at Chang Yanyan and said, "Are they true?"

"Uh... be it..." Fairness and comfort, even if Chang Yanyan couldn't understand Yang Feng's domineering, she couldn't open her eyes and talk nonsense.

"Okay, then do you think Yang Feng should get ten points or five points?"

"This..." Looking at the upright gazes of everyone from the left to right, Chang Yanyan curled her lips helplessly: "Very!"

"He got ten points, won't you refuse?

After all, he took half a month of internship. "

"Well, yes, he disappeared in the first half of the month, but his internship in the second half of the month has more than doubled ours. I don't know where he was so motivated?"

Chang Yanyan rolled her eyes and pursed her mouth. Although she did not answer directly, she still agreed with Yang Feng's internship achievements.

Lu Chengfeng smiled slightly, then looked at Yang Feng and said, "Yang Feng, so many people say you deserve ten points. How much do you think you deserve to be fair?"


With a big smile, Yang Feng waved his hand nonchalantly.

Everyone was shocked when he said this.


Brother Feng, this score represents your future strength, how can you do it casually?

You dont take your future seriously, right...

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