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Alinea summary:

She was the Princess who had to die…Alinea, beloved Princess of Ritz, and celebrated heroine of the recently concluded Immortal War was betrayed and killed for political reasons. However, death did not come. She found herself waking up in modern-day Tokyo, in the body of a girl, named, Suzuki Ara, the most hated antagonist of all.He was the Prince who had to live…Homura Ryuu, heir of the most influential family in Japan was forced to be engaged to Ara since birth, due to a family curse. He could only marry and have children with the woman mentioned in the prophecy, else his bloodline would die out.Fated…The Prince and Princess from different worlds, where revenge, hatred, conspiracy and strive for power prevailed, found each other in the most unexpected turn of events. Was this a coincidence? Maybe not. For two souls destined for each other meet regardless of time and circ.u.mstance. It' called fate...PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THIS BOOK. I REQUEST FOR EVERYONE TO SHOW RESPECT & AVOID EXP REVIEWS. ============================= Ara elbowed Ryuu in the rib. "Darling, you are scaring the people away. Learn how to smile.""Darling, if I smile, they will totally forget why they exist," Ryuu countered smugly, so Ara had no choice but to sigh in defeat. There' no sense making sense with this stubborn husky anyway.Well, he kind of had a point anyway…Ara looked towards the nurse' station where nurses kept bumping into each other or hitting the tables and making things fall because they were busy giving Ryuu demure glances."See? They get distracted like that with me not smiling – what more if I do?"Ryuu told her with amus.e.m.e.nt in his voice. Then again, mischief danced in his blue gaze and he finally sent one bright smile the nurses' way.CRASH!BANG!Ara watched as chaos ensued in the station and she quickly pulled the naughty husky to the side and gave him a glare."What? Who told me to smile?" he asked her innocently."I did okay? It' my fault," Ara told him as she dragged him away.Join Alinea' discord: https://discord.gg/MqZmfvKLike the story? gimme coffee: https://ko-fi.com/schreient

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