Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354: Undying Scripture

Chapter 1354: Undying Scripture
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The Darknorth Immortal Mountain opened once every ten years. Right now, over ten years have passed since Qin Wentian entered and another batch of experts were about to go in. For the banquet this time around, Beiming Nongyue was still the host.

The test to enter has concluded and those who passed had all entered. Li Yufeng didn't leave. This time around, he decided to enter together with Beiming Nongyue.

Within the mountain range, on a certain ancient peak, a strange phenomenon appeared, attracting countless cultivators.

So it turned out that there was a maiden with looks comparable to beauty in a portrait currently sitting there in cultivation. Her hands were stroking the strings of an ancient zither, producing a music that seemed to have a life of its own. In the air, numerous marvelous drawings appeared, using music to replace the painting brush, simply startling.

"It's said that the name of this maiden is Zhiyin and she is proficient in music. Her comprehension abilities are amazing and she managed to gain her Dao after being here for the past ten years." Someone in the crowd spoke, causing the hearts of others to tremble. Right now in their eyes, Zhiyin had become a legendary character.

Sometimes, ten years was sufficient to create a legend.

"Darknorth Immortal Mountain, the Immortal Law Mountain Range, allowing others to gain good fortune. However, how can the immortal king realm be so easy to attain? Although this place can increase the chance of breaking through slightly, it's a fact that only a limited few could truly break through to the immortal king realm. Since Fairy Zhiyin was able to have such attainments, her state of heart must surely be transcendent. She originally already had an extremely high comprehension ability and it was said that after she entered here, she has just been sitting on that ancient peak to paint and play her music, she had never moved from there at all. Initially, she should have left after three months but Princess Nongyue wasn't willing to tell her to leave, allowing her to stay in here to continue her comprehensions."

"Princess Nongyue seems to be paying a lot of attention fo Fairy Zhiyin." Somebody glanced in the direction of Beiming Nongyue. This time around, both her and Li Yufeng entered together. The two of them stood side by side, sighing with admiration in their hearts as they glanced at Zhiyin.

"Lady Zhiyin is truly extraordinary." Beiming Nongyue spoke in a light voice.

"Yeah, who would have thought that she would actually be the one who reached the immortal king realm? How unexpected. Brother Qin's friends are truly outstanding." Li Yufeng smiled. He then continued, "I can't seem to find Brother Qin anywhere, I wonder how he is doing now."

"He should have entered the forbidden ground. He would really dare to do so, we already know his personality from our time in the sacred academy."

"Is the forbidden ground really that dangerous?" Li Yufeng asked.

"Yes, the best estimate for survival is 10% but that's an exaggerated amount that doesn't really match the danger level in there." Beiming Nongyue was a princess of the Darknorth Dynasty, she naturally was clear about how truly dangerous the forbidden ground of the Darknorth Immortal Mountain is.

"The life of that fellow is so tough, let's hope that he is alright. If not, the immortal realms would lose an important character that could directly influence the entire situation in the future." Li Yufeng sighed.

"Your valuation of him is truly high." Beiming Nongyue glanced at Li Yufeng.

"It has always been me surpassing others, but he is the one who caught up with me and even surpassed me. If I don't give him a high valuation, wouldn't that mean that I'm indicating my future is limited?" Li Yufeng placed his arm around Beiming Nongyue's waist as he smiled. "If that really was the case, what qualifications would I have to take you as my wife?"

"Oh, so you are going one round to praise yourself." Beiming Nongyue laughed. "When are you going back?"

"Why do I need to go back?" Li Yufeng replied.

"What are your plans then?" Beiming Nongyue smiled as she stared at Li Yufeng.

"I will cultivate well and try to break through to the immortal king realm as soon as possible, bringing a wife, a princess of the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty, back to my Hundred Refinements Sect. Only then would I have more face to return." Li Yufeng laughed, causing Beiming Nongyue to roll her eyes at him.

"Nongyue, you are a princess of the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty and should have a good understanding of the forbidden ground. Do you know what the situation within is like?" Li Yufeng seriously asked.

"I know a bit. It's said that everywhere inside there is filled with intense danger and ordinary immortal kings would definitely die if they ventured in. Even immortal emperors have no way to probe out all the secrets of that place. You should also be clear of all this information, but that fellow Qin Wentian actually chose to enter when he's only at the immortal-foundation realm." Beiming Nongyue was somewhat worried. She felt that Qin Wentian was too impulsive.

"Has anyone of your dynasty entered before?" Li Yufeng asked.

"There are several, and I also know of one who managed to exit safely after entering the forbidden ground." Beiming Nongyue spoke.

"Who?" Li Yufeng had a look of curiosity on his face.

"My elder sister." Beiming Nongyue replied.


The Qin Wentian at this moment was still cultivating assiduously. He had established his first type of law domain and decided to stop for now. Law domains were different from manifested constellations. Law domains could be improved on as one grows, the evolution for it would never cease. As long as one didn't fix the form of the domain fully, in the future, they can change it however they want, allowing their law domains to become more perfect and stronger.

Hence, there was no need for him to keep pondering over his insights to improve his law domain right now. Since he temporarily met a bottleneck, he decided to stop.

For the next few years, he started to cultivate and comprehend things based on the items left behind by that undying old freak. Among the items, there was a saber technique. This saber was an all-out destructive and extremely tyrannical saber art that sought to annihilate everything. It had boundless might and once one cultivated this to the extreme, he would be able to kill gods and devils.

There was also a wondrous movement techniques that contained many transformations. Even for him who didn't cultivate in wind-attribute energy, he was able to comprehend it. This movement technique was created from the movement of a true divine roc and had some compatibility with the techniques Qin Wentian cultivated before in the past. This was just a much more stronger version and was very suited for him.

There was a divine weapon, this weapon radiated black qi and a terrifying aura. When Qin Wentian held it for the first time, he instantly threw it back onto the ground. At the instant his hand came into contact with the weapon, he felt like his soul was being slaughtered and his entire person turned numb. He had no way to control his body. Hence, from then on, he didn't dare to touch that divine weapon again.

At this moment, Qin Wentian was staring at it with a puzzled expression. This divine weapon was in the shape of a rod. Although he knew it was overwhelmingly powerful, it looked extremely ordinary.

"Since the old undying freak tossed you here, it should mean that it's for me. If I fail at even holding it, I'm afraid" Qin Wentian's heart trembled a little when he thought back to that mysterious figure. That fellow was too powerful, who knew if he was hiding in a corner right now and spying on him?

"Let's try it again." Qin Wentian gritted his teeth and walked out. He closed his palm around the rod and in just an instant, that terrifying energy struck his soul with a speed as fast as lightning, causing him to be unable to control his body. An attack to the soul was simply terrifying to the extreme.

"Damn, I can't toss it away." Qin Wentian's expression turned unsightly. He couldn't control his body at all. That terrifying energy kept attacking his soul and for the first time in his life, he could feel his soul trembling. This was too frightening. He felt that his soul was about to be separated from his body before it disintegrated into thin air. Did the undying freak want to harm him?

At this moment, the silhouette of that undying freak appeared. He simply stood before Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian's gaze reflected a request for help but that undying freak simply sat down before him, staring at him. Qin Wentian's eyes widened, he was here fighting for the survival of his soul and this undying freak was simply sitting down to watch the show?

"Don't you know that this rod is an ultimate treasure? Giving it to you is truly a waste of heavenly material." That old freak spoke. Qin Wentian suddenly felt an impulse to kill the other party. Could it be that the undying old freak didn't know what he was enduring now?

"Don't look at me like that, you being able to live for so long is already a miracle. I don't even know why I allowed you to come here. But truthfully speaking, in the countless years which I've been here, you are the second person who managed to enter this ancient city. The first person is an extremely beautiful little doll. I really liked her looks and couldn't bear to let her die in here. Of course, she worked hard as well and managed to have some achievements and ultimately, I sent her out from the forbidden ground.

Qin Wentian's body was still trembling, how the hell would he have the time to care about the old undying freak's story? This bastard used the divine weapon to tricked him.

Also, was this because after being in here for so long, the old undying freak longed for company?

But why did he choose to stay here? With his strength, he could go anywhere he wanted to in the immortal realms. He could even lord over the entire immortal realms.

"Continue to endure. When you truly feel the sensation, I will help you out." The mysterious fellow spoke. Qin Wentian was completely depressed, he knew this undying freak wouldn't help him for sure. Under that terrifying attack, Qin Wentian actually managed to gradually sense the existence of his soul.

Souls are extremely mysterious and couldn't be separated from their bodies. For stellar martial cultivators, the vast majority of innate techniques cultivated, all stemmed from using one's body. Those who cultivate the secrets of the soul are only a limited few, but their powers were extraordinary strong. Naturally, because of how rare soul cultivation methods are, the number of soul cultivators were as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin horns.

Qin Wentian had never came into contact with his soul before. At this moment, he was passively enduring the soul attack. Luckily, this soul attack didn't directly annihilate his soul, or he would have died for sure.

After enduring for a long time, Qin Wentian was reaching his breaking point. The undying freak was still talking, "Right now in this era, the souls of stellar martial cultivators are so weak, simply incomparable to the past. If it was in my era, characters like you guys would die even without knowing why. The heavens have truly changed, there is more innovation now but the successive generations are growing weaker and weaker than each generation before them. Or more accurately, the truly strong experts are no longer here."

"..." Qin Wentian seemed to be unable to endure any longer.

"But luckily you met me. If you can't endure this bit of pain, just die here, there's no point for you to continue cultivating as you would be killed off sooner or later. Considering all factors, you actually can be considered quite lucky." The undying freak was still speaking. Qin Wentian could faintly sense that his weakened soul was about to be separated from his body.

"Seems like it's about time, feel it well." The undying freak glanced at Qin Wentian and all of a sudden, a gleaming resplendent light burst forth from his eyes.


With that roar, Qin Wentian's soul shuddered. He felt himself floating. Wait, that was wrong, his body was still on the ground, standing there unmoving.

"This" Qin Wentian only felt his body at the brink of collapse as despair appeared in his eyes. Had his soul been separated from his body?

The undying freak glanced at Qin Wentian before mumbling, "You can be considered to have some potential."

"Return!" With a shout from the undying freak, Qin Wentian's soul returned to his body and the divine weapon in his hand finally dropped to his feet. Right now, his entire body was convulsing as white froth could be seen bubbling out of his mouth. He had experienced a truly frightening thing.

He stared at the ancient-looking old man before his eyes. This undying old freak, what sort of terrifying existence was he exactly?

"Back then, that little doll obtained the Death Scripture from me. Let me give you the Undying Scripture then." The undying freak spoke. After that, he stretched out his hand and placed his palm atop Qin Wentian's head. In an instant, Qin Wentian's entire body froze as his soul felt as though it was restricted. A moment later, Qin Wentian fainted into unconsciousness.

"Ai, how useless." The old man shook his head. He then continued, "When you can finally hold this divine weapon, I will send you out of here then."
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