Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1646

Qin Wentian glanced at Shan Lengqiu. A spar?

He laughed. Before they got into an alliance, he already understood that the term alliance was just a pretty word for the weaker ones to rely on the stronger ones. Such an alliance was incomparably weak in the face of benefits. When they formed this alliance, because of Shan Lengqiu’s background, the alliance was clearly deferential to him and everyone was fawning over him. Shan Lengqiu was an extraordinary figure, and given his status and background, he was naturally extremely proud.

Hence, when Qin Wentian brought up a different theory. He instantly viewed it as a provocation and he suggested a spar.

He shook his head. Qin Wentian glanced ahead, not saying anything. His pride wasn’t the same as Shan Lengqiu’s, not allowing others to have a different opinion. He had his own thinking, and if Shan Lengqiu really feels that his way of thinking is right, what does that have to do with him? Could it be that Qin Wentian had to spar against everyone who came up with a theory different from him?

Naturally, Shan Lengqiu would act like this because he viewed himself as the loftiest figure among them. If he knew that Tianwen was none other than the Qin Wentian who shook the entire Lifelong Realm in the grand banquet back then, he definitely wouldn’t have dared to say anything. Now Shan Lengqiu was enraged purely because he felt that Qin Wentian didn’t have the qualifications to question his theories, especially so in the presence of beautiful women. Even if Shan Lengqiu didn’t exhibit too great a passion towards Murong Xiaoxiao, his vanity was satisfied seeing a beauty fawning over him. He naturally didn’t want to lose face.

“Brother Shan, how can he spar against you? Just ignore his words.” Yi Leng spoke up. As for the four others from the Desolate Ground’s Four Palace, they remained silent as they watched while thinking over both Qin Wentian and Shan Lengqiu’s theories.

From the surface of things, Shan Lengqiu seemed to be right. But if one thought deeper into it, Qin Wentian’s words were quite logical. Since when one controls law energy, their law energy wouldn’t hurt then, does this mean that the innate nature of a certain law could be controlled? The source origins of any law could exist in many different forms.

The deeper one thought about it, the more they felt they were on to something. It was like they were about to gain a spark of insight, yet it continued to elude them.

But even though they silently felt that Qin Wentian’s words made more sense, they naturally wouldn’t express it verbally.

The sword river continued flowing. In the abyss ahead, faint streaks of sword intent gushed forth, reversing the flow, and shot upwards. This caused the eyes of everyone to flash as they sent their immortal sense to probe the sword abyss. In an instant, the eyes of many people narrowed. Someone exclaimed in shock, “There’s someone in there!”

There was actually someone in the depths of the sword abyss.

Numerous sharp gazes peered downwards, only to see a figure slowly floating up. The flow of the sword qi around him continued to reverse, converging with the downward current as they madly gushed forth in all directions.

“Puchi” A crisp sound rang out. A person lowered his head and stared at his chest. There was a tiny hole there as a stream of sword qi passed through his body. A moment later, fresh blood gushed out, dripping onto the ground.

“ARGH!” That person let out a miserable howl as he explosively retreated. Instantly, many experts here all retreated backwards, with fear on their faces. The streams of sword qi that blasted out in all directions earlier, seemed soft and formless, yet a terrifying killing power was contained within them.

This seemed to verify Shan Lengqiu’s earlier words. The sword laws can change form, but it’s impossible to change its innate nature of being sharp and tyrannical. There was no sword that wouldn’t kill.

However, when they looked at the figure rising up from the abyss, Shan Lengqiu’s theory seemed to be overthrown. Qin Wentian seemed to be right. That person was immersed in the sword river, he didn’t resist at all, the flows of sword qi flowed around, towards, and away from him, but they didn’t injure him.

“Is this him releasing his sword intent?” Shan Lengqiu retreated as he spoke. But clearly, his words sounded like a lie to pacify himself. This sword intent was clearly born from the sword qi river, something birthed in the taotie mine. But when one’s cultivation is strong enough, it’s true that one could change the innate natures of their laws, allowing the sword to become soft and gentle.

“Seems like one can really achieve that after one fully comprehends the source origin of law.” Qin Wentian mumbled. He glanced at Shan Lengqiu. “If that’s the case, the Skyair Empyrean should be able to do it too. Didn’t he tell you about this?”

Shan Lengqiu’s expression stiffened as his countenance turned unsightly.

“Oh ya, sometimes it’s better to allow the disciples to comprehend this themselves. If he really told you about it directly, you might be trapped by the foreknowledge instead. You might know about it but fail to understand why this is so. I’m sure the Skyair Empyrean must have allowed you to feel his law energy many times to help you out, right?” Qin Wentian sighed, his tone was calm with no hints of mockery. But all Shan Lengqiu felt was a sense of being looked down on.

“Shut up!” Shan Lengqiu coldly barked. Qin Wentian didn’t say anything more. Murong Xiaoxiao had a look of astonishment on her face but she soon smiled as she stared at Shan Lengqiu, “The truth might not be what we have seen. I still believe that you are right.”

This was undoubtedly ingratiating words, Murong Xiaoxiao was still fawning over Shan Lengqiu. Shan Lengqiu nodded to her, that proud and vain heart of his felt more comfortable after hearing that.

Qin Wentian no longer glanced at him. He turned his gaze to the person that appeared from the sword abyss. That person actually crouched there now and was sharpening his sword on a grindstone, allowing the sword qi river to flow continuously as it will. This caused the light gleaming on the edge of the sword to shine brightly, as though it could emit light on its own.

His long hair was disheveled, like a mad man. He was dressed in black, and his robes were stained with blood, his body riddled with scars. He kept his focus on sharpening his sword, there were no other distractions in his heart.

Finally, he lifted his head as a fearsome coldness flickered in his eyes. This gaze seemed to be capable of commanding the sword intent in the area, able to pierce through anything and tear everything apart.

“A thousand years to sharpen my sword. Now, the sword is completed.” A sharp voice rang out from his mouth. After that, the grindstone fell down towards the abyss. He held his sword and a moment later, he suddenly exerted force, destroying this sword which he had sharpened for a thousand years.

Spending a thousand years to sharpen the sword. After the sharpening was finished, he destroyed it immediately?

These thousand years, did he use it to sharpen the sword that was in his hands, or the sword that was himself?

With a flash of his silhouette, he transformed into a beam of light that was akin to a sword. He himself, was the sword.

With a piercing sound, a crimson light flashed as blood was spilt. A figure that didn’t retreat fast enough instantly died without time to scream. His head was separated from his body, executed in an instant.

The beam of light continued arcing through the distance, radiating extreme sharpness. Numerous experts died one after another. Upon seeing this scene, everyone present was terrified, their emperor might erupted forth as they fled with great speed.

“The source origin of laws, sword law’s will.” Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. What a powerful might. He saw a peak-stage immortal emperor using his law domain and his treasures to defend, but they were pierced through instantly, destroying him.

There were other experts who used all sorts of abilities to defend but the beam of sword light disintegrated everything. Nobody could stop it.

This expert, who walked out of the sword abyss, had truly reached the level where he was invincible in the immortal emperor realm. In fact, it’s highly probable that this expert had already reached the empyrean realm.

A thousand years to sharpen a sword. After he finished doing so, he was like a sword himself. This man had cultivated to the point of madness. in his eyes, only his sword exists. The other immortal emperors here became grindstones for him to sharpen himself.

Could it be that this was the so-called ‘The Great Dao is emotionless’?

Shan Lengqiu and the rest retreated too. Murong Xiaoxiao hid behind him as their group of people retreated. Emperor light gushed forth from them in a protective barrier.

That beam of sword light transformed back into a human and appeared again. He smiled and glanced at Shan Lengqiu’s group. He then moved in closer. Shan Lengqiu’s expression drastically changed as he unleashed his own sword light, slashing out an attack towards this person.

However, that crazy-looking figure continued walking closer to them, ignoring Shan Lengqiu’s attack. When Shan Lengqiu’s sword intent landed on his opponent’s body, the sword intent suddenly turned gentle, flowing pass his body.

At this moment, Shan Lengqiu paled. At the same time, this has also confirmed that he was wrong and Qin Wentian was right. When one’s cultivation base was high enough, it was really possible for them to change the innate nature of their laws!

“Fighting that mad man with sword law attribute energy is simply courting death.” Not far away, Qin Wentian instantly understood after he saw this scene. This expert, who was sharpening his sword in the sword abyss, had already comprehended the source origin of the laws of sword. It was a qualitative evolution and his comprehension of the sword-law attribute would directly trump you, suppressing you under him. How can you still use your pathetic understanding of sword laws to fight him?

This, was purely a suppression due to the difference in one’s comprehensions and insights.

“You are also considered as someone who knows the sword?” That mad man mocked. Boundless sword might gush forth like flowing water around Shan Lengqiu. Shan Lengqiu was trembling as endless terror filled his eyes.

“Senior, I’m the senior disciple of Empyrean Skyair, I’m also considered one of the grand-disciples of the Lifelong Realmlord. Please show mercy.” With death flashing in front of his eyes, Shan Lengqiu instantly gave in and revealed his background. This caused the mad man’s eyes to flash. The grand-disciple of the Realmlord?

This taotie mine was governed by the Lifelong Realmlord and this place was naturally the Lifelong Realmlord’s territory. If he really offended the Realmlord by killing this grand-disciple of his, despite the great improvement to his cultivation base, there would only be death before him.

“Since this is the case, let this be considered as me helping the Realmlord to teach you a lesson. In the future, cultivate well.” The mad man coldly spoke. After that, boundless sword might swirled around Shan Lengqiu and tossing him through the air. This mad man could control the sword intent as he liked. The sword intent was his will, it would act according to his every desire.

Shan Lengqiu was tossed to the ground. His entire body was wet from his sweat. If it wasn’t for his background protecting him, he would die as long as the other party willed it!

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