Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress Book 2 1chapter 361

Volume 2: The Phoenix And The Dragon Chapter 361 The Empire's Preparation Part 1

Adrian is pleased to see the chef from Asian Season for his first show in the hotel. Women focus on the hot chef that is cooking Asian food for them. They are gawking and taking photos of him. He managed to buy the man quickly after he had gathered information about him. He needed more money than any chef from the Asian Season.

His restaurant in the hotel is having more people than he expected. He will give him a gift for his good job. He went to his office and told the manager of the hotel to give the gift to Chef Calvin. He finally sat down to his chair with a sighed.

He checked Chef Calvin's profile again for the second time. He needed to make sure that he wasn't part of the Dragon Empire. But as he checked their backgrounds, none of them are working for the Dragon Empire. They are handsome chefs. One of them is doing modeling as a sideline and they have a family to feed.

Somehow, only Chef Calvin agreed to work with him. Offering him trice as his salary. The guy has loan sharks to pay and he's also living alone. He's orphan and he didn't have any commitment to anyone.

"Hmm." He stared at the photo of the guy. "I will dig more secrets." He murmured.


Dmitri answered Calvin's call, using an old model phone. He smirked and then he made the teamwork to conceal anything that would leak from Calvin's real identity.

"He gave me a box of cash," Calvin said. "Maybe it's a payment for charming more girls."

"It means that he's pleased with the outcome in his restaurant. Do whatever you wanted to do with the money. Let's keep the charade ongoing."

"Yes, sir."

"Good night." He hung up and then turned around to find his wife leaning on the doorframe and mooing. "Hey." He said softly.

"So, why are you going to the city again?"

"Andromeda took a month or two vacation leave, and Grandpa wanted me to facilitate a little with Aaron."

"Can you just let Aaron do the job?"

"Sorry, darling. But I am in a little mission." He walked up to her and reached her face. "What do you want me to buy when I get back to the city?"

"I just want you." She said.

"Are you hungry?" He asked and glanced at the clock. It's ten in the evening and he's making sure that she's not hungry.

"No. Why do you always keep asking if I am hungry? I am already fat."

She said, still frowning. He smiled at her. She's so much adorable when she's peeved.

"I just want to meet your cravings."

"Make love to me. And stop wearing a shirt inside the house."

He grinned at her as he affectionately rubbed beautiful curvy sides. She pulled the seam of his shirt. He let her pull it up so she could remove it herself. She sighed and nodded as she roamed her eyes to his perfect body.

"I am craving for s.e.x right now." She pulled her hand as she led him to their bedroom.


Alanis grabbed Moira's h.i.p.s and thrust deep inside her as he had his release. He panted and smacked her beautiful butt cheek. She gasped and frowned at him. She relaxed as he pulled out and lay beside her.

Glancing at the calendar, she frowned at him. She's going to get pregnant if he kept this up. Her shot is tomorrow, and she shouldn't have s.e.x with him.

"Asshole." She growled at him. He grinned at her and he reached her arm and pull her to him. "Alanis! I am going to f.u.c.k.i.n.g kill you if you keep this up."

"Darling, grandpa will be pleased if you get pregnant." He pulled her on his top and he started sucking her left n.i.p.p.l.e.

"Give me a moment." She tried to push him but he's too busy with devouring her and he did it to another one.

F.u.c.k.i.n.g, Alanis! She's getting worried about getting pregnant.


Andy finally gets up and got ready for exercise. Her husband just let her have twelve hours of sleep without interruption. She put her sports shorts and her sports bra on and then she tied well the laces of her running shoes.

She looked at her abdominal and then glanced at her husband who has that perfect body built.

"Urgh! You are making me fat!" She growled at him. He only laughed and he took their tumblers.

They walked in the woods, holding hands, and then, he showed her to the river. She inhaled the fresh air and then she looked up at him.

"Finally, I could see something greet and refreshing." She said and looked around the beautiful scenery.

"It's only been five days." He put an arm around her shoulders, and he kissed her cheek. "So, what do you plan to do?"

"Well, I wanted to check other stuff here. It's a pretty place."

"It's the province. The market is an hour's drive. Do you wanna go?"

"Yeah, sure." She nodded. She took her tumbler from her and drank on the water. "But let's walk around before going to the market."

Andy thought about their duty back in the city. There might be lots of things going on. But she chose to stay with him and just forget about everyone around. That shitty night when Allona is trying to break up their marriage again by showing him that she's having her shot. She thought that she's safe, but someone had tracked her.

She just wished that the doctor didn't inject something bad to her uterus that would crash her life. She held on his hand tightly.

"I need to a check-up." She finally said.

"You are good, love." He moved in front of her and reached her face. "The doctor didn't do anything bad to you, but to give you contraceptives. I already check your record and it's all fine." He said softly to ease her anxiety. She exhaled and nodded. She trusts him more than anyone in this world.

"How about let's go to the nearest picnic place here. We play soccer in the area."

Andy felt safe around him. She trusted him.


Ellen creased her brows when one of her crew just resigned. When she asked her where she's going to work after, she couldn't answer her question. But she can't hold her back. The only thing that entered her mind is Adrian. She's a timid girl and very hardworking and she needed more money.

"It's okay." She murmured to herself.

She gave her last salary with a bonus. The girl left after thanking her and Ellen needed to find a new one. So, she posted on the restaurant's website and outside their restaurant.

"El, you look sad." Selina noticed as soon as she entered her restaurant. Ellen sighed and then, she led her to the corner with a comfortable chair.

"It's just, one of my crew. She resigned today."

"Oh." She murmured. Fin pulled a chair for himself and sat beside Selina.

"What do you want to order?" She asked.

"The usual."


"I'll order anything she takes."

Ellen nodded as she strode to the counter to tell them their order. Then she went to their table and sat across Selina.

"Hey, don't be sad, El." Fin reached her head and patted it. Ellen sighed.

"Maybe she resigned because Adrian offered her big." She murmured. Selina frowned and Fin stayed calm.

"Two days ago, one of my crew from the other branch also resigned, and then, I saw her working at the hotel and then, now."

"Don't be sad." Selina reached her hand.

"I got someone for you to work in your restaurant. They are good at serving." Fin said. "Maybe part-time?"

"That can do!" Ellen suddenly felt energetic. "With all the work here? I need at least two in the main branch and probably one on the other."

"I will send them to you." He winked at her. Selina smiled.

"So, how's the baby's room?"

"We are still checking a few things around," Selina answered.

"I could help with the decorations," Ellen suggested.

"That sounds great." Fin nodded.

"So, when will be the wedding?" She asked. Fin looked at Selina and back to her.

"Since Dmitri and Agatha got married this year, Grandpa arranged that Stanley and Luna should get married first. Then next year in the first month will be our wedding."

"Oh." She nodded and thought about Andel. "How about Steven?"

"It actually up to Freya." She answered then she looked at her ring. "How about you?"

Ellen adjusts her ring and bit her lip.

"Well, after all of you get married and have babies, it will be my turn to have my wedding. Maybe in two years."

"That's long. Are you still together with whoever the guy you are dating?"

"Of course! It's a permanent relationship and will level up soon enough."

Ellen thought of Andel and his job as a shadow. Damn, she wanted to get married to her badly and introduce her to everyone. Their family will be very surprised once that they know their real relationship.

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