Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress Book 2 2chapter 362

Volume 2: The Phoenix And The Dragon Chapter 362 The Empire's Phoenix Part 2

The real preparation is according to Andromeda and Dmitri's plan. Since both are partners and ruler of the Dragon and the Phoenix Empire, they talk at least every day to set things up. Dmitri already started his charade and Andromeda had plan something else.

Their advantage from the Rose and Eagle Empire is their ability to foresee the future. They can't know that Andromeda could foresee such things. His identity is hidden behind the Dragon Empire and somehow, the Eagle Empire hasn't found it out yet though they are guessing.

"Here's your office." Aaron gave his access. He tapped the access and they entered. It looks great with the flag of Dragon and the Phoenix Empire.

Aaron slouch on the comfortable sofa and exhaled.

"Well, this is way bigger than I had imagined," Dmitri said.

"Andy didn't set any secretary or assistant for you. She's letting you choose someone for yourself." Aaron checked his phone as Dmitri checked the files on the table.

"The office is not very useful to me. I am more of a filed worker."

"You need this." Aaron stood. "You'll be staying for a little longer and I know that your wife will be very much pissed that you are away."

Dmitri chuckled and then nodded.

"Let's just eat. We got a new menu in Asian Season."

They left the facility and went to the Asian Season. They somehow passed by from the restaurant that the Eagle Empire set just beside the Asian season. They somehow got quite an audience there. Dmitri ignored it and Aaron looked at him.

"What's with them?"

"He's scouting Chefs and crew from my restaurant and Ellen's restaurant."

"That sounds a little terrifying," Aaron said with a grin. Aaron found out his game. So, Aaron wasn't even had the slightest worry. "So, this is the preparation that the father is talking about."

"Yes. You'll be more surprised about Andy's unknown preparation."


Steven used the golf cart to roam around and picked fruits for the pregnant ladies that are busy killing zombies from the 3-D play station. He noticed cameras around and sensors. Wow. Just wow. Dmitri made a fortress for the safety of people living here. He could make a great architect and planner.

Once that he had gathered few fruits in a basket. He drove it back to the main house to the backdoor and he washed the fruits.

He started with making lemonade and next, he sliced the apples and the dragon fruit. He put it all in separate bowls. He settled three glasses and a pitcher of lemonade on the tray. He walked to the hall and the arcade room and found the girls cursing as they keep killing the zombies.

Freya is killing them right through their head and Agatha is doing the same perfectly. He settled the tray on the coffee table and watched them kill those disgusting zombies.

"Hey, time to eat." He sat beside Freya and wrapped his arms, but she nudged him hard on his abdominal. He groaned in pain and he nearly puked on what she did. She hissed at him.

"F.u.c.k off, Steven." She said, completely pissed at him.

Steven bit his lip and moved away from her. She gets more vicious on playing and then they both won the game. He stood and pour the lemonade on the three glasses and he distributed it to the two.

The two eat and talk and that left him out. Freya doesn't want him around and mostly she's agitated. He was left there in the corner and then, Agatha suddenly said that she's going to sleep. So, when Agatha left, Freya continues eating.

He reached her head and kissed it. She pushed him away.

"I am not in the mood." She said coldly.

Steven groaned and he just slouched beside her. He stayed like that for minutes while she's busy picking something to play. Then, he finally thought of something. He removed his shirt and then his pants together with his boxers. She frowned at him as she roamed her eyes from head to toe.

He gently lay her flat down the sofa and he pulled the PJs that she's wearing together with her panties.

"What are you doing?" She asked. He kissed her ankles and then down to her inner thighs.

"Why are you mad at me?" He asked as he shoved his face between her legs, kissing each side lightly. Then, his tongue wonders on her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s to her labia. She gasped and hold his head.

"More." She m.o.a.ned. He lifted his head.

"Babe, are you mad at me?" He asked. She frowned at him and shove his head back. He grinned and continue pleasing her.

It seemed to be an endless pleasure for Freya. He finished pleasing her after she came, and he crawled over her. He started kissing her lips and then her neck.

"I want it inside me." She said seductively. He obeyed and slid it in. She gasped and thrust into him when he didn't move. "Come on! Make it work." She said a little agitated.

"Babe, answer my question first." He sucked her n.i.p.p.l.es teasing her.

"I am going to get f.u.c.k.i.n.g mad at you if you didn't make your d.i.c.k work!" She hissed at him. He laughed and gently and slowly stroke inside her. "Oh." She wrapped her arms around his back as her nails dug into his skin. "Faster." He increased his speed. "Harder."

"Babe, I can't thrust hard." He said softly.

"Harder, damn it!" She exclaimed to him and he obeyed but he didn't shove deep just to make sure that their baby is safe.

She's making that beautiful sound that drives him crazy and he forgot that she's pregnant when he thrust harder and fast. After she had her first orgasm, he realized what he's done. He stopped for a while.

"Are our babies okay?" He asked.

"Yeah! They won't get killed easily. Just keep going but not too deep."

"Okay." He gently helped her adjust the position. She knelt on the sofa in a d.o.g.g.y-style position. He continued making love to her until she had her last climax and he came after.

He stayed behind her and keep kissing her.

"Take me to our bedroom." She murmured. He put her shirt on and her PJs on. Then he also put his pants on and gathered the rest of their garments. He cleaned up the sofa first and then he carried her upstairs.

She kissed his neck and rubbed his chest.

Freya stretched her arms and pillow over his chest. She's satisfied for a day. S.e.x from the arcade room and then to their bedroom. He kissed her forehead and rubbed her back.

"Babe, when do you want us to get married?" He suddenly asked.

"I don't know." She murmured.

They were in a sweet moment when suddenly a phone call interrupted. She sat up and reached her phone.


"Hey, Boss. Our team had settled in the main City and I will send two in the Global City and five to a province nearby."

"Good. Also, guess what? One of our men will apply to Asian Season as a Chef and the other one will apply to the Eagle Hotel as a crew. Isn't it fun?"

Freya smirked and lay back to Steven's chest.

"It's fun. Keep up the good work."

"Aye!" She hung up and put her phone away.

"What is it?" Steven asked.

"Number of my men had settled in the country." She murmured.

"That's good." He caressed her hair. "So, babe. Let's get married."

"Hmm." She yawned.


Ellen arrived home. She locked the door and call Andel.

"Big Bear, I just arrived at him."

"Okay. Take a warm shower and rest."

"Aren't you coming home?"

"I'll be a little late. I am still finishing a little work."

"I'll make you dinner."

"It's alright, baby girl. I'll just take out some pizza for us. Just rest, okay?"

"Okay." She hung up and when she turned, a silhouette of a man is standing near the balcony. He turned slowly and put his forefinger to his lips. She recognized him and she slowly moved toward him.

Fin checked the monitor around the house and men are lingering. Fin took her to Andel's secret room, and he locked her there. She immediately called Andel and after a few rings, he answered.

"Baby girl? I need to finish"

"Don't come home yet. Assassins are lingering around."

"What?! Where are you?"

"I am staying in your secret room. Fin is already here."

She held her mouth when she heard crashes in the living room.

"Stay there. Stay still. I'll be there."

"Don't! I will be fine. Fin is here."

"I will be there. Keep talking to me." He said and she heard that he speaks with his boss that he will come back soon after he managed to fix the emergency. His boss let him and then Andel talked back to her.

There are loud guns and she nearly screamed. She holds her mouth.

"Baby! Talk to me."

"I am fine. I don't know what's happening outside."

"Stay there. I will there before you know it."

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