Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Youre Giving Me To Another Man?

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Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips tightly and did not say anything, his eyes staring fixedly at Nan Zhi.

From the beginning, Nan Zhi was already slightly nervous, but now she was becoming uncomfortable and flustered.

She even had the urge to go back to the dressing room and change back into her normal clothes.

He should just say it outright whether it was good or bad! It was excruciating when he didn’t say anything at all.

Dressed in the long white dress, she gave out a quiet and graceful air that was demure and innocent.

Looking at her, Mu Sihan seemed to have thought of something and slightly zoned out.

Coming out from the luxury store, Mu Sihan drove to the pier.

Along the way, he was extremely silent.

Yi Fan was waiting by the pier and seeing Mu Sihan coming over, he handed him the keys to the speedboat. Mu Sihan passed it to Nan Zhi, letting her get onto the speedboat first.

“Young Master, are you really not going to bring some men with you? What if Xiao Yi hurts you?”

Mu Sihan lifted his eyebrows and replied domineeringly, “He’s not that capable!”

“Young Master, it’s better to be careful. I’ll bring some men over and wait by the pier. If Xiao Yi dares to play tricks, you must contact me at once.”

Mu Sihan patted Yi Fan’s shoulder. “I find that you’re getting more naggy. Is the old man pressuring you recently?”

“Master did give me a call. He wants you to go back and regain your status.”

Mu Sihan smiled coldly and a trace of mockery flashed past his dark eyes. “Of course. Is there ever anything else on his mind?”

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan, who was standing on the shore. It was a little far away, so she could not hear what he was saying to Yi Fan, but she felt that his aura became cold in an instant. The contours of his face also looked to be sharper and icier.

Soon, Mu Sihan jumped onto the speedboat.

Only after driving for nearly an hour, did Nan Zhi finally see a white luxury cruise boat docked in the deep sea.

Xiao Yi’s men inspected Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi to make sure that they hadn’t brought any men or weapons, before letting them board the cruise boat.

In the banquet hall.

The colorful lights reflected from the bright crystal chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, shone on a circular stage where more than a dozen women in flowy red chiffon ensembles were dancing.

There was nothing covering the women in the chiffon and more than an outline of their graceful bodies could be seen without too much difficulty. The provocative air emitting from them was enough to make people blush.

Nan Zhi followed Mu Sihan into the banquet hall. She had never seen such a spectacle before. As soon as she entered, her ears burned red and she felt the flush rise down to the tips of her ears.

Lowering her gaze from the stage, she pulled at Mu Sihan’s sleeve uneasily. “How can we get the antidote?”

Mu Sihan’s dark eyes looked at Nan Zhi, seeing her ears red, there was a lazy and devilish smile on his handsome and charismatic face. “Xiao Yi likes pretty women. Those on the stage could only liven things up, he won’t be interested in them. Kitten, the way you’re dressing today is innocent and pure, that’s his favourite type. If I give you to Xiao Yi, maybe he will hand over the antidote.”

Nan Zhi heard Mu Sihan’s words and her breathing hitched. Looking into his dark eyes, she did not know how true his words were.

“You’re giving me away?”

Mu Sihan lifted Nan Zhi’s chin and gave a faint smile. “Aren’t you trying to save your Brother Gu Sheng?”

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