Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Blocking Her In The Washroom 3

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The ear was Nan Zhi’s most sensitive place. After being sucked on by his thin lips, his hot tongue licked her all around her lobe and Nan Zhi’s entire body stiffened.

Her ears became crimson red and the atmosphere was so intimate that she felt she was about to suffocate.

She had never been so intimate with a man, nor had she been so powerless and embarrassed before. Although she rejected this devilish man so many times, she knew that deep down, she did not resent him.

This was also the reason why she had tried so hard to escape him.

Nan Zhi wriggled her body and placed her hand on his shoulders, wanting to push him away.

But she had just moved when the man’s soft whisper husked into her ear. “Don’t move. Answer me.”

That enchanting and intimate tone was like the gentle whispers between lovers.

Nan Zhi’s heart tightened.

“Mu Sihan, don’t be so close to me.” When he spoke, his warm breath poured into her ear like a teasing caress. She couldn’t think.

Turning her face away, she tried to distance herself from him. But the next moment, her chin was pinched by him.

With his thin lips only a thin sheet of paper away from hers, if she moved, she would touch his lips.

Instead, Nan Zhi held her breath and glared at him angrily. “Mu Sihan, I don’t like you!”

It seemed to be the expected answer and other than the darkening of his eyes, there was no change in Mu Sihan’s expression.

As always, nothing had changed. The man was bad-tempered, had a mental illness, and had even left her on an island. Even now, he was still forcing her in that arrogant way of his.

Even if he were a woman, she would still not like him.

Especially now that there was a gentle and considerate Brother Gu Sheng by her side.

Should he let go?

No, impossible!

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes and smirked, just like his usual domineering and arrogant self. “If you don’t like me, then you’ll have to continue being my mistress!”

Nan Zhi looked at him angrily and her voice was serious when she answered. “I will not fulfill that contract. If you force me, I will leave the country with Xiaojー!”

Before she could finish, the man increased the strength in his fingers that were pinching her chin.

Nan Zhi gasped in pain. Her eyes started to tear up.

The gaze of the man looking at her was dark as ink. “Don’t leave.”

He could not tell her about his illness. He could only control it. He would take his medicine on time. He would cooperate with the psychologist’s treatment, and not to let himself catch a cold. He would not let himself do anything that would hurt her!

“Kitten, don’t provoke me.” The lines of the man’s cold and handsome face tightened, showing his displeasure. As his dark eyes stared at her, it was as if a storm was brewing and it made her feel a little afraid.

But in order to shake him off, she mustered up her courage and said, “Mu Sihan, what’s the point of seizing me by force? And besides, you don’t even like me. You’re just treating me asーmmh!”

Before she could finish, the man’s thin yet strong lips kissed her roughly.

Blocking what she had yet to say.

Nan Zhi’s slender back bumped into the door handle uncomfortably. She put her hands on his broad shoulders and shoved him hard, but he kissed her harder, and even more overbearingly, not giving her the chance to push him away.

Nan Zhi’s eyes were opened wide. The man’s eyes were deep like a cave, his refreshing breath with a faint tobacco smell invaded her mouth.

She was furious but could not push him away. Raising her leg, she kicked him in the calf.

The calf bone is the most fragile bone of a human being. As she was wearing leather shoes, it must have been very painful, but he was silent and did not dodge.

All he did was kiss her more strongly and violently, ravaging her mouth with growing forcefulness.

Just as she was almost suffocated by his kiss, the voices of Gu Sheng and Xiaojie could be heard outside the door.

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