Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Her Heart Was A Little Confused

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“Did Pretty Zhizhi fall into the toilet? Oh, she’s always worrying people!”

“There shouldn’t be anything wrong. I’ll go and take a look.”

“But we’re both boys, we can’t enter a girl’s washroom! No, I need to pee first before we find Pretty Zhizhi.”

Hearing that Xiaojie was going to the washroom, Nan Zhi’s heart rate quickened.

She could not let the little one and Brother Gu Sheng see her in this intimate position with Mu Sihan! Anyone would misunderstand!

But if they were to go out now, they were bound to meet face to face.

What can I do?

Contrary to Nan Zhi’s panicked state, the man who had trapped her in his arms, released her, a hand in his pants pocket, looking at her calmly.

From the way he acted it was almost as though he did such shameless things all the time.

But… he had a first love he was deeply in love with, and had beautiful women around him, it was unsurprising he had become brazen enough not to feel a hint of shame.

Seeing that Gu Sheng and Xiaojie’s footsteps were nearing, Nan Zhi ran around him and darted into a cubicle.

She had just closed the door when she heard Xiaojie’s surprised voice. “Uncle Cool, you’re here too?”

Nan Zhi sat on the toilet lid, afraid that Mu Sihan would tell Xiaojie that she was in the cubicle.

Mu Sihan ruffled Xiaojie’s hair, ignoring Gu Sheng who was beside him, and smiled. “Uncle Cool just came back from a business trip. You and your Mommy should move back soon. I want to continue sleeping on the same bed with the two of you!”

When Nan Zhi heard Mu Sihan’s words, she clenched her teeth so hard they almost broke.


Could he be any more shameless?

After Mu Sihan left, Gu Sheng brought Xiaojie to use the toilet, but Xiaojie did not let Gu Sheng help him and Gu Sheng stood by the side.

When he glanced at the cubicles, and saw one of them shut and from the space below, he could faintly see a pair of women’s leather shoes.

“Uncle Gu, I’m done.” Xiaojie washed his hands and ran to Gu Sheng. “Let’s go find Pretty Zhizhi!”

Gu Sheng carried Xiaojie and said gently as the left the washroom, “Let’s eat our dessert first. She should be out in awhile.”

Nan Zhi felt guilty when she heard Gu Sheng’s words.

Ever since he was a child, Brother Gu Sheng had always been very smart. When he was only fourteen years old, he had already been accepted to Princeton University. Could he have already noticed that she was in the cubicle?

When Nan Zhi returned to the restaurant, Mu Sihan and that beautiful woman had already left.

Xiaojie saw Nan Zhi and looked at her for some time with his large adorable eyes. “Pretty Zhizhi, why are your lips so red and swollen?”

Nan Zhi replied with forced calmness, “I accidentally knocked them on the doorframe.”

Xiaojie was speechless.

Gu Sheng was silent too.

After their dessert, Gu Sheng sent Nan Zhi and Xiaojie back to the apartment.

Before Nan Zhi got off the car, Gu Sheng grabbed her wrist and looked at her. “Little Flower, when the first episode of the program is aired, I have a surprise for you.”

Nan Zhi opened her mouth, wanting to tell Gu Sheng but to spend any money on her. He seemed to see through her mind and said gently, “It’s not something material, but something you need the most.”

Something she needed the most???

At night, Nan Zhi lay on the bed with Xiaojie in her arms. The little fellow was already asleep but she was still wide awake, and could only stare blankly at the ceiling.

She touched her lips. Her heart was a little confused.

Could it be that she really looked like that Xue’er?

She was so alike to her that after his fever had passed, he was pestering her again?

Also… Where did that Xue’er go?

Mu Sihan returned to the manor and took a bath. He changed into his loungewear, a pair of slacks and a black V-necked shirt, exposing part of his firm and masculine chest.

The well-groomed hair in the day was now wet and plastered over his forehead after his bath. Contrary to his previous expression, his handsome and cold features were now much gentler.

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