Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 225

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Mu Sihan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window for a while. His deep black eyes darkened when they momentarily swept past the wing of the manor where Xiaojie had stayed.

Pursing his lips into a line, he left his bedroom and went to the third floor of the manor.

Using a key, the lock turned and he opened the door to a room that he had not entered for a long time.

The room was decorated in an ethereal pink. It was luxuriously decorated in a palace-style that was fit for a princess. There was a soft and white fur carpet on the floor and pretty white yarn curtains.

Towering over a king-sized bed, a pink princess canopy flowed down from the ceiling. It looked dreamy and fantastical.

Mu Sihan bent down and took out a photo from the drawers of the nightstand.

In the photo, the man’s arms was hugging the woman’s slender shoulders in an intimate embrace. The woman leaned into the man’s arms and was smiling brightly, her eyes seemed to twinkle in happiness.

Mu Sihan stared at the photo for a very long time before he took out a diary.

Time ground to a halt as he started reading from the first page and only finished reading after nearly two hours.

Putting down the diary, he threw open the wardrobe.

Then closed it again within one minute.

However, he opened the wardrobe once again after a few seconds.

With long fingers, he pushed the clothes in front one by one, until they stopped at a white shirt.

He took out the shirt from the wardrobe.

The shirt had been washed before being put away, he could still faintly smell the scent of soap.

Mu Sihan’s black eyes landed on the shirt’s fourth button.

There was nothing there.

The scene of Nan Zhi holding a button in the cave flashed in his mind.

If he did not remember wrongly, that button belonged to this shirt!

However, why would she have a button from a shirt he wore in his teens?

Mu Sihan put the shirt back down. His fingers grazed his handsome chin and rubbed it softly as his forehead furrowed into a frown of concentration.

Xue’er was the one who had given him this shirt and he only worn it once that year.

It was at that time when he had saved an ugly and fat young girl by accident.

Could it be…

Mu Sihan left the room in a hurry and summoned Yi Fan. “Investigate everything about Nan Zhi when she was 13 and 14 years old.”

Delicacy was scheduled to air on Fridays and they would be able to start airing after Gu Sheng recorded the first episode under his identity as Yannis. However, the head of the broadcasting called Nan Zhi to his office when she just arrived at work.

“President Nan called me and told me that Nan Yao and Bo Shaoxiu are about to get married. They’ll need at least half a month to prepare for the wedding. We will need to push back the first airing of both Delicacy and Dreams a little.”

Undoubtedly, Nan Yao and Bo Shaoxiu’s wedding would bring some attention. However, Nan Yao’s wedding would not be able to shake Yannis’ influence worldwide.

So why was the show pushed back?

Could it be that Nan Yao had another idea to harm her?

The head of broadcasting company stared at Nan Zhi. He actually did not understand why she was not doted on at all, when she was President Nan’s biological daughter.

“Nan Zhi, it is indeed a little too rushed for the team if you start airing next week. You can use this time to record a few more episodes and edit them properly to fight for a good start.”

Hearing his words, Nan Zhi found herself swayed. It was true, her attention had been on whether she could win over Nan Yao in the ratings after she had made that bet with her. With that, she had neglected focusing on the quality of her show.

“I understand.”

She should put her full effort into making every episode of the show a high quality episode that truly brought joy to her viewers, and not just be fixated on the ratings of the first episode.

In the apartment.

Auntie He, who had been convinced by Nan Zhi to stay on and take care of Xiaojie, went out to buy some groceries. Xiaojie lay on the table to draw.


The doorbell rang.

Putting down his crayon, Xiaojie ran to open the door.

Standing outside the door after he opened it…

The small boy’s eyes were opened wide and his mouth formed an ‘o’ in an unbelievable expression.

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