Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 289

Chapter 289 She Asked Him To Go To A Hotel


Nan Zhi took a look at the document Mu Sihan had given her after she returned home that night.

It was as she had expected. It was completely shameless.

What kind of proposal was this? It was just trying to take advantage of her in all kinds of ways.

Mu Sihan had been busy with a big project recently. Nan Zhi did not call him and he did not contact her either.

This evening, a few men dressed in suits walked out of Huangting Hotel.

Everyone surrounded the man who was at the center-most position. He was handsome and tall,with one hand in his pocket and a slight muddiness colored his deep black eyes.

“President Mu, it’s an honor to be able to work with your company. You’re definitely the youngest and most capable leader that I’ve met to date. Let’s learn from each other if there is a chance next time.”

Mu Sihan and his client both drank a little after they settled their big project.

After the client got in his car, Wei Lin approached Mu Sihan to support him. However, the latter waved him away and got on the luxurious car in front of the hotel’s entrance with stumbling steps.

The car drove stably on the roads. Wei Lin instructed the driver quietly to drive back to the manor, after he took a glance at the man who had his eyes closed to rest.

Mu Sihan suddenly opened his eyes and said the name of a district with his hoarse voice.

The driver changed directions.

Mu Sihan’s phone rang after the journey started for a few seconds.

It was a message.

Mu Sihan glanced at his phone.

“I’m at room 3068 in XX hotel. I hope you can come over.”

Mu Sihan’s tongue rested against his cheek as he laughed quietly after he saw the message.

He called the number directly. However, no one picked the phone up after it rang for a while.

Putting down his phone, he opened his eyes calmly. “Go to XX hotel.”

In room 3068 at XX hotel.

A woman wearing a red shirt and black pants that ended at her ankles, was standing in front of the window as she stared at the night view.

The phone rang.

She did not answer when she saw the incoming caller ID.

The call cut off automatically and the other phone that she placed on the bed rang.

Picking up her phone, she swiped her finger on the screen to pick up the call.

A man’s voice trailed from the other end. “How sure are you about the success of your plan? This is a very dangerous plan. If it fails, we both mighー”

The woman interrupted the man impatiently. “As long as your intel is right that he’s drunk, then the plan will work.”

“Have you really thought about this clearly?”

The woman’s red lips twitched as disdain and sarcasm appeared on her exquisite face. “Once I succeed, I’ll have a strong backer. Shouldn’t you be happy for me?”

The person on the other end of the call laughed. “You’ve really changed.”

The woman sat by the side of the bed after she hung up the call and held tightly onto both of the phones.

No one would have thought that Nan Zhi’s phone had been injected with a virus when she got chased by the crazy fans earlier. It meant she could now monitor all of Nan Zhi’s phone activity from her end. In fact, she could even intercept her calls and send messages in Nan Zhi’s name!

It was perfect.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom arrived at the entrance of the hotel. Mu Sihan, who had been resting his eyes, opened his dark eyes. His long fingers grabbed his phone and he got ready to get out of the car.

He looked at the phone message again before he got out of the car.

His sexy lips curled up almost imperceptibly.

At the entrance of room 3068.

A tall man lifted his hand and rang the doorbell.

The door was not closely tightly and a small gap could be seen.

The man pushed the door open, his voice low and hoarse. “Nan Zhi?”

No one answered from inside. The man pushed the door opened and entered, before closing the door behind him.

The air-conditioner was turned on in the room. There was no one as the room was lit up with a warm and gentle hue.

The man stood in front of the glass door of the bathroom and stared at the slender silhouette of the woman who was showering inside.

Although he couldn’t make out her facial features, but the curves of her figure could be seen. A fire started burning in the man and he walked to the bed and lit a cigarette.

A woman with a towel wrapped around her pulled opened the door slightly and peered into the room after about five minutes.

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