Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Young Master Mu I Admire You A Lot


Qin Yubing stood by the bed as she stared at the man with his back facing her, wearing a black shirt and suit pants. His back was masculine, with broad shoulders that made her want to hold herself against him. It gave off an indifferent and cold aura.

Her heart started to beat faster uncontrollably as she stared at his pair of long legs.

There was nothing wrong with what she was doing.

He was unmarried while she was as well. She had no choice but to play a small trick on him in order to get to the top.

So what if he had that sort of relationship with Nan Zhi? Nan Zhi was merely one of his mistresses. In the scheme of things, she was nothing. He had an actual girlfriend, yet still played around with Nan Zhi. It was obvious how perverted and amorous he was.

Not to mention, she had met him earlier than Nan Zhi.

She would not give up quietly, without trying to fight for a man she fell for at first sight.

Qin Yubing walked forward with a blush on her cheeks.

The strong smell of male hormones and heavy liquor rushed into her nose as she got closer to him.

He was filled with masculinity from head to toe.

Qin Yubing walked behind him, barefooted. Her slender arms hugged around his fit waist from behind.

He did not have the scent of cologne and even the smell of liquor made her heart palpate.

Pressing her petite face against his spine, her eyes were full of greediness, though her voice was deceptively gentle. “Young Master Mu…”

The man froze. He did not turn around as he asked in a low and husky voice that was the result from drinking. “Nan Zhi?”

Qin Yubing hummed softly in agreement. She did not care who he took her for, as long as she could get to the top.

Her petite hands caressed his muscular chest daringly. She blushed at the feeling of the strong and firm muscles while her heart thumped eagerly in anticipation.

“Young Master Mu, I really admire you.” In the beginning, she had been worried that he wouldn’t come. She would never have imagined that she had underestimated Nan Zhi’s influence in his heart.

A distinct sourness appeared in her heart.

What was so good about Nan Zhi? Ever since they were young, people always noticed her the first. It was always Nan Zhi this, Nan Zhi that. To them all, Qin Yubing was only a sidekick. She was forever second best.

She thought of every way to enter the entertainment industry in order to stop being compared to Nan Zhi. She didn’t want to be the friendly sidekick any longer. She went to numerous micro-plastic surgeries and her appearance and aura were different from in the past.

She was no longer the useless sidekick. And like this, the number of pursuers around her indeed increased.

However, people still saw Nan Zhi first when they stood together, especially after Nan Zhi returned to the country.

It wasn’t fair.

When the news of Nan Zhi causing Nan Yao to have a miscarriage came out a few days ago, several netizens revealed that she was best friends with Nan Zhi. While they criticized Nan Zhi ruthlessly, they also compared both of their looks.

Those people said that Qin Yubing’s looks were not too bad in the entertainment industry. However, she still looked like a servant next to a rich young lady when compared to Nan Zhi.

Servant. She did not know how many people used this word to laugh at her since she was young.

The only thing she did not have was to have such a good life like Nan Zhi had. She had a rich maternal grandfather, a doting uncle and a mother who knew how to dress her…

The more she thought about it, the angrier Qin Yubing got, until she was seething in rage. She already did her best to be herself. Why did all those people still compare her to Nan Zhi?

All of the boys she liked when she was growing up liked Nan Zhi.

Even Young Master Mu, who she met and had fallen for, was also only interested in Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi.

She was sick of Nan Zhi.

Tears flowed from Qin Yubing’s eyes. Her hands that were caressing the man’s chest moved even more daringly. When she heard the man’s heavier panting, her eyes turned red as her hands moved lower.

“Young Master Mu, are you feeling very uncomfortable now? It’s okay, I’ll serve you well…” Qin Yubing pulled away the towel wrapped around her. She was completely naked under the towel and her soft chest pressed tightly against the man’s spine.

The man’s eyes darkened. He pulled her by her wrist and threw her on the soft and wide mattress and his tall body followed immediately after.

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