Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Men Indeed Think With Their Lower Bodies


The man’s muscular and strong arms were placed on both sides of her body to support himself. He buried his handsome face into her soft neck, only revealing half of his side profile.

Qin Yubing was almost trembling with excitement as she wrapped her arms around him. She did not think that the muscles under his shirt would be so firm and big. It made her blush and her heartbeat sped up even with a layer of cloth between her hands.

Qin Yubing tilted her head slightly and glanced out of the floor-to-ceiling window.

She had arranged for a reporter to take some sneaky photos from over there.

She never thought that she would have sex with him successfully. All she needed was some intimate photos and she might be able to get to the top with that and take the best resources from him.

Even if she would not be able to get to the top, she would also be able to disgust Nan Zhi.

“Young Master Mu, I’m still clean. I believe that you have feelings for me. You’ve merely been bewitched by a b*tchー”

The man suddenly pulled her up and made her face the glass window.

Qin Yubing felt that something was wrong. She was completely exposed with someone filming on the other side. However, she didn’t have the chance to change positions with the man when a sharp pain came as he entered her.

She never noticed that the man’s face was always bowed down and was blocked from the camera by being behind her head.

A few hours later.

Qin Yubing lay helplessly on the bed in exhaustion.

After doing what he wanted with her, the man got up from the bed and wore his clothes with his back facing her.

He didn’t turn around, not even once.

Qin Yubing wanted to ask him not to leave tonight. However, she felt like she had been run into by a car and could not muster up any energy.

The man had not been gentle at all. He did not look at her properly from the start to the end as he ravaged her body over and over again. He had been ruthless. After he had dressed himself, his legs took long strides as he left.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

The tears in Qin Yubing’s eyes flowed down as she stared at his heartless back view.

Was he sober now?

Must he treat her like this once he was sober?

Men really thought with their lower halves and were more like beasts.

The door bell rang not too long after.

Qin Yubing dragged her leaden legs to open the door.

The photographer smiled meaningfully as he stood at the door.

“Yubing, it’s such a pity if you don’t go and film pornography.” Glancing towards Qin Yubing’s body that was wrapped with a towel, the photographer made no move to hide his blatant appreciation. “My nose bled from looking at you.”

Qin Yubing’s expression darkened. She moved back and allowed the photographer to enter the room.

“Show me the photos.”

The photographer showed Qin Yubing the photos on his camera.

Qin Yubing’s expression darkened further as she stared at the photos. “How the hell did you take them? They’re all full shots of me from the front.” Not only that, the photos of her were also all very clear, yet the man behind her always had either the top of his head showing, or his chin exposed.

There was not a single front shot of him.

The photographer hurriedly took his camera. It was then that he noticed the problem.

“Who told you to choose that angle? You were in front and he had his head down. How can I take a good photo?” The photographer went back to view the first few photos. “These two photos are still alright. I managed to take his side profile even though it isn’t a front shot of him. Take a look.”

Qin Yubing furrowed her eyebrows together. “It’s already over. I can only use these two photos.”

“Alright, let’s do it. I promise that this will definitely be tomorrow’s top headlines!”

In the Rolls-Royce Phantom parked in front of the hotel.

The tall man who had left the hotel, got on the car and looked at the handsome man seated behind with his eyes closed. He spoke carefully, “Master, everything has been settled.”

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