Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Falling On His Chest

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There was no ounce of panic on Bo Yan’s handsome, but aloof expression when he heard Yan Hua’s question. His gaze remained unchanged under his spectacles.

Yan Hua kept observing his expression, and her heart could not help but tighten at the sight of him still remaining so calm.

Did he see her as someone so unimportant that he did not even care to explain anything to her?

She knew long ago that he did not care about her, so why was she embarrassing herself once again?

The two of them had already broken up. She has nothing to do with him impregnating another woman, even if it did make her heart shatter into a million pieces.

Yan Hua did not want to reveal her weak side in front of him as her lips curled up in self-ridicule. “Bo Yan, you’re an asshole!”

If he did not like her, why did he give her hope?

Must he let her taste the taste of falling to hell from heaven, again and again?

Yan Hua bit her lip hard, wanting to leave as she did not want to speak to him anymore.

However, she had only taken a step when he grabbed her wrist tightly, twisting her around as he threw her towards the nearest wall.

His hand holding on the cigarette rested above her head as he looked down at her. His handsome and distant expression appeared even sharper.

“Chen Qianqian’s child belongs to the Director.”


The words that came out of his mouth made Yan Hua even more surprised and she stopped, stunned.

Her mind buzzed as her body hyperventilated to the point that she could not stand properly.

Bo Yan grabbed her shoulder with one hand. His gaze appeared colder without the spectacles. “Originally, Director wanted you to inherit the Yan family’s business, but you were not interested. He’s afraid that you might be bullied by your husband if he passes the business to your future husband, so he wanted to have a son to inherit the Yan family business. That means he would also feel more at ease about you when you have a younger brother to protect you.

“He only wants you to have a brother and won’t marry Chen Qianqian. Director will make her leave once she gives birth to the child.”

Yan Hua widened her eyes as crystal-like beads of tears welled up in her eyes.

She could not explain what she was feeling. There was sadness, despair and disbelief…

She suddenly thought about the pair of jade earrings Chen Qianqian was wearing during the class reunion. She thought that it was just a design that looked like her mother’s, but…

Now that she knew, it was given to Chen Qianqian by her daddy.

“Liar!” Yan Hua pushed Bo Yan away hard as the tears circling in her eyes fell, “You’re all liars!”

Chan Qianqian walked out from a corner after Yan Hua ran out of the washroom.

She stared at the man who looked colder without his spectacles and her pupils constricted slightly. “I can tell that Yan Hua really likes you. Will you really not regret using her this way?”

Chen Qianqian’s slender neck was grabbed by Bo Yan’s five fingers tightly the moment she finished her words. His gaze was cold and dark, “You’re not worthy to comment on my matters!”

Chen Qianqian almost suffocated from his fingers as her pretty face turned red from the lack of oxygen. “I just hope that you won’t treat what’s fake as real.”

Renxin Hospital.

Last night, Nan Zhi had fallen asleep on the sofa, while Mu Sihan and Xiaojie slept on the same bad. The bed in the VIP ward was enormous and was more than enough for the adult and child to sleep peacefully.

Nan Zhi woke up when dawn was approaching and the warm rays of the sun started to filter into the room.

She felt a little restless at the thought of the beggar she had met last night and as a result, she had not slept properly.

Getting up from the sofa, she walked towards the bed. She did not know whether to laugh or cry when she saw the father and son sleeping with their hands and legs spread wide.

Mu Sihan had taken off his shirt and was wearing only a pair of boxers. The blanket was only covering Xiaojie and not him.

Nan Zhi glanced towards his firm abdomen, where the bulge below made her blush and her pretty face started to warm up.

She cupped her face with her cool hands as she walked to the bed and covered Mu Sihan with the blanket.

Almost at the same time that she covered him with the blanket, her wrist was grabbed by a strong force.

She did not have the chance to react before she fell unguarded on his firm and muscular chest.

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