Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Accompanying You For The Last Time

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Nan Zhi was not stupid. Her brain kept turning, as endless thoughts filled her head.

His blood was the antidote for the poison.However, he was aging drastically day by day. It has only been 7 days

Could it be? Could it be that he took that lethal poison as well?

Qiao Yanze said that the poison had no antidote.

Could it be that one person needed to be sacrificed in order to save the person who got poisoned first?

Nan Zhis eyes trembled immediately.

Little Flower, youre alright now. However, youve lost too much weight recently, so you have to eat more nourishing food and soon youll be able to return to how you were.

Gu Sheng patted Nan Zhis head. Take care. Im leaving.

Gu Sheng turned around, wanting to leave.

However, his sleeve was pulled tightly by a fair hand.

Gu Sheng turned back, looking at Nan Zhi with confused, gentle eyes. Whats wrong?

Nan Zhi did not say anything, pulling his sleeve up instead.

Both of his arms were covered with several deep red scars. Some of them had scarred, while some of them only had scabs

The sight of his arms was scary, with not a piece of skin on his arm untouched.

Its alright, it will heal after a few days. Gu Sheng pulled down his sleeve again.

Nan Zhi pulled his back then, not letting him leave, Go back with me. Ill help you bandage it.

Theres no need

Before he could finish his words, he froze slightly when he saw the tears swimming in her eyes. I almost killed you. You should hate me.

Yes, she was supposed to hate him.

When she found out that she had been kidnapped and held captive by him, she really hated him!

However, she still remembered the kinship for him in the many years they had known each other. It was not something that could be taken away so easily!

She could not ignore the fact that he had become like this because of her.

He did not bear to see her cry after all, and returned to the house with her.

His situation was worse than she had thought.

After she helped him bandage his wounds, he started to nose bleed and even spat out mouthfuls of blood.

She cooked for him at night, though he ate the food and vomited it all out.

The next day, she noticed that he looked a decade older.

Little Flower, I have to leave now.

Nan Zhi stared at him. His usually gentle eyes were dead and calm, and she could not read his thoughts anymore.

Her lips trembled. Can my blood save you?

Gu Shengs slender figure trembled terribly as pain seemed to crack through his dead eyes.

He thought that she only had hate for him now.

If he died earlier, it might be able to erase the hurt she had gotten.

However, she actually asked such a question.

He would not have any regrets even if he died now!

Gu Sheng shook his head, smiling warmly. Its no use. Little Flower, you dont have to be sad. Death is the best way to free people like us.

Even if he was alive, the people from the group would never let go of him again.

Besides, he had acted as an antidote. He could not be saved by another person after he saved another.

His life was destined to end.

Nan Zhis face was wet and cold as salty liquid fell on her lips.

She stared at Gu Sheng with her sight blurred from tears, and she choked slightly. How long more? How long more can you live?

Maybe ten days, maybe half a month, but at the speed Im aging now, it might be a week too. Gu Sheng lifted his hand, wiping Nan Zhis tears away, Dont cry for me. Its not worth it.

Nan Zhi held her hands into tight fists, punching them against his thin chest. Gu Sheng, you poisoned me but saved me with your own life as well. Why did you do this?

Originally, the two of them could have lived their lives without fear.

They could have remained really close friends. Friends who were as close as family.

How did it end up like this, that only one of them could live while the other had to die?


Nan Zhi wiped her tears away, looking at him with red eyes. Where are you planning to go?

Little Flower

Nan Zhi cut his words, sniffling, Although I hated you and blamed you for everything before, I cant let you be alone when youre about to die.

Ill accompany you no matter where youre going.

They returned to the house that Nan Zhi saw first thing after she had been kidnapped when she was thirteen years old. It felt like an eternity had passed.

Unconsciously, it had already been nearly nine years!

Gu Sheng had probably returned for a short stay at the house everyday, so the house was still rather clean and tidy.

This place was far away from the noisy city, and only had a small town nearby. Nan Zhi and Gu Sheng went there to buy their daily items.

This time, it was Nan Zhis turn to take care of Gu Sheng.

She still blamed him for everything, because if he did not become too extreme in that instant, how would things become like how they were now?

However, as she watched him age day by day, and his body getting frailer day by day, whatever unhappiness she had for him all became heart ache for him instead.

Little Flower, let me bring you somewhere later.

Nan Zhi nodded.

He brought her up the mountain behind the house. He was holding onto a walking stick, not letting her help him.

Although he looked nice and warm, he was actually a stubborn person.

He had his own sense of arrogance and dignity.

When they reached the top of the mountain, Nan Zhi widened her eyes in surprise.

He had already developed the area a little, having planted a large patch of flowers in all sorts of colors. The sight was gorgeous.

Nan Zhi suddenly remembered that she told him her wish when she was chatting with him after he woke up from having been kidnapped that year. She told him that she wished to become a flower fairy and plant a large patch of flowers behind her house so that she could lie amongst the flowers as she read, looked at the stars, sang and danced.


She had said it casually back then, since she was still an innocent and naive young princess of her family with all of her fantasies.

She never thought that Gu Sheng would remember those words and help her fulfill them

It was obvious that the flowers were not planted in a short period of time.

I wanted to bring you here on your birthday after you returned to the country. In the end, I was still one step too late.

The two of them sat by the flowers, chatting as they smelled the faint fragrance of the flowers.

Little Flower, what do you plan to do in the future?

Nan Zhi thought that she was going to die originally, so she had placed her faith in Mu Sihan taking care of Xiaojie after he had recovered from his illness. She also did not worry about her mother as her mothers psychological condition had also turned for the better in the recent few years, while Xiaojie would also take care of her after he grew up. In the end, the one facing death was not her, but Gu Sheng!

Now that she had recovered, she was fairly lost about her life in the future as well.

Mu Sihan had returned to the Ye family. He was born in a royal family, and his status signified that he was not someone a commoner like her could touched. Besides, his father had arranged for him to marry that Shangguan Wan, and he did not reject it either.

Gu Sheng turned to look at Nan Zhi. Her skin had regained its fairness and smoothness. She looked absolutely stunning, overlapping with the extremely beautiful Little Flower in his memories.

Thats great.

This was how things were meant to be.

Little Flower, Im a little tired. Can you lend me your shoulder so I can lean on it?

Nan Zhi did not say anything, as Gu Sheng leaned his head on Nan Zhis thin shoulders. He slowly closed his eyes as he stared at the flower patch in front of them.

His thoughts seemed to jump back to a few years ago.

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