Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 806

Chapter 806 He Was The One Who Saved Her

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As Qiao Yanze managed to find out that the money was sent from Pei Xuan and Nan Yaos room, Pei Xuan was also in extreme anxiousness.

The kidnapper said that Nan Zhi had escaped.

Although the boss promised him that he would definitely find Nan Zhi, Pei Xuan was still worried.

This Nan Zhi had always been a cunning and tricky woman. After letting her escape, it wouldnt be easy to catch her again the next time.

However, compared to Nan Zhi running away, he was more worried about Qiao Yanze.

He was not worried if Qiao Yanze could still hold his wedding. Qiao Yanze had said that he was letting his family enjoy the island by not letting them leave, but wasnt it just a nicer way of phrasing that he wanted to keep them on the island?

Nan Yao stared at Pei Xuan who was pacing about nonstop, and moved forward to comfort him. "As long as we dont admit it, Young Master Qiao probably wont be able to find out about anything, right?"

The moment Nan Yao finished speaking, Pei Xuan slapped her ruthlessly.

"Its all your stupid idea!" Although he had also ignored how important Nan Zhi was to Qiao Yanze, if it wasnt for Nan Yaos idea for her to kidnap Nan Zhi on the island, he would not have done anything.

This woman was good for nothing!

Nan Yao felt extremely miserable from the slap.

She cupped her stinging cheek, glancing at Pei Xuan with teary eyes. "I didnt know that Young Master Qiao would rather look for Nan Zhi than hold his wedding!"

It was not like he watched Nan Zhi grow up. She was only his niece. Who knew that he would even leave his most beloved Xiao Ying for Nan Zhi?

What Nan Yao was saying was the truth.

No one had expected Qiao Yanze to prioritize finding Nan Zhi at the expense of not getting married. For this man who clearly doted on his wife-to-be, it was inconceivable!

Pei Xuans expression was dark as he managed to find a cigarette from his pocket. Seeing this, Nan Yao hurriedly picked up the lighter from the coffee table. She was about to light the cigarette up for him when the door was pushed open from outside.

Qiao Yanze brought several bodyguards inside the room.

Seeing this, Pei Xuan furrowed his eyebrows. "Yanze, what are you doing?"

Throwing the documents at Pei Xuans face, Qiao Yanze was livid. "What am I doing? Im the one who wants to ask you what you are doing? Tell me, where is Zhizhi? Dont make me ask again."

Pei Xuan picked up the documents that had fallen on the floor. They contained the bank account details and the IP address that Qiao Yanze had found.

Pei Xuans eyes darkened. "Yanze, it must be a misunderstanding"

"Misunderstanding?" Qiao Yanze smiled coldly, his usual charming smile not appearing on his handsome face, as he seemed extremely serious and cold. "I have already called the police. According to our laws, the sentence of instigating a kidnap incident would result in at least."

Qiao Yanze had not finished speaking when Pei Xuan suddenly raised his hand to slap Nan Yao once more heavily.

Nan Yao stumbled back from the impact, losing her balance as she fell to the floor.

"Darling, you"

"Dont call me darling. Did we register our marriage or held a wedding ceremony?" Pei Xuan threw the documents at Nan Yaos face. "I know you hate Nan Zhi, but how could you do something like kidnap her?"

"Darling, I"

Pei Xuan stared at Nan Yao coldly, sending her a glare. It was better for one person to take the blame than have the two of them take it.

Nan Yao understood what Pei Xuan meant. She cursed him darkly in her heart, thinking that Pei Xuan was not a man that could handle things.

This man was cowardly and despicable.

However, she knew clearly that if the two of them were arrested, then no one would bail her out.

If she was arrested alone, Pei Xuan would still go save her for the sake of their child.

Nan Yao looked down, her voice trembling as she said, "Young Master Qiao, I did it! It has nothing to do with Pei Xuan! Im the one who cannot stand Nan Zhi"

Qiao Yanze walked in front of Nan Yao, kicking at her shoulder without any concern for her.

"Where is she now?" Qiao Yanzes eyes were cold. "If she loses even a single strand of hair, I will definitely kill you!"

Hearing the viciousness in his voice, Nan Yao trembled in fear.

She looked up at Pei Xuan. Seeing this, Pei Xuan kicked at her other shoulder. "What are you stuttering about? Speak quickly, where is Nan Zhi?"

"S-She was kidnapped by Boss Long. Boss Long said that shes cunning and tricky and managed to convince another kidnapper to let her run away"

Qiao Yanzes expression was so dark one could scrap a layer of frost off his face. "Contact Boss Long now. If Nan Zhi has lost a strand of hair, the two of you are accountable for it! Go!"

Qiao Yanze got his bodyguard to look after Nan Yao and Pei Xuan before he hurriedly rushed towards the fishing village Nan Zhi was held captive at.

Boss Long did not managed to catch up to Nan Zhi, but Nan Zhi fell down a hill. She rolled downwards before she hit her head on a tree and fell unconscious not too long after.

When she woke up again, she was laying on an old bed.

However, the bedsheets and blanket were exuding a faint fragrance.

Opening her eyes, Nan Zhi looked around the simple but clean room, before she sat up on the bed with a pounding headache.

"Oh, youre awake?" A sweet and soft voice rang as a simply-dressed, pretty young lady walked in.

The young girl was probably less than twenty years old, her long black hair tied into a long braid in front of her chest. She had a bright smile on her face, making her look extremely youthful and energetic.

Nan Zhi messaged her temple. "Can I ask where I am?"

"Oh, this is Brother Ah Dais house."

Ah Dai?

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Brother Ah Dai is the nicest older brothers we have here. He knows how to do everything. Hes our villages doctor, our carpenter, our hunter Brother Ah Dai can do everything. He even knows medicine! He was the one who found you when he was looking for drugs in the mountains. You were unconscious, so he brought you back."

Nan Zhi lifted her blanket, wanting to get off the bed.

The girl hurriedly brought the medicine she brewed in front of Nan Zhi. "Sister, youre really pretty! Your forehead is injured, and Brother Ah Dai said that if you take your medicine on time, there probably wont be any scars left."

Nan Zhi stared at the bowl of black liquid the young lady brought to her. She bit her lip, "It looks really bitter."

The young lady took out a candy from her pocket. "This is from my precious collection. Brother Ah Dai said to give it to you, so here I am to give it to you."

She could tell that the young lady really cherished this candy. She did not know how many times the young lady had touched the candy, the color of its wrapper slightly faded.

Nan Zhi shook her head. "You can keep the candy to yourself, Im not scared of bitterness."

After taking the medicine, Nan Zhi still felt weak all over. She lay on the bed and fell asleep once more. When she woke up again, it was because of a fragrant smell.

Nan Zhi sniffled, rubbing her still aching head as she got off the bed.

Following the fragrance, Nan Zhi walked towards the kitchen.

The kitchen used a clay oven, with a large wok placed over the clay oven. Chicken soup was boiling in the wok.

Nan Zhi glanced around the kitchen, having noted that the fire was still burning but there was noone present, especially not the person called Ah Dai.

Ah Dai could be counted as her savior. Before she left, she definitely have to thank him in person.

Just as Nan Zhi was planning to go out to look for Ah Dai, footsteps rang behind her.

Nan Zhi looked on in reflex.

A tall figure suddenly appeared at the door, blocking all of the light from the outside.

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